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Right on cue as land owners are being approached by wind developers in the Elmwood area, the industry has taken out Ad space in the local media. I would like to comment on one particular CanWea (Canadian Wind Energy Association) ad appearing in the February 10 edition of the Post.

The ad goes on to quote Angela Morin, owner of The Island Grill on Wolfe Island. “The wind farm project managers came to us and said we want to be part of the community, and they really lived up to that. The extra business allowed us to stay open during the winter, when we’re normally closed. The wind facility has also brought in some tourists who are curious to see what it’s all about.”

She has a big bright smile in her photo.

I was curious because it seemed odd to me that this woman was so welcoming after the “number” done on her once beautiful community. I wondered if she’d still be smiling when the construction workers are gone, for sale signs are up, and the community is broke and divided? So I proceeded to get in touch with a resident of Wolfe Island, Gail Kenney, who had this to say, “Yes I’m from Wolfe Island. This ladies’ [Angela Morin’s] restaurant has been closed up for the winter since before Christmas and it is for sale along with the island’s only Hotel and only Bakery and 2 Bed and Breakfasts and a Boat building business all situated in the tiny village of Marysville.”

I called the restaurant, and they are indeed closed for the season. You’d think too that with all the tourism the wind mills have allegedly attracted, the only hotel and “bed and breakfast” would not be up for sale.

So, do we really want to welcome an industry, seemingly lacking basic integrity, into our community? Can they even be trusted? Keep this in mind if you’re about to sign.

On another note, you may be aware of the escalating uncertainty and political mudslinging around the Ontario FIT subsidy program. For instance, the cutbacks in solar rates, ban on off-shore development, subsidies being trimmed across Europe, and Liberal backpedaling, etc. With that in mind, I ask the question to every landowner out there, “when the subsidies dry up, they will, and the industry packs up and leaves, who will be the one stuck with those turbines? Who will take them down? How much will it cost? What will your property be worth? Could you even sell it?

Ask these questions. You probably won’t get a straight answer. If you do, validate it. But most importantly, don’t be left holding the bag!

And to Nextera, CanWea, and the industry alike “save face and leave, now”.

No wind. For our community!

Steve Bihari
RR1 Neustadt, ON

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  1. I find it interesting how “wind” companies can out and out lie. But I have come to understand that no matter where — Canada, U.S., Europe this group “wind development” seems to be “special”. Governments hand out money, ignore envirnmental problems — allowing them to “take” kill a number of birds, harm people’s health, cause loss of property values and never have to prove (what counties in the U.S. are interested in) that they produce any real jobs. I believe this is one of the biggest scams that have come along.

    If we only wasted money – I’d be ok with it (not like it, but it’s not the first time we’ve wasted money!) What is most troubling is the number of people whose lives have been changed, disrupted and harmed by the industrial wind industry. I wish governments would finally get some common sense.

  2. Commenting again on “Northern New Brunswick turbines frozen solid” by Greg Weston, Feb.15,11 at

    Frederecton: “$200 million wind farm frozen solid” Provides 12 permanent jobs.
    New Brunswick IWT contracts are based on an annual basis and not on power produced during a specific time period.

    What is noteworthy here is that 12 jobs/$200 million IWT project cost which is in the ~ $20 million dollar range per permanent job. Ontarians should never be asked to pay these astronomical job creation prices in their Hydro bills. Great way to wreck the Ontario economy. More proof of what was found earlier as to the job costs of IWTs.

    Yet the wind developers and CanWEA keeps on pushing these costs off on to Ontarians.

  3. To Steve Bihari, Those of us who have a vested interest in keeping industrialized wind turbines out of that particular area as well as the rest of the Province salute you for exposing these weasels.

  4. Steve Bihari,

    Thanks for going the extra step, to expose more of CanWEA’s lies. The outdated quote of Angela Morin is obviously meaningless now & should not have been used if they had any ethics. But why would that stop them, just because her restaurant is not only closed, but For Sale.

    I’ve heard enough of this for today, going to put my earmuffs on!

  5. DoNoHarm – your comment about putting on your earmuffs made me laugh out loud.
    Good reference, I presume, to the Lawyer in Kent Breeze Appeal suggesting muffs or ear plugs as solution to noise concerns.

  6. Just for review:

    “Goal of many more ‘green’ jobs is elisive” , by Steve Everly,THE KANSAS CITY STAR, Feb.15,11 at

    Dec.2010 “Siemans Energy wind turbine parts plant in Hutchinson,Kan. and is expected to employ 400 next year” Plant opened with 130 employees and 400 by 2012.

    “Wages around $16 an hour were expected by some when this Siemans plant opened in Hutchinson. But that was averaging the plant’s $11-$20 an hour wages. Siemans won’t say how many jobs pay $11 starting wage”

    The wage of $11/hr would give a family of five an income at the federal poverty level.

    The $11/hr wage is just a bit more than the Ontario minimum wage. Why should wind turbine manufacturers pay any more in Ontario than they pay in the U.S.?

