Dalton McGuinty Knows the Costs

5 thoughts on “Dalton McGuinty Knows the Costs

  1. Here you are…

    When even the ninnies at The Red Star get it figured out then there is trouble in Condo-land…


    Robert Benzie Queen’s Park Bureau Chief

    “The vast majority of Ontarians fear ever higher energy bills even though the government is scrambling to help with hydro discounts, a Toronto Star-Vision Critical-Angus Reid poll has found.

    In a survey that could signal trouble for Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals with an October election looming, 72 per cent of Ontario residents are bracing for more costly bills this winter.

    With 39 per cent believing the government has not enacted policies or initiatives to offset higher levies, there’s also little awareness of the new Clean Energy Benefit. That’s the much-hyped 10 per cent hydro rate discount, which took effect Jan. 1 and will cost the treasury more than $1 billion annually for the next five years.

    Only 21 per cent of Ontarians believe Queen’s Park is actually trying to keep heating and energy costs down despite a $1 million pamphlet blitz on the benefit and a province-wide speaking tour by the premier. Another 40 per cent say they’re unsure if the province has done anything.

    Jodi Shanoff, senior vice-president at Angus Reid, said the results indicate Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath have gained traction by blaming McGuinty for the soaring prices.

    “The opposition messaging certainly put the blood in the water,” Shanoff said Friday.”

    Yah really thinks so Benzie Baby? Really?

    It only took you a couple of years to get a message other people saw in seconds? WELL DONE!

  2. I wonder how the Star will exist in November when their “supporter” at Queen’s Park will be slopping around in his house coat in Ottawa looking for work?

    Probably will become a Hudak supporter this summer so the “patronage cheques” will continue to flow?

  3. A small price hike was promised with implementation of the GEA. Hard to hide the larger than promised elelctricity bill increase no matter how it’s partitioned. The hike so far, as much as it seems a lot to some, is nothing to the increases that can be expected. Remember the GEA is barely started.

  4. “All of Michigan was on edge as they awaited a crisis budget from Gov. Rick Snyder, who vowed painful emergency surgery for his state’s “broken” finances.

    Snyder delivered what he promised on Thursday. He cut business taxes, slashed government spending and raised personal taxes. He said he had to, to fix a chronic deficit of $1.4 billion that threatened the state’s survival.”

    Michigan is worried about a debt of $1.4 billion a year and Duncan’s hydro rebate alone is going to put Ontario in debt by $1 billion a year. He started this green energy when he was energy minister, incompetent then and worse as a finance minister now.

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