Ontario Power policy shocking

Sir Adam Beck

Niagara Falls Review
“We must deliver power to such an extent that the poorest working man will have light in his home,” “Power at cost” and “Public power ownership.”

These are three quotes from Sir Adam Beck in his initial years as chairman of the original Ontario Hydro. At this time, private companies are approaching agricultural-designated land owners in the Niagara Peninsula and offering them $500 per acre per year for 20 years to install hundreds of tons of concrete and solar panels. Once installed, they will sell the power back to the people of Ontario for 80 cents a kilowatt.

I calculated my bill this morning and my usage cost me 13 cents a kilowatt. If this is such a great idea, why not install all this concrete on the publicly owned land. For example, the hundreds of miles of transmission corridors, the hundreds of acres of industrial land surrounding the generating stations, in particular the Nanticoke site and Lambton site (assuming this government isn’t smart enough to install nuclear power on these sites) where the electrical infrastructure is right there.

The expense of upgrading the electrical infrastructure, installing fences and securing proper drainage on these farm lands are all expenses that the people of Ontario will bear the burden of through grants and then “blend” the 80 cents into their monthly bill. Once the land lease is over, I don’t think you can grow carrots in concrete.

In case no one has noticed lately, there is no industry here and with these proposed rates, it’s obvious we will not be appealing to any sort of business.

The U.S. and China are ramping up right now installing an unbelievable number of thermal plants. It’s obvious they want industry and jobs. In recent months, OPG has paid other utilities to take excess power and is regularly spilling water at four cents a kilowatt to allow solar and wind generation to stay on the grid. Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation have gifted individuals who are paid by the taxpayers who should be given the opportunity and ability to give us taxpayers some proper direction now and into the future. Politicians should only set the guidelines.

One last thought, our failing health system, our electrical power rates and this great HST — it shouldn’t take a brain surgeon come election time.

Darryl McGowan
Retired Ontario Power Generation supervisor, Niagara Falls

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  1. Well said Darryl with only one [smallish] exception:

    “At this time, private companies are approaching agricultural-designated land owners in the Niagara Peninsula and offering them $500 per acre per year for 20 years to install hundreds of tons of concrete and solar panels. Once installed, they will sell the power back to the people of Ontario for 80 cents a kilowatt.”

    If a farmer covers his fields with this stuff; he is going to get about half that amount per kwh.

    Go here; http://fit.powerauthority.on.ca/Storage/102/11128_FIT_Price_Schedule_August_13_2010.pdf for a complete breakdown of all FIT pricing.

    Looks like roof mounted solar is the way to riches!

    I just happen to have a very LARGE south facing roof on my house to!

    If you can’t beat em- join em!


  2. The “Sir Adam Beck” days is a long time ago when real men with real “vision” created brilliant industries that complimented peoples lives and helped a Province to develop a huge Industrial Base that became the “engine that drove Canada”!

    Fast forward to today when every single decision being made by Politicians seems to be based on the paradigm that “GREED IS GOOD!”.

    Nothing underlines the pure evil that is in play today like comparing the “Beck Days” to the “McGuinty Days!”

  3. Isn’t” politicians setting the guidelines” that has gotten Ontario into so much trouble with the provincial power sector?

    What is COST? Final cost of goods and services is a relevent thing and depends on the individual costs that make up the whole. So all kinds of extra items/costs can be added in to make the final cost.

    All kinds of extra un-necessary costs have been added on to Hydo bills and then the government tells the Hydo customers they are billing them for electricity at “COST”.

    Hydo customers are sold a “bill of goods”.



    We are in The McGunity DAZE!

    My eyes are glassed over from the sheer stupidity of many of his policies…

  5. Well put David and I might add another description to McGuinty’s daily announcements on how absolutely “wonderful” his Green Plan is working out…….they should be called the “McGuinty’s HAZE”

  6. “Power at Cost”. An interesting idea formed over 100 years ago. However power through subsidies became the true state of electricity in Ontario. As early as 1921 Beck started asking for handouts to power his ambitions. A bitter pill to swallow but please let’s acknowledge the truth. Grants-in-kind, subsidies, assisstance, equalization…(what ever words may have been used), ultimately power was no longer at cost. Beck a politician worked hand in hand with his fellow Conservatives to start us all down the road to debt. No one cared…cheap hydro that someone else could pay for was the goal!

  7. How much do you want to bet this plant ends up in Quebec or Manitoba, along with hundreds if not thousands of jobs and expertise required to run it.

    Unfortunately, it’s hard to quantify the jobs that aren’t created due to high power costs. Note the quote in the article (below) refers to “current power rates.” Wait ’til they factor in the 50% hike predicted by our own government (likely a low-balled estimate).

