Holland slashes carbon targets, shuns wind for nuclear

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By Andrew Orlowski, The Register
In a radical change of policy, the Netherlands is reducing its targets for renewable energy and slashing the subsidies for wind and solar power. It’s also given the green light for the country’s first new nuclear power plants for almost 40 years.

Why the change? Wind and solar subsidies are too expensive, the Financial Times Deutschland , reports. Holland thus becomes the first country to abandon the EU-wide target of producing 20 per cent of its domestic power from renewables.

This is a remarkable turnaround from a state that took the Kyoto Agreement seriously and chivvied other EU members into adopting renewable energy strategies. The FT reports that instead of the €4bn annual subsidy, it will be slashed to €1.5bn.

Holland’s only nuclear reactor, the Borssele plant, opened in 1973, and was earmarked for closure by 2003. In 2006 the plant was allowed to operate until 2034, and the following year the government abandoned its opposition to new nuclear plants.

Critics of wind turbine expansion have found it difficult to get figures to judge whether the turbines are value for money. In January, Ofgem refused to disclose the output of each Feed-In Tariff (FiT) location.

The UK is expected to urge the installation of 10,000 new onshore turbines, even though some cost more in subsidies than than they produce, even at the generous Feed-In rates. Holland’s policy U-turn means the EU renewable targets aren’t set in stone – and there are more cost-effective ways of hitting the targets. ®

15 thoughts on “Holland slashes carbon targets, shuns wind for nuclear

  1. From the link in the article above:

    “REF believes it is extraordinary, that Ofgem has not been empowered to collect actual generation data to ensure that this very large transfer of wealth encourages optimal development of microgeneration rather than going to waste. Lack of this data also makes fraud monitoring difficult or impossible.”

    Unfortunately for the windy greenies, we HAVE that data here in Ontario!



  2. From the last link in the article above:

    “If the goal is to reduce greenhouse gases then you should put wind turbines in the most efficient sites, rather than have a scattergun approach.”

    Ok… I still cannot find a single compelling empirical reason why enviro-geeks are so concerned about CO2, therefore it logically follows that mitigating CO2 emissions with wind turbines, even if such a thing were possible- and it never was, is for all intents and purposes –pointless!

    Unfortunately for the windy greenies (again) the sites where wind generators can produce at or near nameplate capacity most of the time are few and far between and usually a great distance from people. Who in their right mind would want to live somewhere that windy?

    Even if these areas where blanketed in the most massive wind turbines that can be conceived by the mind of man, the contribution to the energy needs of humanity would be so miniscule and the costs so huge as to again make the entire effort –pointless!

    As in my previous post, we actually HAVE this empirical data and we KNOW in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS we are being DEFRAUDED!


  3. The strange thing about C02 “emissions” is that there is no way of measuring the actual amount of emissions to begin with!………..so this whole C02 debate has no scientifically approved basis on how to “measure” the amounts accurately!

    In effect this whole C02 debate is built on BS!

  4. But wait…

    In an interview Robert Hornung “wind proponents also have to combat “misinformation.” Some opponents have said Europe is turning away from wind energy when that’s simply not true, he said.”


  5. Wind turbine performance data in the U.S. is proprietary information so not available to the public. That is this data is private property.

    The result is that opponents of wind turbines in the U.S. have no way of proving that wind turbines operate at far below their nameplate capacity.

    This information is kept hidden from the public so that the wind turbine scam in the U.S. can continue without opposition.

    The people in the U.S. should use the Ontario and U.K. performance data in their objections as a wind turbine is a wind turbine anyway.

  6. Some opponents have said Europe is turning away from wind energy when that’s simply not true, he said.”

    That apparently is TRUE. The EU is NOT “turning away” from wind energy, they are “RUNNING AWAY” as fast as they can!

    AND, this train appears to be picking up speed!

    Like I’ve posted before, a race to the bottom!

    Unfortunately for us, we’ll probably get there LAST!


  7. But wait…

    In an interview Robert Hornung stated “wind proponents also have to combat “misinformation.” Some opponents have said Europe is turning away from wind energy when that’s simply not true, he said.”

