Wilkinson not looking out for the people of this province

Stratford Beacon Herald

John Wilkinson’s Environment Ministry is aggressively forcing wind energy installations on rural Ontarians. I know he is well aware of the serious adverse health effects that have forced multiple families to abandon their homes and continue to cause suffering for many others who cannot leave.

I know he has received a package of overwhelming evidence of the harm these turbines are causing by emissions of loud cyclical noise and inaudible infrasound that is making people sick. I know his ministry has documented evidence submitted from professional engineers, medical doctors and huge numbers of formal complaints and statements from victims across the province describing their distress for a number of years now. And much of this before he even legislated his pitiful 550-metre setback, which will not protect the residents from harm.

What purpose does it serve for someone in a position of power and leadership to allow such harm to continue while causing great confusion with the general public? Evidently rural families are very low on his list of concerns and it shows the depth of disrespect for his constituents.

His steadfast claims of no harm can only be construed as a dismissal of rural Ontarians as unintelligent, unaware and uneducated. The only good thing to come from this brazenly harmful policy is the unprecedented number of wonderful people from all walks of life across this province who have come together devoting every spare minute to protecting their families, their communities and assisting those already affected. Once a quiet and unassuming trait of Ontarians it has now become boldly necessary for surviving modern government. For this reason only I am still proud to be a resident of Ontario as truth is trumping deceit and greed.

What are you proud of John?


9 thoughts on “Wilkinson not looking out for the people of this province

  1. I’ve been sending emails and letters to John’s office…but guess what ….He’s never answered any of them…I guess that I’ll just send some political contributions to the PC candidate in his riding….

  2. Beautifully written, Barbara – inspired, strong and clear. Thank-you.

    This serves as a reminder that we must never stop seeking accountability. Our very lives depend on it.

  3. It’s time to think about running for office. Get in there before someone else does. Stand up and make a difference. You’ll get paid for your efforts and be able to make a difference. Every office needs to be filed with someone who cares about the people, what they want and need. Don’t sit there and take it any longer. Make plans NOW for every position.

  4. A Coalition of 57 Grassroots Citizen’s Groups from Across 34 Counties/Districts in Ontario. You can make a difference – Do it in this next election!

  5. Bravo, Barbara
    I hope that went to every newspaper in the province.

  6. I have personally gave my notice of my sleep depravation as an job and traffic hazard and I put MOE on notice they are responsible for any accidents that may occur because of lack of sleep. They are the ones allowing this to go on. I hope others will look into this and have this on record.

  7. You messed with the wrong back yard, mcguinty and wilkinson.

    May the eloquently spoken words of a rural woman echo in the halls of queens park as the liberal walls come crumbling down.

  8. Listening to Wilkinson last summer spout off about how he was enjoying watching the Wind “Mills” turning on Wolfe Island and how he enjoyed watching them from his Kingston home across the water was very “infuriating” as his tone was that of a very superior individual who thinks the “Rural Rubes” are just that………….stupid ignorant people who don’t know what’s good for them…………………

    This man has to be “bagged” along with McGuinty when we throw them into the street at election time or before!

  9. Hats off to Barbara for her dedication.

    Since John and Carol both claim zero complaints, I would suggest the same evidence gets presented to both John’s MOE and constituents office in the presence of photo op or t.v. camera! Maybe even a signature and date of receipt would be appropriate. Note: for complaints from outside of Perth to be recognized they need to go to MOE not to Stratford office!

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