Ontario’s wind power ‘flip-flop’ draws ire from executives

By Richard Blackwell, Globe and Mail

Ontario’s decision to put the brakes on all offshore wind power is drawing criticism from businesses behind several major wind projects in the province.

Executives in the renewable sector say the province’s dramatic reversal, which effectively killed offshore plans, is highly damaging to Ontario’s reputation as a leader in renewable energy. It also risks denting investment in an industry that was on the upswing as a result of the province’s green-energy policies.  Read the article here

18 thoughts on “Ontario’s wind power ‘flip-flop’ draws ire from executives

  1. Apparently this guy didn’t live in a Liberal riding…

    Here’s a very inexpensive, distressed rural property for sale…courtesy of the Green Energy Act and Dalton McGuinty..

  2. “Mr. Kourtoff said he is considering legal action against the government if his company does not get some form of compensation from Ontario.”

    Proving undoubtedly that $$$ is the “motivation” for Trillium Power Wind Corp.

    If the Ontario government took away the subsidies how do you think Mr, Kourtoff would feel?

  3. “Nobody will touch Ontario for many years.” Glory be.

  4. “This destroys Ontario’s credibility globally,” he said. “Nobody will touch Ontario for many years in renewables.”

    Please Lord. Let this be so!

  5. In time honored tradition, Liberal hangers-on feel entitled to their entitlements. the fact that world green energy outfits wouldn’t touch Ont. for years, is a bad thing? Try explaining that in Wolfe Island or Ripley.

  6. “Ontario was considered enlightend by environmentalists and developers”

    Problem is that these two groups forgot to ask what the rest of Ontarians thought about their alternative “green” energy solutions proposed by developers and eco-nuts. Both groups have imported foreign ideas and sought to impose them on Ontarians.

    The mission of the Ontario Hydro system is to provide electricity so that even the poor can afford it. Wind and solar cannot do this period! Will drive many Ontarians into energy poverty.

    The fallacy of ending dependence on foreign sources of energy is promoted by both groups. Canada is energy independent and the U.S. was put into energy dependence by political choice and not by need.

    Neither the wind developers nor the environmentalists bothered to consider the scientific,economic, environmental and health risks involved in installing IWTs in Ontario.

    Now both the wind developers and the environmentalists are astounded that their “green” energy scams have been exposed for what they are. Just money making scams!

  7. The Wolves need to another place to be feed. Sorry take you opportunities elsewhere we can’t effort to make ( subsidize ) your profit for you .

  8. Outrage from Investors?………….from the comments page in the Globe under this story it is quite clear that the general public are all too aware what these Wind Companies really are: “Money Sucking Vampire Squids on the Face of Humanity” (taken from Matt Taiibi’s Rolling Stone description of the banksters who started this World-Wide Recession!)

    These “executives” who are beating their chests about getting a “bum deal” from McGuinty should actually be dragged into the public arena and answer really hard questions about how their lobby groups have enabled them “access” to our hard earned tax dollars through the “back door” of Queen’s Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. “These “executives” who are beating their chests about getting a “bum deal” from McGuinty should actually be dragged into the public arena”….

    … and fed to the Lions?

  10. I read many of the comments after the article…

    Not a lot of sympathy out there…

    I think perchance the people have grown weary of government sanctioned corporate welfare!

    Here’s hoping!


  11. I was astounded at the common sense reaction of most of the comments on this Globe & Mail article. I was expecting rage from the windies. Looks like the bubble really has burst! Wonder how McGuinty will spin it to save face.. He should just step down but that is not his arrogant style. Hope our friends in the US are watching this.

  12. Can anyone shed some light on the extent of funding to Ontario Liberals, coming from the wind energy associated companies.

  13. Aw shucks Al … thank you. Hope everyone is coming to my camp over BBQ at our farm when we win this. PS. Bring your own everything,,tee hee

  14. So sad for these wind companies.

    Hope all the wind companies doing the creative writing for the land based projects are listening. The local “corner gas” is buzzing wondering how they can cancel plans for offshore at 5 km, while and based is only 550M. They’re ALL figuring it out, including the hosts….

  15. Just trying to research election funding at the provincial level is nearly impossible. There are individual and corporate limits as you find at the federal level. But what you get are donations split between the party riding association and the individual candidates through in many cases multiple numbered companies, Trying to ascertain who controls each numbered company can be a challenge even Google cannot resolve.

    Which I’m sure the politicians of all parties are quite happy with. It gets even more murky at the municipal level where there are no individual limits.

    The only reason we achieved clarity at the federal level was the result of the Reform Party providing the Conservatives with such a large base of small individual donors that they were able to limit all the corporate contributions the Liberals relied on. Federal Liberals have never recovered.

  16. It’s Friday and I wonder if we’ll get another surprise announcement?

    This has been quite the week!

  17. If Canada is a leader in renewable green energy everyone else should BEWARE! Warning Warning green energy is not what it’s cracked up to be it causes all sorts of problems. Spending trillions on green Energy is it worth it? How much greener is Canada, Spain and China? If the people are NOT healthy is it worth it? If they are BROKE is it worth it? If there NOT happy is it worth? It it devalues property, causes health problems, kills birds, drives energy costs through the roof, destroys scenic and peaceful country sides, ETC….. IS IT WORTH IT? I believe I heard one professor say that the only way to keep the companies in business is to get a another country to sign on to the scheme. Is this a green energy pyramid scheme?
    Who’s next in line? I think it would be WISE to take your investments elsewhere while you still have something to invest!

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