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Thanks to Chris Fell for bringing a proper perspective to the wind turbines debate. The unassailable fact is that wind turbines are not now, never have been, and never will be cost effective.  They owe their existence to significant government subsidies, which in turn result in higher electricity rates for families and industry.  Such higher rates erode the competitive advantage Ontario once offered manufacturers and other businesses which were large users of electricty.

Quebec, due to its extensive hydro-electric projects, can still offer low electricity rates.  The few jobs created in Ontario in the manufacturing and/or assembly of wind turbines will be miniscule compared to the jobs lost when  Ontario  based companies cut jobs;  leave for lower cost locations; or elect not to come to Ontario. Ontario workers need jobs, not wind farms.  

The McGuinty government  made a foolish election promise pandering to the Greens. It then discovered that it could not close the coal fueled generating plants within the promised time frame. While there were other options available, it compounded its foolishness by promising to bring in clean energy through the use of wind turbines. It knew then that wind turbines were uneconomic and that residents and Municipalities would oppose them. That is why it had to resort to draconian legislation to deprive citizens and Municipalities of having a say as to where and to what extent Wind Turbines could locate within each Municipality. The Premier knew that wind farms would not be located in major cities, which voted Liberal, but would be located in the country. The legislation was not likely to cost many seats.

Supporters of ‘green energy” use the tactics of the tobacco industry by ignoring the fact that the wind turbines are a boondoggle for the few and shifting the debate to whether or not the wind turbines are harmful to health.  The industry will produce one expert report opining that there is no irrefutable direct link between health problems and wind turbines for every expert report opponents of wind turbines produce.  Opponents cannot win in the short term if they allow the focus to be shifted and it is in the short term that the turbines will be built. Look at how long the tobacco industry got away with that tactic, while having the audacity to defend lawsuits by claiming that the smoker knew that tobacco was dangerous to health.

I repeat we will pay for this political decision in higher taxes and electricity rates, lower property values and fewer jobs, not only now but in the future.  Take action before it is too late. If you are asked to sign a petition in opposition to Wind Turbines or Wind Farms, read it and sign as quickly as possible.

Yours truly

Robert Hart

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  1. I repeat we will pay for this political decision in higher taxes and electricity rates, lower property values and fewer jobs, not only now but in the future. Take action before it is too late. If you are asked to sign a petition in opposition to Wind Turbines or Wind Farms, read it and sign as quickly as possible.

  2. Finally someone who gets it! that he wind turbine or renewable energy debate is not all about proper setbacks. We are being sold now that it’s all about the new green economy. If wind turbines are about jobs and this is the basis for it’s existence, than our gov’t officials than should support things like landfill sites for toxic waste, nuclear waste recycling plants and heavy industry abound, anywhere, anytime.

  3. Over the YEARS, not MONTHS, the same message has been issued thousands of times. Wind Turbines are not wanted, not needed and not suitable or financially stable as an electrical generator for Ontario!

    YET McGuinty and his Gang Green have not only forged ahead with this job destroying, provincially bankrupting agenda, they have also managed along the way to install a “dictatorship style” management when it comes to all things “Green”!

    We all can publish a million more studies, documents, stories on painful existence within the footprint of these Wind “Farms” yet McGuinty will dig in and ignore it!

    One thing for certain……this man has to GO and GO NOW before this damage to our once great Province is irreversible!

    When faced with a destructive force like this Government only direct action has to take place to remedy the situation.

    Groups that want to feel engaged and able to make change in a legal and peaceful way must start “lobbying” potential future leaders with a demand that Ontario has to once more be a Free and Just Society!

    We are way beyond trying to negotiate with these present leaders, they just sneer at you and dismiss your complaints as if you were a naughty puppy.

    Between now and October any person who declares their intent to represent US as future leaders at Queen’s Park must understand our plight and work to restore some semblance of Democracy within our local Municipalities!

