Halt to turbines offers hope

London Free Press Regarding the article Liberals yank offshore wind power (Feb. 11).

As a conservation biology student at the University of Western Ontario, I believe the halt to offshore wind turbines in Ontario by the McGuinty government provides a hopeful outlook.

Despite criticisms by various politicians and environmentalists, the decision to await necessary research will be beneficial to freshwater organisms and residents alike.

There are no freshwater offshore wind turbines at present and therefore no evidence to support a decision on offshore wind turbines in Ontario. However, scientific evidence from marine wind turbine sites can predict outcomes of offshore wind turbines. The construction, maintenance and function of wind turbines have been shown to have negative effects on freshwater organisms in many ways.

Turbidity, habitat destruction, water quality, and noise can affect the life history and productivity of marine organisms. Although it is important to pursue alternative energy to protect the environment, ample research must be conducted before the decision to construct offshore wind farms can be made.

Whether the agenda is political or environmental, protecting freshwater ecosystems (until further research is conducted) was a smart move by the McGuinty government. The freshwater organisms would thank us.

Shireen Kassam

5 thoughts on “Halt to turbines offers hope

  1. Latest studies of beached Dolphins points the finger at Low Frequency Sound as the true killer of these wonderful mammals!………..their sonar is completely messed up and disorientation along with dizziness, nausea and illness overall…………….sound familiar?………………yet Wilkinson Duguid and McGuinty bury their head in the CANWEA booklet like it was their “Mother’s Chest”!

  2. I think there may even be a new illness to these IWT’s. Anxiety of knowing it will be built in my back yard. I wish I could pull the stakes out but it would not stop corporation greed in the least bit. I think I will go for a late night walk with a couple beers and do my dog impersonation. Lol. My fire hydrant so to speak

  3. Nice to see some educated individuals with a social conscious. Lets protect the natural and populated areas from these destructive Industrial Wind Turbines.

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