A forest of errors

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It’s hard to write a critical assessment of the McGuinty government in the space allotted. To sum up all of the scandals, broken promises and other shortcomings of the provincial Liberal government, you would have to kill a forest of trees to provide the paper to cover the first two years.

All one can do is touch on the low lights of a government that has the common sense of a slightly tipsy lemming on roller skates. Jacking the price of electricity up to the point that businesses close down and people on fixed incomes can’t survive shows a leader in dream mode. Then adding the HST on top of already insane energy prices is a cruel joke.

What kind of confused logic does it take to tackle a grand renewable energy project in the middle of the worst recession the country has seen in years? Who in blazes will be able to afford power from a snow covered solar panel? Why pay billions for giant windmills that are only efficient at killing birds? The McGuinty gang now brags that we have a surplus of electricity.

Well, closed companies don’t use much electricity. The cost of doing business in Ontario will send other companies out of the province. Of course, it will send the jobs to other areas as well. The Liberal mouthpieces like to shout that umpteen thousand new jobs will be created by their green energy plan. Oh, how they exaggerate. Korea and China are doing very well, but Ontario workers will have to settle for less exciting tasks such as shovelling snow off solar panels and picking up dead birds that have been murdered by those inefficient windmills. Our premier and his bumbling crew have led our province to have-not status.

How is this Liberal party still in power? You can understand someone voting for them the first time when most people thought it was time for change. Can anyone explain his second majority? It’s like being on the Titanic and voting for the iceberg. The iceberg is coming folks and it might be already too late to turn the ship away.

The voters of eastern Ontario are onto his broken promises and grandiose schemes. It would be nice if voters in other areas of the province were so enlightened.

Dale Dawson, Vankleek Hill

13 thoughts on “A forest of errors

  1. I couldn`t say it any better myself! Dale is right on the money!
    How the Hell indeed, did McGuilty win a second majority??!!
    Do people know absolutely nothing about politics, when they go
    to vote? Are they brain-dead? Pollitically, I`m afraid they are.

  2. When trying to sever a acre lot with my house from my farm as to my investment in trees that makes me want to keep the farmland and not the house to get away from IWT. They will give approval if I donated some of my land to parkland or a percentage in monetary denomination. I was floored by their request that I donate land because I am being forced to move was to me a form of extortion in my views. Why should I give anymore and now they want to destroy our forest with these monsters. Give me a break making us bleed in every direction. I told them to get the money and land from my neighbour who has extra money generated from these sick turbines and there sponsors. I need all the luck I can to sell this home.

  3. When the people receiving hand-outs get promised more hand-outs they keep voting for more hand-outs. These same people probably don’t pay their own electric bills either. Hopefully there will be a realization when hand-outs can no longer be afforded, things might change. Let every responsible citizen get out there to get the Liberal fiasco out — then try cuttng the umpteen governmental departments back down to size as well. Too bad some of these bureaucrats will still be collection their pensions.

  4. There is definitely something terribly wrong in today’s “democratic societies”………..the news from the Middle East should be a wake up call for these idiots on this side of the world, that people are really “pissed off” right…pardon my “politically incorrect” language but we are living in very sad times right now!

  5. How did McGuinty get reelected? Simply, Con J. Tory screwed up big time and allowed D. McGuinty to walk right back in.

  6. Thanks for the information Leaving and good luck in the sale of your property!

    Land donation! What can next be expected.

  7. Lynne,

    This what you get when many elected officials allow themselves to be “wined & dined” by vested interests.

    What elected officials forget is that the people elected them and not the vested interests. So it’s up to the electorate who serves and who does not serve in office.

    Many politicians fear an informed electorate.

  8. This is a wake up call ( for most of us) to use against these elected officials that this has to end with these rich cash flowing corporate elites waving cash in front of them and stomping on our rights with their spin on justifying their cash cow corporate partnerships. They do think we are clueless couch potatoes citizens and most of us will just take it as we go. Honestly most of us are caught up in worldly pleasures to forget what is really going on around us until we personally get hit. But with all the increases in daily living expenses going up we will see people realize we are getting hosed big time.

  9. Can anyone explain his second majority?


    For more detailed information, please go to the Fair Vote Canada [FVC] website.

    But, on this post, I may be able to briefly explain this “so called” majority.

    Because it is possible to elect a MPP when only ~ 35% of the riding “votes” for the “winner” if the other 65% of the electors spread their votes among as many as TEN parties, this is the result. [check out Elections Ontario to find the names of all the other parties]

    What the Liberals have right now is a FALSE MAJORITY.

    How many of the 57 or so Liberals were elected with FEWER THAN 50% +1 of the votes in their ridings?

    This is HOW Ontarians became saddled with a FALSE MAJORITY which the “winners” have exploited for their own ends.

  10. Recently on the news I heard that Canada had the most internet users per capita of any nation on the planet. Apparently there are 22 million internet users in Canada out of a country of only 36 million.

    This means we all KNOW that our politicians are lying, brain-dead moronic puppets two seconds after they spew their GARBAGE!

    That’s why many DON’T VOTE! What’s the POINT!

    It matters not if the candidate is a leftist, centrist or rightist, they are all megalomaniacal, greedy, only-interested-in-the “cash for life” political-lottery, disingenuous BEEPS!

    The standard excuse: ”Well if you want the big talent, you have to pay the big bucks.”

    Really!? Big bucks get only two things: Big greed and big egos! If there was ANY TALENT at ALL, there would be no need for this blog!

    Can we get our big money back???

    I thought not! It’s needed to “buy out” these obscene contracts for no service rendered and to pay these greedy bastards a “pension” for LIFE!


    Just like the last election, this one is not the Liberal’s to win, it is the Conservative’s to LOOSE!

    Personally, I have no faith in ANY of them!


  11. BBW

    Thanks for this post.

    In the cradle of democracy, it was the duty of EVERY citizen to serve when called upon.

    When called upon, Solon did a superb job of revitalizing for a few hundred years the Athenian people and their intellectual, artistic and economic growth.

    The definition of democracy has changed and evolved over the intervening millenia, but in Canada, we have had our “Solons”.

    As citizens it is now our duty to be involved in the political life of our community, municipally, provincially and federally. But as you have pointed out so sadly, far too many citizens have abdicated their political responsibilities!

    What we all need to look for are politicians who want to do the right thing NOT the greedy thing. There have been such women and men – Agnes McPhail, Tommy Douglas, Lester Pearson and others to whom you might look for inspiration.

    To change the political climate, Canadians will have to change the social climate such that “the guy left standing with the most toys” is NOT the economic goal of our citizens, RATHER, it’s “the guy who has done the MOST GOOD for ALL the citizens in her/his community”.

    Hope to find you at the ramparts.

  12. Johana:

    I think we would be far better served if our politicians go paid MINIMUM WAGE!

    Unfortunatley, that wold likely increase TENFOLD to $100/hr in short order!

    A recall vote would be useful!


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