Green Breeze Energy Inc. displays utter contempt for the public

12-year old confronts industry rep

by Harvey and Esther Wrightman

Last night we attended the second and final Brooke-Alvinston Wind Project “Public Consultation”.  Incredibly frustrating- so much so that I just stopped asking questions.
There were NO print copies of the project report! Lots of Canwea junk but no project info.  Mr.Cobb, president of Green Breeze Energy, stated, “…they wanted to save trees.” No kidding.

So the public isn’t even obliged to view the report that will erect 4 2.5MW turbines South of Watford, because this company is trying to live up to its phony name, or maybe they’re broke. This is more than frustrating because you couldn’t even discuss the draft (the whole point of the meeting) without it present…something like not bringing the birthday boy to his birthday party.

We were told many times to go home and ‘view it online’, which in my opinion just shows their contempt for the public. I mean really, why did they even bother to come?
Apparently they didn’t have to do any bird or bat studies because “no bird or bats live in the project area” (the project area consists of small circles around each turbine). Never mind any wildlife passing through.
Only after a promise was made by project manager John Cobb at the first meeting and many e-mails to the company were we able to get rush printed copies of the noise and shadow flicker maps tacked on to a scribble board. What happened to the ’60 days to review’ period? People living in the vicinity had never seen these maps before- how were they supposed to comment on something so important in one night?
There were no noise representatives there. And the only person who we were directed to was a well known Stantec jerk that nobody wanted to talk to again. He is the ultimate loser for community consultation- he’s there to tell you ‘no you can’t have anything you need.’ I give the project coordinator Cobb some points for at least not treating us like scum and attempting to get us info (…60 days late).

Eventually a dozen or so of us just went outside and grabbed our signs to protest and went in and annoyed the windies. 12 year old Lyric, aka “Shadow Flicker Queen”, did her job well making sure each and every proponent had their taste of flashing light in their face. A bit of justice.

6 thoughts on “Green Breeze Energy Inc. displays utter contempt for the public

  1. Oh that’s a secret. They don’t want people to know what’s in store for them. They maybe a little concerned about the lawsuits going on. People say that power lines, wind farms and electro magnetic fields will be like the next asbestos. These companies want the money, but they don’t want any of the liabilities that come with the business. They erect the towers and then run off to ruin the next country side and peoples lives.
    Quote; We were told many times to go home and ‘view it online’, which in my opinion just shows their contempt for the public.
    It’s a requirement. They have to take comments. That’s about the extent of it. And then they can go on line and change the plans when needed.

  2. Are the wind developer project reports proprietary information and as such they are private property which does not have to be shared with the public?

    People who have attended wind developer information meetings all say they were told that only one copy of the report is/was available.

  3. To paraphrase comic book guy from The Simpsons “Worst open house ever!!”

  4. Only part I felt good about this open house is to educate the land owners that these turbines have health affects on there neighbours and explain to them to make sure you have insurance coverage on your land and your lawyer knows what you are getting into. They need to know this is not a winning LOTTO ticket but maybe there worst nightmare in a legal battle that may effect their future.

  5. You’re right Les. It used to be that we went to these meetings to educate the neighbours that were going to be affected by the developments. Now it seems we go to ‘educate’ the landowners and wind companies what’s going to come back and bite them if the project proceeds.

    When Mr. Cobb was asked why he didn’t move the turbines further away from some of the homes that would be in the 39dBA zone, his reply was, ‘We don’t have room. But if anything is out of compliance we will do whatever we can to mitigate it.’ When asked what that would be (because even all the experts down at the ERT hearing in Chatham do not know how to mitigate the WT noise) he admitted they wouldn’t turn them off….and he didn’t have any other concrete measures that he could share. I’d be very leery going ahead with this venture. Just because you have an OPA contract, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

  6. Mr John Cobb, now president of Green Breeze Energy, that is a big change in career from 20 plus years in telecommunications sales (AT&T, Sprint, Cable and Wireless). Not much background experience for a startup Wind Power company!

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