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The Haldimand Wind Concerns committee would like to extend our thanks to everyone that attended our first get together. The number of people who came overwhelmed us. Our count was 84.

This is very encouraging, to say the least, and we look forward to representing this community in our quest to stop the wind turbines from entering our lives.

As this was our first meeting we weren’t that organized. We have learned from this experience and will be much better as we move forward.

We have started to circulate a petition. If anyone hasn’t seen one please feel free to contact either Peter Grosvenor or myself and we will help you locate one. Please remember to sign only one as duplication may void our efforts.

Our biggest need for help right now lies with circulating the petitions and getting signatures.

I hope lots of people have visited the Ontario Wind Resistance website. This is an informative website with up-to-date links to what’s going on in other counties.

The society for wind vigilance ( http://windvigilance.com/page002.aspx)is another informative site. It has physicians, engineers and other professionals promoting the development of safe and authoritative industrial wind turbine guidelines.

Please, form an opinion, find out what this is about, see what is happening with our tax dollars. See why there are two cases underway against the Government of Ontario.

Stephana has already moved from her home due to health issues from living too close to a wind turbine. She will be asking the Haldimand Norfolk Health Unit and the Medical Officer of Health to undertake a health study of the 70 people from Norfolk who have been victims of industrial wind turbines.

The committee has three councillors from Haldimand and three from Norfolk, as well as the MOH and staff. Our attendance would support Stephana and may sway our councillors to support this request. The location for the meeting is 12 Gilbertson Drive, Simcoe and starts at 7 p.m.

Please get informed about this plan for our future. This is not in our best interest but that of an industry determined to make profit. It is far from being as environmentally

Ernie King, Vice president
Haldimand Wind Concerns

3 thoughts on “Haldimand area holds first meeting

  1. “health issues from living too close to a wind turbine.”

    What an intriguing way to twist the truth of the situation!

    In 2004, I built a house in which I was supposed to “age in place”.

    From 2005 until November 2008, I lived in that house WITHOUT ANY ILL EFFECTS.

    When the EIGHTEEN VESTAS 1.65 MW IWT’s erected, surrounding the house and JAMMED IN WITHIN A 3 KM RADIUS, started generating, a myriad of symptoms appeared NOT ONLY in me, BUT ALSO in ~ 70 other residents, the Norfolk Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines [NVoIWT’s] within that 3 km radius!

    Having spent 26 months now asking for mitigation from AIM PowerGen/IPC, making hundreds of telephone calls to the Hamilton office of the MoE, emailing tens of dozens of emails to the MoE, the MoHLTC, the Ministers of Environment, Energy & Infrastructure, Health, the CMOH, the H-NHU, Dr. Siva Sivoththaman, enduring wait times of 16 months to be examined by an ENT Specialist, 8 months for a neurological examination and another 4 months for neurological testing, 4 visits to hospital emergency departments for possible “heart attacks” NOT, renting sleeping accomodations 50 km away in Delhi for the first 6 months of 2010 and then since July of 2010 prevailing upon my son who has let me sleep in his trailer ~ 16 km away, I have exhausted every avenue of help that I can think of for the moment. All suggestions will be seriously followed through [BTW, my house has been for sale since Dec 15, 2009 and NOT A SINGLE PERSON HAS SERIOUSLY LOOKED AT THE HOUSE, LET ALONE MADE AN OFFER although the realtor has created a very interesting virtual tour, which has had ‘> 600 hits’, from the 60 or so photos my son provided to him]

    My hunch is that the vultures are sitting back just waiting for signs of weakness so that they can finish off the end result of their handiwork.

  2. Dear Johanna,
    In case you missed a post in this regard, please note this email circulated by our local group:
    Just before composing this email, I got a phone call. It was from a person having to leave home again because since wind turbines starting up, they are too sick to stay there for any length of time. This call came shortly after listening to Wilkinson on Goldhawk telling us all how much they care and how effective they are at protecting us. After 3 years of this, I’m adamant that the MOE is not effective and, after listening to Wilkinson, that the head of MOE does not care.

    On Goldhawk this morning we were told to call 1-800-268-6060 to tell the ministry of the environment about our concerns with turbines. What has happened to us since the start up of turbines? I haven’t got answers to my concerns from any office of the MOE yet, so I called. I phoned to complain about the proposed turbines near my home and was bounced to 4 different offices where they told me that they don’t deal with health concerns. They only deal with noise complaints (without the ability to measure noise compliance) between the person and the wind company.

    Wilkinson sat on Goldhawk and said:

    Wilkinson thanked Trans Alta for mitigating the noise, for ‘turning turbines down’ to solve the noise problem in Amaranth/Melancthon. Except the people are still sick.

    He says the MOE HAS the power to shut them down, that they have a big stick.

    He says there have hardly been any complaints to his office.

    He says a 550 meter setback is safe and is the most stringent in North America.

    He says they are using the precautionary principal.

    He says modern turbines have been around for 40 years.

    He says Arline King is doing her job.

    He says the engineer appointed to the research chair is looking at health concerns.

    Then Wilkinson got up from his chair at the radio station and left without having to face comments from the people he is hurting firsthand, just as he got up and left the meeting in Stratford before anyone but 3 or 4 council people were able to ask a few questions. His back was to the public at all times.

    Call, see what happens. Please let Dale Goldhawk know about it. He is asking to know. Goldhawk’s phone number is 1-866-740-4740 or 1-416-360-0740. His email address is Dale Goldhawk – fightback@goldhawk.com

  3. Haldimand County can ban Industrial Wind Turbines if they want to. Under the Building Code Act, all structures occupying more than 30 sq. m. or taller than 4 m require a builiding permit. The Chief Building Officer for Haldimand County is Ed Vanderwindt (a municipal employee). If Council votes to ban the issuing of permits, then Mr. Vanderwindt would lose his job if he did. Council can also establish its own requirements for setbacks and other considerations or requirements for the issuing of permits. “The Province is ramming these… down our throats” is B.S. The county would receive revenue from the permits and reassessed taxes for the properties where the turbines are located. Tell Council to “Stop sitting on the fence” and “Stop blaming the province” for those things that are in their control.

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