CanWEA’s best practices guidelines a sick joke

By Debbie Lynch Lindsay Daily Post  

As I read Mr. Hornung’s letter to the editor, I literally broke down in tears I laughed so hard at what he said about guidelines his wind energy lobby group CanWEA, developed.

Mr. Hornung stated “The guidelines are a valuable tool that will encourage our members to involve the local community at an early stage, ensure a clear understanding of their project at all stages and facilitate a factbased dialogue about the project.”

I guess Mr. Hornung has not attended any of the “public open houses” I have attended. At those events, facilitating “a fact-based dialogue about the project” is the last thing on the minds of the wind energy proponents.

Gordon Wambach, one of the two Energy Farming Ontario Inc. representatives in attendance at the Sept. 30, 2010 “Whispering Woods public open house” stated, “I do not have to answer questions. This is an “open house”. I do not have to answer your questions.”

That direct quote from Gordon Wambach, EFO representative was taken from one of the four video clips that was posted to YouTube after the Sept. 30, 2010 “Whispering Woods public open house”.   Scroll to approximately 7:50 on the clip:

The Sussex Strategy Group should have assisted Mr. Hornung and CanWEA in developing their “best practices guidelines” much sooner than they did.

I know first-hand of at least one wind energy proponent who desperately needs assistance in “facilitating a fact-based dialogue”, perhaps Mr. Hornung might also benefit from a “factbased dialogue”.


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  1. Thanks David.

    On the video, you can scroll to approximately 7:50 on the clip. It is difficult to hear what is said clearly, and you might have to rewind a couple of times, but Gordon (the EFO representative in the light blue shirt) does state that he does not have to answer questions.

  2. WOW, unbelievable, Has dalton seen this, my god, thats all it takes to proceed with construction, Ive had to give more detail to build a deck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Like I have already said times innumerable, the GEA requires that the public be “consulted” Those doing the consulting are under no other obligations but to ensure that they show up in public and provide “information” which is not even required to be true or factual!

    It’s not like they need our permission! Dalton has already given them “carte-blanche”!

    Maybe “we the people” should arrive at these meetings en-masse with bats, bars, tire irons and manure forks and enter the building thru all doors at once, trample all the windy’s propaganda signs, replace them with our own, then tell these mendacious bastards to “get the hell out of town!


    They obviously intend to do us harm with their mendacious monstrosities, why should we not visit them in kind?

    You can’t get freedom for free! All of us, myself included, are doing well sanding the blood of those that came before. Maybe it’s time we shed some of our own!

    As I get older, I have fell less and less of how abhorrent an idea that used to be!


  4. The idea sounds good, but beware the OPP, and RCMP attend these meetings to manhandle the residents, god forbid you dont sign in or enter threw the back door, the ARMY will be next, lmao

  5. And I hope these officers realized that once they ve herded the rural residents of Ontario into the city, there will no longer be a need for police in rural ontario, hope they enjoy the unemployment line!!!!

  6. Ah, yes. I have had the pleasure of viewing this clip. What an eye-opener – truly shocking. Thanks, David.

  7. Roy:

    Manhandle? I don’t think it has happened yet…

    If it has, my wife may want to attend a session she says… 😉

  8. Maybe I should have called it the Dalton Dance 😉 Didnt mean to get the wife worked up,lol

  9. I’m agree with you Rabble Rouser… Somethings are worth fighting for. The generation before us would have mobilized by now. Once the turbines are up we will be mad at ourselves that we didn’t make a stronger stand for future generation. At the open house in Fergus last fall I ran and blocked the plug in for the microphone that had been taken over by one of our group. The WPD lady tried to make me move out of the way so she could unplug it. I was hoping she would shove me but she knew she would be in real trouble. Finally someone cut off the speakers. At the next open house I think I will be more aggressive. Perhaps they will shove me first…

  10. The more I think about the people on the water getting a reprieve, the angrier I get. Is it OK to trample our right to health and security just because we live in the country and McGuinty does not care about our votes? We are expendable in his quest to satisfy his ego. I hope all of you out there reading this are as angry as I am because frankly I don’t care anymore if I make the evening news. Enough is Enough!

    I have an idea that would take all of us but I can not present it here. David, is there a secret way to use the internet?

  11. Roy:

    I did not want to imply that the OPP were without enthusiasm an loaded for bear!–commando-coffee-break-lands-soldiers-in-hot-water?bn=1

    ““The OPP responded with a high-risk takedown on the vehicle which left Tim Hortons,” says a Defence Department report into the Nov. 27, 2009, incident.

    “With weapons drawn the OPP ordered (censored) from the vehicles where they were searched, cuffed and laid on the ground beside the highway in plain view of passing motorists.”

    The documents provide a rare glimpse into the Special Forces, which include highly skilled JTF-2 operators.”

  12. It must be how you got on again but did not show up on the “Join the conversation” a second time.
    I can not figure it out. But I do know how to make a statement at the next open house that never was!

  13. Melodie:

    I do not like to discuss this sort of stuff in an open forum. So I will say a little bit only… Stuff you could find out on your own.

    PGP Email for example…

    Symantec has now acquired them.

    HOWEVER! I would never buy a US based product. Some of the “spy novel stuff” you read is true. This is not speculation, as my real work is in that branch of mathematics. It has been for many years. Some of it I have mentioned here — some is not worth the effort to talk about as there are much better explanations than I would ever be able to give.

    Anonymous browsing and “History Erasing” is another issue. A lot of people do it just because they are adverse to “peeping tom” government agencies observing them — 99% of the people who use these service do not indulge in nefarious activities.

