My thoughts on wind turbines

By Chris Fell,

I have a great idea. I think the Toronto Maple Leafs should swing a three team deal that ends with them getting Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin, while at the same time only giving up draft picks and prospects.

Every fan of the Maple Leafs would welcome such a trade. It’s a great idea, but it’s completely impractical for about a thousand different reasons. It’s a nice dream, but to making it reality is a whole different ballgame.

That’s how I feel about wind turbines.

Wind turbines are a great idea. Who could seriously oppose using the wind to create energy? Wind is free and there is a lot of it. The idea to use it to generate power it a great one – in theory!

The biggest problem with energy from wind is that it’s just a great theory. All around the world we have many theories, however, turning those theories into practical real life solutions is a completely different story.

Wind turbines aren’t practical. In fact, they’re very, very expensive. No private business in Ontario can build, erect and generate power from a wind turbine without receiving a massive subsidy from the government. In places all over Ontario (including the Municipality of Meaford and the Municipality of Grey Highlands) there are power companies proposing to build hundreds of turbines. They are not doing this because they have found the magic solution to making the business profitable. They are doing this because the McGuinty government has promised them all kinds of subsidies and special deals because, for political reasons, the government is desperate to generate “green” electricity.

These companies are receiving special deals on the power their turbines will generate. Under these special deals the government is required to pay a premium rate (since turbine generated electricity costs so much, the government pays a lot more for it then it would for electricity generated by nuclear plants or fossil fuel fired plants) for that electricity (which the government then passes on to us consumers on our bills).

In an effort to further help these giant power companies generate “green” electricity the McGuinty government has also done away with pesky things like local planning. After all, why should “green” power companies have to worry about such “red tape” as following the rules?

The government should have stayed out of this industry. If a private business was able to come up with a method to efficiently generate electricity from the wind – then great. That’s what the entrepreneurial spirit is all about.

3 thoughts on “My thoughts on wind turbines

  1. And that’s a fact. If a business cannot operate and at least break even, and if it borrows beyond its ability to repay its obligations, it goes broke! See The Doctrine of Odious debt. Perhaps with debt expected to rise to 80 billion The McGuinty Government will plan to apply that, but I wonder who will be left ‘holding the bag’

  2. McGuinty and Gang have made decisions that are so damaging to people’s health and homes that they should now be classified as “enemies of the people of Ontario” .

    There is no other way to describe these “carpet baggers”!

  3. Some pay a much higher price with their health and homes. We cannot allow this to go on any longer.

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