    (Sudbury Star – Friday February 4th, 2011) – selected excerpts:

    Despite concerns over Ontario’s high hydro rates, Cleveland-based Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. said Thursday it’s considering Greater Sudbury as the site for a new plant to process ore from a proposed chromite mine.

    In a release, the company said it’s looking at shipping ore from its Black Thor chromite deposit in the McFaulds Lake – or Ring of Fire area of Northern Ontario – to a plant in Sudbury.

    Cliffs said one hurdle it faces is finding a source of cheap, reliable electricity, something it says is lacking in Ontario.

    “At current provincial power rates, there isn’t a location in Ontario that is economically viable for Cliffs to build the (ferrochrome production facility),” Bill Boor, president of Cliffs’ Ferroalloys division, said in a statement posted on the company’s website.


  8. Beck may have started us down a subsidy/assistance road but in all the years leading up to the last 5 years plus we were never faced with unfordable Energy as we are now!

    To raise Electricity prices 200 fold in a decade is just pure out and out criminal theft!

    Of course one wouldn’t expect FREE Hydro for any length of time but to compare “affordable energy for over 75 years” as the “road we have always been on” to unaffordable energy costs in just 5 years is ridiculous!

  9. JK:

    What’s your point?

    “However power through subsidies became the true state of electricity in Ontario.”

    I think our main objection is paying for useless and costly wind and solar power. Power for which we have little need and less love.

    Tell us something we don’t know…

  10. “Environmental attributes” Just what are these in PLAIN ENGLISH please OPA?

  11. Would environmental attributes be carbon credits? It would fit in with McGuinty’s plan to implement a cap and trade system through the Western Climate Initiative in 2012. Did you hear Dalton say recently that he just needed one more term to finish what he had started? Obviously, there are more surprises in store.

  12. I think they are referring to real property…

    Selling our land and assets… very McGuinty. But who knows? Phone and ask!

  13. Hooray!!! Finally – a place with fun word games to play – way to go D.R.

  14. Good catch Lynn. It seems you may be right.
    I would sure love to fill my piggy bank with these carbon credit trinket thingys. Sounds like somebody thinks they may be worth some money.
    In the software business they refer to this crap as “Vapourware”. Not quite sure what it does, nor what benefit it serves, but somebody convinced us all we need it, put it on every system, and ends up making a boat load of money off it.

    Just another scheme to introduce a new way to fleece the public that only the richest of pricks will benefit from leaving the rest of us holding an empty bag of Co2.

  15. One of the issues here is the terminology used by OPA. Environmental attributes is meaningless to the average person. Great way to cover up activities you don’t want the public to understand.

    Since Quebec does not need to install IWTs to produce electricity as it already has 98% green energy with ample supply to sell,then just why is Quebec installing IWTs? Has to be other motives involved here. The people of Quebec should find out what these other motives are before it’s too late for them.

  16. Carbon off-sets are supposed to provide money to undeveloped countries. Wealth transfer is the name of the game.

  17. Barbara,

    “Supposed to” raises another thought.

    Look up “Oil for Food Scandal”. I truly believe that the only “tangible” wealth transfer to be seen will end up in China. As far as transferring real wealth to those in need, (i.e. undeveloped Nations), ain’t gonna happen. Not in the cards…imo.

    So where will the money go?
    See above.

  18. B.O.B. Cheaper power is what Cliffs Natural Resources want so they will try to negotiate subsidizes if our electricity prices are not reduced. That would cost us more as our electricity prices rise even more to compensate for the large amount of electricity miners need. Sudbury and Ontario will lose out if this government cannot get the electricity prices down. The ore is easily shipped once on the rail. Mining is not what any eco-nut wants but as for job creation nothing gets a politician more excited. Most politicians would walk over an eco-nut to shake hands with a mining company. So much for governments appearing to be green. Mining companies would be building wind turbines to supply their needs if turbines produced power as marketed. They know that is a lie and that IWTs are a waste of effort.

  19. Tom,

    Expect you are correct but wealth transfer is a UN reason for carbon-off-set money going to undeveloped countries.

    Also notice that this grand scheme is proposed to take effect after the next U.S. presidential election when the eco-nuts think they will have lots of influence again in Washington along with the UN.

    Make electricity too expensive and jobs disappear.

