Ontario Rules Out Offshore Wind Projects

Ontario Newsroom

Ontario is not proceeding with proposed offshore wind projects while further scientific research is conducted.

No Renewable Energy Approvals for offshore have been issued and no offshore projects will proceed at this time. 

Applications for offshore wind projects in the Feed-In-Tariff program will no longer be accepted and current applications will be suspended.  Read more here

11 thoughts on “Ontario Rules Out Offshore Wind Projects

  1. My parent’s saying, “The truth always prevails”, applies today.
    This could be the beginning of the end of all wind power in

  2. Hurray for a breather. Do not be lulled it says “at this time”. Let us hope Land is next.

  3. The Liberal government has got caught
    with their hand in the cookie jar? A
    thief is a thief no matter who they are.

  4. “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Sir Winston Churchill

  5. OMG,the present government is really feeling the heat and they have to get out of the kitchen!!!

  6. The most recent FIT report listed these off-shore wind projects:
    1 application submitted
    3 applications awaiting Economic Connection Test
    1 contract executed – not mentioned in the press release – will the contract be “suspended” like the applications?

  7. Friday afternoon press release?

    This what you do when you do not want anyone to remember the story by Monday morning.

    Methinks there is another half to this story that yet to be revealed. We are about to be played.

  8. Off shore wind projects likely only on hold until after the Oct. election. Trying to fool the people again.

  9. “Ontario will work with our U.S. neighbours on research to ensure any future proposed projects protect the environment on both sides of the Great Lakes.”

    This does not instill confidence! We know what a tenuous grasp on reality the Ontario government has, they are still talking the same drivel and calling it “facts”, and are not above fudging the figures either.

    It would be interesting to know exactly what they intend to research…maybe they have finally figured out how to measure infrasound!

  10. The only offshore project that has a contract with the OPA is Wolfe Island Shoals. From the wording of the release, I’d bet WIS will not be allowed to go ahead. Given Ontario’s long record of environmental indifference, it is hard to credit them with a sudden epiphany. I wonder if they had outside help. Perhaps the Feds (EC and NRCan) actually made good on their threat, following their Wolfe Island approval, to require a cumulative EA for the entire eastern basin of Lake Ontario before they’d approve any other projects in that area. A cumulative EA on that sensitive and important area would take years, and maybe Ontario figured a general moratorium would be less painful for everyone. In the meantime, I’m just glad that maybe a little sanity has manifested itself.

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