    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  8. I sent this story to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of our Township of Clearview, Ontario. Also to the Editor of the The Creemore Echo. As yet I have never had a response from any of them on the many articles I have sent. Meanwhile WPD (Wind Power Development) went ahead and put up a wind testing tower on the lands adjacent to our farm. Wonder how I can get permission to put this the local papers as a paid as??? Anyone know ?

  9. It’s unlikely that the wind turbine scam would have gone this far in the U.S. if Americans knew what the acutual wind turbine performance data was.

    In other words, the wind turbine scam in the U.S. would not have been allowed to get this far if Americans could have found out what they are really getting for their money.

    During the Texas storm of Feb.1-3,11 a very tiny,tiny amount of wind turbine performance data got out in Texas. Otherwise this information is not available to the Texas public. Wind turbine companies in Texas are privately owned.

    This is not the situation here in Ontario. The wind turbine performance data in Ontario is public information.

  10. Hey Melodie:

    Get your lawyer to send a letter to your neighbor advising him of a pending lawsuit
    should you be adversely affected by his leaser’s wind turbines.

    The price; his farm!

    Then you tear down the damn things!

    I know it’s not the neighborly thing to do but then neither is erecting IWTs!

    What do you have to lose, except your life?!

    Or we can do Bora-Bora together! 🙂


  11. And Australia goes the other way….


    It pays to check out Tim Flannery’s predictions about climate change

    * Andrew Bolt * From: Herald Sun * February 12, 2011 12:00AM

    TIM Flannery has just been hired by the Gillard Government to scare us stupid, and I can’t think of a better man for the job.

    This Alarmist of the Year is worth every bit of the $180,000 salary he’ll get as part-time chairman of the Government’s new Climate Commission.

    His job is simple: to advise us that we really, truly have to accept, say, the new tax on carbon dioxide emissions that this Government threatens to impose.

    This kind of work is just up the dark alley of Flannery, author of The Weather Makers, that bible of booga booga.

    Read this guys predictions. In hindsight they are hilarious!

    Here is one…

    “”In Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, water supplies are so low they need desalinated water urgently, possibly in as little as 18 months.”

    One premier, Queensland’s Peter Beattie, took such predictions – made by other warming alarmists, too – so seriously that he spent more than $1 billion of taxpayers’ money on a desalination plant, saying “it is only prudent to assume at this stage that lower-than-usual rainfalls could eventuate”.

    But check that desalination plant today: mothballed indefinitely, now that the rains have returned.”


    I think he needs to be awarded the “McGuinty Screw” — even if he is an Aussie. He is every bit as bizarre as a dedicated Liberal MPP!

  12. Thanks BBW , I will have a lawyer send that letter of intent to sue… after I see how our fight over the accessory bldgs. turns out. We were sold permits to build a secondary house for a family member using an old by-law that has since been changed, we built them at great expense… then the wind execs were so mad they had the rules changed that there would be no set back from the secondary home!!! It is in a legal battle now.

    Are there still cannibals in Bora Bora… ?? How about sea food , sea side restaurants with fine wine???

  13. Thanks Linda, Have a great deserved holiday from this madness. Don’t worry, we are all in fighting mood here! A sure sign of spring. LOL My Irish just woke up from is annual deep sleep LOL Now I’m back to mean & ugly to fight the bastards once more.

  14. Melodie,
    When we get home we will be fighting like hell.
    In the last municipal election we voted out
    the windies. I think it was an election issue.
    The news today has truly given me a
    renewed faith that we can stop this madness.
    And to all of you who have been fooled into
    thinking you can make some money and
    desecrate our beautiful Northern Bruce Peninsula,
    start squirming. You knew it was wrong in the
    first place. Thank God for the internet and instant
    conversation. And we know they are logging in to
    this web site. Enjoy.

  15. Drive your SUV today. We could use a little more global warming. If you don’t you could be paying a LOT more for your lettuce and tomatoes.


    Freezing temperatures across a wide swath of Mexico the night of Feb. 3-4 have made a big impact in available fresh produce. Expect the effects to be felt in your supermarket any day now.

    This story has gone all over. I first heard of it a few days ago from a company owner I know in Sinaloa. They sent me an email and told me it was Two (2) C at the office that morning. No furnace, no heaters of course.

    So for my friend, turn up your heat, drive your gas guzzler and turn up the lights if you see the coal plants running.

    Help lower the price of tomatoes and corn!

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