Industrial Wind Turbines too close, Haldimand County ON

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  1. NO WAY!! It sounds like a freight train is coming through the house. The stronger the wind the worse it gets. Can you imaging building that beautiful house and than not being able to live in it or sell it. I would be afraid to death that one of those blades would come off in a heavy wind storm or tornado. Maybe they can get the wind farm developer to move it for them. The sad thing is whenever any wind farm goes up it will depreciate property values.

  2. Hard to believe that proponents claim there is no evidence of real estate values dropping in the vicinity of a wind farm, especially when you see this video!

  3. 1. Check out a letter to the editor in the Whig Standard from an American living across from Wolfe Island with respect to the drop in their lake front property values as a result of the new views.

    2. It was “Keep It Beautiful” then “Yours To Discover” and the new slogan in the McGuinty era:

    “Get Used To It”

  4. The media put forward a supportive light on a few “farmers” who made a decision to throw money into solar and are in problems. Not all of them put out $80,000 dollars. What is unbelievable is real investments (home values) have been lost to the IWT scam. This house would have been worth more than $80,000, more than $80,000 would have been spent in finishing it off, yet the media does not report on this impact to the community or the economy. A family moving into that home is worth more to the community than an IWT. A rural community will not grow and cannot survive with IWT developments.

  5. You are totally right Zen2then. They have not even considered that far. Our rural property is a relatively recent acquisition. We have been renovating it and pouring tens of thousands of dollars into the local economy – hiring local trades and using local suppliers, not to mention landscape, replacing fence lines, etc. We probably still have another 100k at least to put into it in our 5 year plan but are reconsidering whether it is worth while if we end up surrounded by these things and the property becomes worthless. How many others will be thinking the same thing? How many building permits for homes have been issued in Wolfe Island or Amarinth?

  6. We were looking for a larger farm property both west and north of Orangeville…We have put our search on freeze….not gonna happen….The whole part of Ontario is suspect due to the grid running from Milton up to Bruce Nuclear…

    Whenever we saw something that we might be interested in there was always another hidden story…Real Estate agents try to downplay the risk…but it’s real and huge that Industrial Wind Farms could be your neighbour…

    Decided to stay in my existing property because it’s in a valley close to conservation lands so the greedy wind subsidy farmers aren’t interested in this area…

  7. “De-Population of Rural Ontario” is the end-game of McGuinty and his Gang……………….seems to be working very well!!!!

  8. That house and property looks like it could be worth at least 7,8, $900K? Maybe even a million?

    Except, one problem…

    Man, that sucks for the poor buggers who started out on that venture.

    See what we’re fighting for here folks? Don’t lose focus. You have every right to defend your property…in any and all legal means possible. No fear. Think like a dog who’s about to lose his bone. Instead of rolling over…bite back!

  9. Quixote,

    Makes you almost think we’re supposed to be driven off the land, huh?
    Well, if the pace keeps up, looks like that’ll be the end result. Surely somebody, somewhere out there will benefit. But I digress.

  10. To Tom Blacksmith:

    There are many such poor buggers in rural Ontario.

    Although I chose not to build a McMansion as a place to retire in surroundings which had an ambient sound level of ~ 26 dBC, the brutal fact is that after living peacefully for 3 years, the 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s erected surrounding the house all jammed in within a 3 km radius started generating electricity in Nov 2008.

    Within a few weeks, many of the residents shared the symptoms which have appeared in every country, Australia, Japan, UK, US, and in Europe, in which similar conditions prevail: sleep deprivation, muscle twitching, headaches which they had never had before IWT’s, unbearable fatigue, buzzing sensations in the head as well as tinnitus etc, etc.

    After trying for about a year to get the IWT developer AIM PowerGen/IPC to buy the property; to our local municipal Council to bring relief to the Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines and our MPP to take our > 70 person petition of people who signed saying they were affected to the govt asking for help, the house was listed for sale in Dec 2009. In the intervening 15 months not a single person has looked at the property let alone made an offer.

    We are the guinea pigs, lab rats and road kill which are paying for this so called green experiment which had no scientific, economic research done as due diligence, forethought about unintended consequences, the precautionary principle and the mandate to do no harm were just thrown out the window. This government’s duty to carry out their responsibilities toward the people who elected its members has been subverted instead into a cabal which serves a greedy corporate agenda.

    Soon the unsalable farms will be easy picking for factory farms consisting of huge acreages; but first it’s necessary to decimate the family farms.

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