“I don’t like what I see in Ontario right now”

by Rocco Rossi, National Post

I was a Liberal.

I have made no secret of the fact that I want to serve the public. I want to help. I believe in public service and I want to help make Toronto — and Ontario–a better place.

Sadly, politics today, and more specifically politicians, have fallen into such disrepute that the last thing the average voter might say about them is that they exist to serve the public. But the fact is, “serving” is their job, or at least should be, and that has always been my reason for wanting to be in politics. To serve.

Now I am not.

When I ran for mayor of Toronto, I championed ideas in an aggressive, fair and fiscally responsible plan. Do better with taxpayer dollars — live within our means–and make government work for you, not you working for government.

I don’t like what I see in Ontario right now. Families are stretched to the limit. We have skyrocketing hydro bills, higher taxes, job losses and Ontario is considered a “have-not” province. This should not be the case.

Ontario needs change. Dalton McGuinty has lost his way. His party has lost its way.

We need a change in leadership as well as a change in policies.

I know that Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC party are the best choice to bring the change that’s needed to help Ontario families.

I feel at home with the principles that are the foundation of the Ontario PC party. Their beliefs are rooted in principles that I hold dear: Fiscal responsibility. Practical solutions. Respect for the challenges facing Ontario families. This is why I became a member of the Ontario PC Party and why I am seeking the nomination in the heart of Toronto, the city I love, in the wonderful riding of Eglinton-Lawrence.

Deciding to leave a political party that you’ve been part of for decades and joining another is a very difficult thing to do. One doesn’t make these decisions lightly or easily. The hard part was not to recognize that my beliefs had come to have more in common with the Progressive Conservatives — anyone who followed my mayoral campaign can attest to that — but having the courage to face the loss of some friendships and associations that have meant a great deal to me.

During my mayoral campaign, particularly as it came to an end, with some notable and much-appreciated exceptions, more and more of the Liberals among my active supporters fell away, some with extreme and very public prejudice, and no pretense was ever made that my policies had anything to do with it. It was about “politics,” not policies; about the party, not the people. It was a disheartening, and yes, profoundly disillusioning experience for me and those who stuck with me.

And then, at the end, I looked around my campaign table and realized that not one of my PC supporters had left me, nor would they until I released them by formally withdrawing from the race. They supported my ideas, my principles and my integrity with a staunch integrity of their own. Now it is my turn to support them, and continue to follow my drive towards public service with a party and leader, Tim Hudak, who I have more in common with than I ever realized possible.

I take nothing for granted. I know I will have to prove myself. I am up to the challenge. And I hope to earn your trust through hard work, determination and — most importantly –by listening to taxpayers and working hard for all of you.

I was a Liberal.

Now I am proudly … a Progressive Conservative.

20 thoughts on ““I don’t like what I see in Ontario right now”

  1. I’m sure that McGuinty (the LYING, Fascist Disaster) has lots of Liberals questionning their loyalties in Ontario…

  2. The Liberal Party has fallen hard. The hard core Liberal supporters of many generations have had to abandon this Party because of its Leader and the direction his Party has chosen to take.
    Liberal ideals have been forsaken for a bloated government giving tax dollars to fund projects that have little or no return for the public good.
    Instead of gathering consensus from their own supporters, McGuinty does what he does for every policy decision; forge ahead, make the mistakes and apologize after.
    A 20 year lock in for “Green” energy prices makes for a lengthy apology.

    Rocco Rossi is not alone for leaving a disillusioned party behind.

  3. The Texas energy situation this past week should serve again as another wake up call to Ontarians.

    This same energy situation is right at Ontario’s door step if wind turbines are allowed to be installed and operate in Ontario.

    Failure of two coal fired plants,no electricity to run the gas backup plants and wind power that was wobbling all over the place as wind speeds changed.

    Wake up Ontarians!!! Texas has ~7,000 turbines and ~7,000 are planned for Ontario. So do the necessary comparisons for people who don’t yet understand the energy situation here.

  4. I anyone believes ONE single word that a “politician” says anymore, that person SHOULD have their “head examined” for the disease called “Denial” and that’s not the name of a river in Egypt!

  5. Quixote
    I agree. If they, meaning the renewable energy industry and the politicians
    can’t get in the back door, they will go to a side door. We know they aren’t
    using the front door.
    I am skeptical of all three parties. Unfortunately, we may have to vote for the
    least corrupt party come election day. Is there one?

  6. Quixote is an excellent choice… so is Smarty Pants David Robinson or how about Maureen… she would be perfect a real ‘no nonsense’ gal!

  7. All joking aside…. what if a press release of the possible intent of Rural Ontario to secede from urban Ontario was put forth in the media? That kind of statement would garner the attention of the press. That strategy has been very effective in bringing issues of discontent in Alberta and Quebec……

  8. Many previous supporters have watched in dismay as the Liberal Party headed down the road to ruin. Liberals have lost their moral compass.

  9. McGuinty et al have to go! Come on Hudak-lets see more of you! You have a great opportunity of garnering lots of votes from disillusioned Liberals, but you have to show yourself. Come on-get on your soap box and let us know the Conservative’s agenda. You already have my vote, let’s get lots more.

  10. From more information posted at WUWT:

    Wind provided 3500-4000 MW during the rolling blackouts which is at or above the 30% average capacity of wind power. Wind has greater than 9000 MW nameplate capacity available in Texas.

    Only 36-39% of the installed wind energy in Texas was available even though it was a crisis. This means that 61-64% of the wind power was not available at a peak time of year.

    The wind figures from 7PM Wednesday,Feb.2,11 to 7AM Thursday,Feb.3,11 are still not available.

  11. A country rural party makes sense, since nothing the urbanites decide on our behalf makes any sense. We cannot continue to get steamrolled by the 416 majority. We are the calloused hands and the aching backs that work till we drop. We respect nature and wildlife and hold it dear. Our homes and our lives are individually unique, but our common values are strong and true. We are not understood by the vast majority who do not appreciate our way of life. Time to take it back ontario.

  12. Because the PC’s were the ones who started this Green Insanity and for him to fight this would be against his parties agenda!…in other words a typical politician who will literally destroy people in the “beliefs of the Party”!

  13. I just checked out that site Robin. So I guess I`m also a wee bit
    behind. I wasn`t aware the Wainfleet project, was in Hudacs
    riding ! He`d best get his ass in gear, and come out against this
    criminal disaster NOW ! It doesn`t look good otherwise! Maybe
    we`d better get going on Quixotes plan#2,Recall Vote referendum. Time`s ticking away to Oct.6.

  14. Quixote
    I`m not sure what you mean by, the P.C.s were the ones who started this Green Insanity. I am new to Ont.,but my understanding is, they &they alone, opposed the GEA when it came into being in 2009,correct? And they have stated that they will return decision-making powers to the municipalitys and they normally do as they say, unlike lying Liberals. Have you spoken with Hudac,to know their agenda?They do NOT have a hidden agenda.NEVER HAVE EVER!! That`s tired old Lib.propaganda.B.S..They`re spouting it again. The idiots.

  15. “we`d better get going on Quixotes plan#2,Recall Vote referendum. Time`s ticking away to Oct.6.”

    motion seconded!

  16. All those in favour say “Aye”.

    It will give us an objective to draw media attention as Millbrook Jane suggests!

  17. Jack Layton NDP was a frontrunner in buying into wind power a long, long time ago. Long before the GEA

  18. Something less “wishy washy” would be “Rural Ontarians want to Secede From Ontario!”

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