Filling up our Blue Boxes

See the Million Dollar brochure designed to “confuse” the issue.   Thanks Sussex Strategy!

680 News – TORONTO, Ont. – The ‘blue box best friend’: that’s what Ontario New Democrats care calling Premier Dalton McGuinty.

The Liberal government will be sending out a six-page pamphlet to every home in Ontario as part of its pre-election campaign to defuse voter anger over soaring hydro bills. Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has called it a waste of $1-million in taxpayer money.

But Energy Minister Brad Duguid said the government brochures explain to voters that hydro rates are rising to pay for badly needed repairs and upgrades to Ontario’s electricity system.

14 thoughts on “Filling up our Blue Boxes

  1. Yeah! I got that last week to. Ripped it up pretty fast. We had collected our neighbor’s mail as well as he is in the hospital for surgery. I ripped his up to! It would have adversely affected his recovery!

    We got our monthly hydro bill last night -$159.00! Actual electricity used $54.40!

    Along with the bill, a nice insert extolling the virtues of a 10% rebate courtesy of our own TAXES!

    Once we had recovered from that bit of sodomy, we found another insert from Hydro One informing us of a 6.9% delivery rate INCREASE!

    Then to top it off on the news this morning; Tim Hudak is apparently concerned about… THE PRICE OF BEER!

    Things just get better and better!


  2. I got one in the mail, What a load of junk.
    I think its a sign that McGuinty is getting backed into a corner and this brochure is a weak attempt to defend their poor decisions.
    Hopefully people will see that.

  3. As ~7,000MW of conservation capacity represents more that the average of one conventional power plant it’s easy to see that many people and businesses will have left Ontario by 2030.

    Ontario politicians still do not understand that they can NOT be elected to public office by being for energy poverty for the electorate.

    Forced conservation is the same as energy rationing and this is also one of the facets of energy poverty. Ontarians must do without electricity.

  4. Dwight Duncan:
    “It would be irresponsible for the province and tax-payers to continue to subsidize electricity consumption, because it jeopardizes our ability to invest in health care and education. This is simply not sustainable, nor is it acceptable. The people of this province deserve better.” (Wednesday 26 November 2003 Ontario Hansard Volume B)

  5. Liberals, Conservatives, NDP.

    We have fools running this Province and
    we have fools queuing to take their place.

  6. REUSE is better than RECYCLE

    May I suggest returning McGuinty’s brochure to sender…preferably his home address!

  7. Incinerated them !

    Creating energy from pamphlets would have to qualify as “bio-fuel,” or “bio-mass” ! Must be a grant or Feed-In-Tariff program for that.

    On a day like today (minus 30-ish with wind chill) burning all those pamphlets would heat the equivalent of a thousand homes – at least for a minute or two – for just $1 million of printing and delivery costs. Of course we should add to the cost the “global adjustment,” the “provincial benefit,” plus HST, less the 10% rebate !!

  8. All candidates from all parties in all ridings across Ontario should be asked at least these two questions:

    1. Are you in favour of installing ~7,000 wind turbines any place in Ontario thus putting Ontarians into energy poverty?
    2.If elected what do you plan to do to stop the installation of these turbines?

    Don’t let candidates dance around these questions by giving irrelevant answers or avoid answering the questions at all. Keep on asking these questions so the candidates won’t think you have forgotten about these issues.

  9. Duguid knows not what he speeks.Nothing will be repaired the money they are taking from us is just going to pay the farms and land owners with turbines on there property and then any money left is going to pay the States to take our hydro because we are producing to much. I am so sick of the government lying to the public. Also the bullshit they are trying to feed us,the waste of our tax dollars has to stop.

  10. Liberals ‘R’ Liars
    Liberals ‘R’ Thieves
    Liberals ‘R’ Ontarios`(Canadas’)

  11. RE: THE PRICE OF BEER! and Tim Hudak.

    Tim is appealing to what he hopes will be a large part of his party’s constituency in October. While you may think it is mere pandering, it also has the effect of distracting the electorate, by using up valuable air time, from much more costly issues for us taxpayers.

    This is at least as old as the Roman emperors who gave their rebellious, restless citizens “bread and circuses” to distract them from the crushing taxation imposed to fight their wars of expansion and maintenence of the Roman Empire.

  12. Bread and Circuses
    That’s perfect. Not much has changed huh Johana?

  13. Does this remind anyone of Lenin printing pamphlets like crazy to inform the people back in the days of 1917? Strange coincidence, revolution dates October 1917. Hope Ontarians have more sense.

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