  20. IWT and we lowly citizens of Canada are only a grain of sand
    in the grand scheme of global governance. But we can fight
    like hell in the hopes that the world will unite and stand up to
    the handful of people that would like to make us their surfs.
    Two years ago, when we were approached, actually wined and
    dined by the wind people, I stayed up day and night researching
    what this renewable energy stuff was all about. Follow the money
    and the politics. I will fight it until the very end or die trying to
    protect what my ancestors and I have worked for. My home and

  21. just as Henry Ford (god bless) said. “I will build a car that my workers can afford to buy” Good ethics were lost with corporate greed unfortunately. It used to be an understanding that the average worker was the driving force of what products are worth.

  22. Sing a song of warming…

    Is 2010 really the hottest year ever? Do we really need these policies?

    M4GW strikes again…


    “There has been a lot of talk in the news lately how 2010 is the hottest year on record, yet we seem to be freezing to death. That’s when the line from Stephen Foster’s song “Oh Susanna” sprang to mind “The sun so hot, I froze to death” and I decided to do this song.

    Hope you like it.”

    Can someone see that McGuinty gets a private performance? Maybe when he realizes that so many people are laughing at him…

  23. Good for you Linda! I was approached as well. Mr. Slickster had the shiny brouchure and said I could make $30,000.00 per year. We had just spent retirement funds to restore our old farmhouse with an incredible view of Georgian Bay. He told me to do my homework… so I did! I will fight this tyranny until my dying day. We all hate war… but… sometimes we have no choice if we want to protect our family, home and lands. Something has to give. I cannot believe that people worldwide are still complacent while their province, state or territory is defiled by the boondoggle of all boondoggles. In the 60’s the world went nuts over the hoola hoop and a dance called the twist but this goes beyond a craze or fad… this is a take over, pure and simple. It has the potential of bankrupting the world! The only good news it that more and more of world leaders are waking up to the scam. Every Day I wake up and think: Is this the day the Headlines will declare “wind turbines scrapped world wide! “Big Boo Boo of the century”

  24. The weapons used in this fight will be common sense,
    logic, and facts. The truth always prevails. That is what
    I was taught and that is what I have taught my children.
    All the power and money in the world cannot change
    what the real truth is, even though many rich and
    powerful people are trying to distort the truth about
    useless renewable energy and it’s negative effects.

  25. David, thanks for that video! Nice to see some sane people.

    We should make a video of a tarred and feathered Premier effigy tied to a train track! A big train engine barreling towards him called the common sense revolution!

  26. “It has the potential of bankrupting the world!”

    Melodie, I really hate to do this but…

    The industrialized world is ALREADY bankrupt!

    I’m just waiting for China to call the loan! She is after all the main benefactor of the industrialized worlds absurd “globalization” economic policies to the detriment of us all!

    If you think the “global” (well, not really! China was immune!) financial market crisis caused by mortgage derivatives in 2008 was bad…

    There are literally two orders of magnitude of other kinds of derivatives still off the balance sheets out there.

    Warren Buffet calls these unaccounted for derivatives: “financial weapons of mass destruction”

    The US is now considering “QE3” (“Quantitative Easing”; or to paraphrase US Fed Chair Ben Bernanke: “throwing money from helicopters”)

    Basically; forget about learning French or English. We all had better learn Mandarin real fast! We’re gonna need it soon enough!

    Most days I would be a lot happier if I didn’t know so much!

    We’re screwed!


  27. Well, I guess my original idea to sell out, move to Bora Bora and live on love and candlelight was a good idea after all. Kind of sick of this rat race anyway. Especially having to huddle next to the fireplace for 6 months every year! Let’s start our own republic on some far away Island.

  28. Good link David……….we need more of them………..For Governments world-wide to use this fake UN sponsored fear mongering agenda to make decisions that negatively impacts peoples lives from food to green energy is tantamount to Crimes Against Humanity!

    Anyone who “buys into” this without questioning it’s validity should be labelled as “guilty” as the Government Agencies that still promote this absurdity!

  29. Bora Bora to live on love and candlelight!

    Melodie; I’M WITH YOU! 🙂


  30. “Well, I guess my original idea to sell out, move to Bora Bora and live on love and candlelight was a good idea after all.”

    Melody, I recall suggesting a similar idea and you were quite offended with me… 🙁

    What a difference a year makes…

    I gotta go out now — I have some tar and feathers to pick up — a fairly large order… I’m thinking it’s time for a community project… 😉

  31. David, why would I go to Bora Bora with a guy that can’t spell my name right?

    Tar sold at Canadian Tire? Feathers ? Just grab a dead eagle under a turbine.

    You hold McGuilty and I’ll stick the feathers on. LOL Sounds like fun lets do it.

  32. Melodie:

    I think I was just referring to the idea of ditching the house for a profit..

    I think Robert what’s ‘is name is looking for a new house. Offer it to CANWEA.

    Bora Bora could be nice though..

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