New FIT rules

One-year extension of Milestone Date for FIT contract holders
The OPA is offering to amend the contracts of all FIT counterparties who have not yet reached commercial operation so that these suppliers may extend their milestone date for commercial operation (MCOD) by up to one year.

Rule change for CAE FIT applications
The OPA has made a rule change for capacity allocation exempt (CAE) FIT applications submitted on or after December 8, 2010. A new eligibility criterion has been added that requires CAE facilities to be deemed by the OPA as capable of connecting at the proposed connection point. To access the new version of the FIT Rules, please click here.

7 thoughts on “New FIT rules

  1. Can somebody help me understand what this means to us mere mortals? Because it comes from OPA, I am assuming it is not good news but I admit I don’t really understand the implications of it.

  2. It is a promise to let companies that are not up and running by deadline due to us protesters and court cases to relax and know that they will get extensions and money to tide them through these tough times! That what it means! So mad I could spit!

    David, Did you get the tar and feathers yet???

  3. I think it means the Ax commeth, let’s cover what is know as the proverbial donkey’s rear end.

    Between all the definitions, timelines, etc., what jumped out was the fact that the rules can changes guys and we’ll give you 30 or 60 or whatever days notice. Quake Fit applicants, if government or economics or anything else changes, OPA will refund your deposit. That’s all folks!

    Anyway, that the good news I read out of that one. Legal genie anyone?

  4. I agree that we should file notices of objection to the extensions. Also we should go through with the tar & feather effigy at Queens park. REALLY an picture of that in the Toronto papers would wake people up.

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