    Maybe Egypt’s peaceful protest will inspire us!

  4. Yes Quixote… But how to get the people to participate??? We only had about 700 people at Queen’s Park last March. If we could get some unions and farmers groups to participate it would help. How about we throw a reunion of sorts for all peoples against useless wind energy all over the world? Call it World Sanity Day. Or Save the World..Stop the wind! Keep those ideas coming.. There IS a solution to every problem.

  5. Hey Melodie..I hear you……………it is probably an impossibility to organize anything meaningful by just a few groups of people who have been “marginalized” by McGuinty..after all there are millions of Ontarians, not thousands, BUT we also know that those millions are sharing a common fate here……….rising Hydro Rates that are making people Electricity poor!

    All I can hope for is to be a voice for anyone who wants to truly know why their rates are beyond control and then have them become “informed” on the truth behind this Scam!

    We are all very knowledgeable with the reason this is happening and that is our strength. We do “touch” a lot of people in our every day lives and we must be for the sake of a better word, the “Teachers” for others who need to know the sad truth behind this Provincial “shame” that is calling themselves “our leadership”!

    Slowly and surely we will win this……………..just hope it’s in time!

  6. wegrait, Thanks for the link to : “How to Stop the Onslaught of Big Wind”

    It has always been my favorite. Had 200 copies made and handed them out door to door. That got the ball rolling and a large group in Clearview was born.

    I just love the spirit of Calvin Martin Luther! For those who don’t know , he is Nina Peirpont’s husband.

    It bogels the mind to think how many man hours we have all spent trying to stop this travesty.

  7. That’s great Melodie. His approach is excellent and sensible. We’ll be using it out our way too.

    Good stuff!

  8. A great read by Calvin! I just downloaded the original and sent it off to the world…

    “Can we change the blog rules?”

    David… Have you not been reading my posts?

    Just keep it “civil” you know, like stuff you would see and hear on the CBC!

    We’re not talking about the late George Carlin’s “words you can never say on TV”

    No, I won’t repeat them here… Blog rules you know!



  9. It has taken several years for enough data to be published to prove that wind turbines are undesirable for many reasons. Now there is enough data to prove our case. So organise and use this data. Share this information with the general public.

    We have:
    1.The scientific data and information to prove that wind turbines are obsolete and can’t do the job they were purchased for.
    2.Proof that property values are affected.
    3.Health related issues now being presented through the legal system.
    4.Rising energy costs will lead Ontarians into energy poverty.
    5.Noise isues being presented through the legal system.

    Pleas add anything you like to this list and ask your local MPP riding candidates what their response is to these issues.

  10. Machinery is rated on its ability to perform the job for which it was purchased and not some nameplate capacity assigned by the manufacturer.

    Wind turbine performance likey based on wind tunnel results and not on actual on the job performance. Models may have been used or data fed into computers.

    The actual performance data from Ontario and the U.K. shows levels of wind turbine performance far below manufacturers advertised nameplate capacity.

    On top of this situation Hydro customers will have to pick up the bill for very costly transmission lines to transport sporadically produced electricity.

    It is irresponsible to purchase obsolete machinery that can’t do the job it was purchased for. The physics is not there and you can’t change the laws of physics no matter how hard you try.

  11. It is extremely difficult to get the true message of IWT out to the general public. The Ottawa Citizen in an editorial yesterday condemed gas, coal and hydro generation as having flaws. By implication they supported wind and solar power, even though a major indusrial wind development is planned a few miles form their offices. The editorial simply repeated some of the McGuinty talking points on green energy and green jobs. Their position reflects a fairly common urban attitude, out of sight, out of mind.

  12. Yes Martin this is true for Liberal Supporters but there isn’t enough money in the whole world to grease ALL their greedy palms.

    Those that are left out of the club still have to pay their hydro bills like everyone else.

    No amount of “Liberal rag” editorials can change or hide that!