    This is what the wind turbine industry is pushing on Ontarians. So beware!

  7. Canwea also ran an ad in my local paper quoting the mayor of a small town near Lake Erie. So I Googled the town (sory I wish I coud remember its name) to discover the mayor being quoted didn’t run for office last fall and is no longer the mayor. I pointed out this out-of-date information to personnel at the propaganda session held in the Laurel town hall because they were promoting 3 turbines in the Whittington Development. I don’t believe that either.
    These are little lies they’ve been caught at. Considering their whoppers scares the hec out of me.

  8. Nice research Steve!

    These CANWEA ads are all designed to “attract investors” and has nothing to do with “selling” their ideas to the common citizen!

    They speak to their investors through ads, conferences and most importantly through our Premier and his “toady’s” like Duguid and Wilkinson when they echo CANWEA’s propoganda!

    This “cabal of greed” is just about to fold!… the rhetoric ramp up!

  9. I have just filed the following complaint with Advertising Standards Canada for northgowerwindturbines link above:

    “The information CanWEA provides about “wind energy” on their website is vast. Unfortunately, much of it is pure
    fantasy. Some examples:

    1) “Wind is free” This is abjectly misleading. Converting that “free” wind to electricity costs 1.5 million dollars (on average) per MWH, NOT including revenues generated from the sale of the electricity produced which is ALWAYS highly subsidized!
    2) “Wind powers “X” number of homes”. Again, this is abjectly misleading. This is true ONLY when the turbines are producing at maximum capacity. In Ontario, the hourly output records provided by the IESO show that this occurs very rarely. (Source: Ontario Wind Performance).
    3) “Wind generation reduces CO2 from coal generation by 99% and CO2 from natural gas generation by 98%.”
    Even the IPCC says ALL “green” energy technologies with the exception of hydro are only 2% effective at reducing CO2 emissions from fossil generation and that is all of them COMBINED! No jurisdiction on the planet has realized ANY significant reduction in CO2 by embracing wind energy. In many instances CO2 emissions actually INCREASE. (source: IEA).
    4) “Denmark gets 20% of her electricity from wind.” Really? Someone might want to tell that to Denmark!
    5) “Wind Power is Reliable.” PLEASE! See item (2) above.
    6) “Generally wind is strongest in cold-weather months when our demand for electricity is highest.” This is exactly opposite to reality here in Ontario (Source IESO).

    Essentially, I can go on at some length on this but CanWEA does about the best job of intentionally misleading the public as is possible. Unfortunately for the people, incredibly, our government(s) has chosen to ignore science, decades of real world experience from all over the world and believe this fantasy. The cost to the people in Ontario and Canada is into the billions of dollar and into the trillions worldwide. Much of the EU has now largely abandoned this foolishness after the obviousness of it reached crescendo. Here in Ontario, the government is now defending themselves in court TWICE with little or no empirical data to support their defense and they have back-tracked on further wind development offshore, finally admitting the truth to appease voters before the upcoming fall election.

    The fact of the matter is that on an industrial scale, wind generation of electricity does not work, has never worked in over 100 years of trying and likely will never work. This is a truism Denmark, Holland, Spain, Germany, Hawaii and others are now openly admitting.

    Why then must we here in Ontario be subject to these mendacious, greedy, disingenuous snake-oil operators who are obviously interested in simply padding their own pockets at our expense?

    I beseech you investigate this horrendous transgression to the fullest before this once great Province has been irreparably damaged!

    With truth and respect.”

    I encourage each and every one of you to do the same.


  10. There is a damage control going on behind the doors of the Ministry of Energy. The Ministry with CanWEA, who remain dogmatic ideologues, Dealing with with the fallout from the offshore announcement, this blatant political decision has not been lost on the finance world. Bankers and Fund Managers must now factor in McGuinty’s future in handing out the money. This from Tyler Hamilton,” Now that offshore wind has been voted off the island, the onshore guys are in survivor mode”

    Why, did you miss yesterday’s dual announcements?

    From CanWEA:

    Ontario’s commitment to wind energy strengthens investor confidence

    From MOE

    McGuinty is doubling down, as we say in poker, hoping the bankers don’t see the bad hand he is holding.

    The deal is so bad, that he expects the OPA to hook up all the MicroFIT applicants they cut off last week. No matter if there is no funding, we will just tell you to do it:

    If they cannot afford to hook up farmers, where is the money to hook up all the CanWEA turbines? But I digress:

    The mess Dalton has created is upsetting even nominal green energy supporters

    Be sure read the comments.

  11. Good one RR. I sent Christina Blizzard a letter titled ” Let them wear earmuffs!” about the earmuffs complete with picture of Marie Antionette and a copy of Thurdsdays tribunal report. It did not go through however so I must not have the correct email address. Can anyone help.

    I also sent this quote from fenbeagleblog:

    Mad Hatter McGuinty

    “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise , what is it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be it, it is. You see? “

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