    Do a google search for this term as well.
    “Anonymous web browsing”

    So tell you what — entertain yourself by reading that information and see if you want to go the trouble. I know lots of people who use those types of services to avoid industrial espionage.

    Roy is not paranoid.

  14. I wont bring my past dealings with Dalton’s legislation here, but I have oppossed past legislation, and other events involving liberals, peacefully from my own home, government doesnt likea strong voice of opposition, and they keep a watchful eye on activists that challenge them, and as Davids article points out there are many forces out there that didnt exsist when previous generations stood up and rebelled.This why I caution all to be peaceful.The deploying of these forces will not help the fight to stop the GEA

  15. Melodie:

    I should have mentioned. I use a package that scans and checks a database for SAFE web sites. When I look at any site now it is only after I have vetted it for malicious download software.

    MacAfee, Symantec and all the big Anti Virus Houses have that software.

    I think that if you download Adobe Reader sometimes they offer the MacAfee version of secure browsing.

    You probably already know this, but a reminder shouldn’t offend you.

    Be especially cautious when browsing for this type of product.

    SO on that google search for Anonymous Web Browsing — look for the Wikipedia site — It’s usually safe…

    Unless you have browser protection these products are dangerous to search for.

  16. WOW! I did not realize it was this complicated. I am not talking about violence. Guess I’ll just take the lead at the next open house and trust that other people will join in. Especially at the open house that concerns me most. Thanks for all the info though.

  17. and dont think for a minute that government wont use it against those that stand in the way of them profitting

  18. We use satellite mapping. 🙂

    It can be fun to send someone a photo of them standing in their driveway. It gives some people the shakes. { evil grin }

  19. Its spooky alright, especially when David post what he did, what does David do, lmao 😉

  20. Sorry David and Roy.. I did not want to involve you to this degree. I was not going to start a donnybrook just make the meeting ours instead of theirs. I mean I wouldn’t even put coca-cola in their gas tanks. LOL

  21. LMAO, I’m not involved in anything!!! So far I havent seen or heard anything wrong, or that would get anyone into trouble, Dalton would just love to see one of his so called Nimbys go offside, to further his point, and damage ours

  22. These are local meetings where people in attendence are known in the community.

    Besides who cares if people openly object to IWTs. It’s not illegal to do so.

    Many protest groups do plan illegal activites and so why shouldn’t the companies involved want ot know about any plans against them.

    Power plants involve national security issues and do need to be protected.

    People who object to IWTS are not security risks but they might be political risks to some elected officals futures.

  23. Yes national security needs to be protected no arguement there, has any group held an illegall protest in Ontario, closest I heard of was fellow went nuts on Wolfe Island destroyed a bunch of equipment, but I dont think was related to athe GEA, more of a disgruntled employee situation

  24. Roy:

    The mapping and satellite stuff is just something I do when I help resource companies. It is kinda fun stuff — nothing serious. But any technology can be turned… But I think one of the companies I help a bit has the ability to re-task satellites and I did do the initial evaluation — so anytime you need a picture of a politician outside in a ripped T-shirt barbecuing burgers and getting sloshed — let me know — just be prepared to pay the time charges… not that I would pay for such trash as a picture of a fat old man looking silly.

    Over the many years I have worked in technology a lot of very bright people have taught me what I need to know about their industry so I can do some problem solving for them. Everything from chemistry and electronics to sawmills (hacking up trees) to forestry, Silva-culture, pipe lines medical research, astronomy, oil drilling logistics and manufacturing and agriculture… There was no plan to do so — it just happened. Lately there has been a lot of evaluation of very exotic equipment and satellite communications — but only for family companies these days. And a lot of it happened more than 25 miles from home — so you know the jokes about “experts”… But, some of my original mathematics work (many years ago) was in secure systems for banks etc… (Better check your account eh? 🙂

    There is nothing sinister… just so the stuff is not misconstrued…

    As for the security stuff, Public companies like secure communications so I have to know about this stuff. All the security stuff has holes, so I don’t talk about the stuff I do or who I work for since people then know too much — and some hackers just like to tackle stuff to make a point. We live in a very strange world…

    So, no, not an expert in anything at all just someone who does a lot of “odd jobs” — a “digital handy man” or “digital janitor” as it were… and usually just above the level of the office janitor on the political power scale…

    …actually most janitors have more power and better pay… unions you know. 🙂

  25. I am under no security illusions.

    I have been emailing politicians at all levels of government since they finally got connected.

    I also have three security clearances spread between the governments of two sovereign nations some of which involved photographs and finger prints. I actually had to pay the police to fingerprint me!

    Pretty safe bet, if they want me they certainly know where to find me.

    Even if I tried really hard, I could not care less!

    Bring it on!


  26. I’m with you Roy…

    Some like David, get to have all the fun…

    Me, well, not as much as I would like and a heluva lot less then I used to!

    But then, I live so far out in Boonie-Ville, the authorities couldn’t justify the fuel expense required to come and get me! I guess that’s one advantage of high energy prices!

    My father in law still has a big-assed wooden phone with a crank on it firmly bolted to the wall! 🙂


  27. Even the government of Canada gets hacked…–hacking-attempt-shows-ottawa-lacking-in-cyber-security?bn=1

    If you implement security and privacy measures — say nothing. If you’re hacked say nothing.

    If I want to hack your email, I just need to know your server and the version of the OS. Then I can look up the vulnerabilities in “Hacker Web Sites” or the security sites — plug a script into a hacker framework and get everybody’s email while I am at it.

    The encrypted emails are a lot tougher — but still vulnerable.

    Its not easy and it’s not for the uneducated, it is rocket science — but it can be done. Rockets fly and servers can be flamed out.

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