    It’s kinda ironic. If the greenies weren’t so greedy, they could have scammed the masses far, far worse then they are!

    Perhaps there is hope for humanity yet!


  13. Gas,coal and hydro all have flaws but at least they do work!!!

    Most of the MSM have no idea of how electricity is produced and they don’t seem to show any interest in learning about energy production.

  14. 6. For those landowners who just want to make a buck…We understand…but how will you sell your property if you’re locked into something you most likely don’t understand? Has anybody yet to tell you how to TAKE THEM DAMN THINGS DOWN!!!!
    Good luck realizing your true equity if you can’t answer those questions.

    Think ahead people, think.

  15. And why are we doing this? To preserve the climate? And yet…


    The Weather Isn’t Getting Weirder
    The latest research belies the idea that storms are getting more extreme.

    Some climate alarmists would have us believe that these storms are yet another baleful consequence of man-made CO2 emissions. In addition to the latest weather events, they also point to recent cyclones in Burma, last winter’s fatal chills in Nepal and Bangladesh, December’s blizzards in Britain, and every other drought, typhoon and unseasonable heat wave around the world.

    But is it true? To answer that question, you need to understand whether recent weather trends are extreme by historical standards. The Twentieth Century Reanalysis Project is the latest attempt to find out, using super-computers to generate a dataset of global atmospheric circulation from 1871 to the present.

    As it happens, the project’s initial findings, published last month, show no evidence of an intensifying weather trend. “In the climate models, the extremes get more extreme as we move into a doubled CO2 world in 100 years,” atmospheric scientist Gilbert Compo, one of the researchers on the project, tells me from his office at the University of Colorado, Boulder. “So we were surprised that none of the three major indices of climate variability that we used show a trend of increased circulation going back to 1871.”


    One more nail in the coffin.. No need for Industrial Wind Turbines, no need for skewed manipulative surveys, dump the Solar Cells — and dump the current crop of lily-livered politicians next to them…

  16. Some gems from David’s link above:

    “Given the unknowns, it’s possible that even if we spend trillions of dollars, and forgo trillions more in future economic growth, to cut carbon emissions to pre-industrial levels, the climate will continue to change—as it always has.”


    “Even rich countries can be caught off guard: Witness the thousands stranded when Heathrow skimped on de-icing supplies and let five inches of snow ground flights for two days before Christmas.”

    And why was Britain so unprepared for the THIRD cold winter in a row? Same reason as she was for the previous two: Her National Weather Service used global warming biased MODELS to forecast the weather instead of real data!
    Sound familiar?

    The last word goes to the author of the article; ANNE JOLIS:

    “Global-warming alarmists insist that economic activity is the problem, when the available evidence show it to be part of the solution. We may not be able to do anything about the weather, extreme or otherwise. But we can make sure we have the resources to deal with it when it comes.”

    Yup…And we need IWTs why exactly?


  17. Here’s why:

    “Britain has around 3,000 wind turbines with another 10,000 will go up over the next nine years to meet EU climate change targets.”

    Dalton and his cronies don’t work for us. They’re bankrupting us to serve their masters at the UN. Hudac and all other opposition need to be asked if they too plan on serving the same masters. You won’t get a straight answer, but it’s still worth asking.

  18. Everyone should realize that this is not a isolated article — but some of the results of a large research project.

    See Pielke Sr. who commented at the bottom…


    “The temporal inhomogeneity of the input fields that Compo et al used [the surface pressure sea surface temperatures and sea ice] raise questions on the robustness of their results. Nevertheless, this is an interesting study and the results so far are quite provocative, as they raise further questions on the skill of the IPCC models to replicate (i.e. hindcast) the evolution of the climate system in the last century.”

    i.e. the models are WRONG!

    Google : The Twentieth Century Reanalysis Project

    Note: Not for the scientifically faint of heart or the “jargon challenged”.

  19. “the models are WRONG”


    This canna be Captain!



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