Meaford group wants more studies

Mayor Francis Richardson

By Don Crosby, Markdale Standard

Local opponents of wind farms in Meaford are prepared to cut councillors some slack to give them time to digest the detailed information that was presented against wind farms at Monday’s Meaford council meeting. But eventually they want the municipality to take the lead in studying the economic impact on tourism.

On Wednesday Mayor Francis Richardson responded to the list of 15 recommendations made by Wind Concerns Meaford on how to gain control of two proposals for industrial wind turbines that are being developed by International Power Canada.

In a media release, Richardson summarized what past councils have done and reiterated the support of the current council as it continues “to explore all options and advice with regard to wind energy projects.”

He said that in 2010, the previous Meaford council passed a resolution calling for a moratorium on further industrial wind turbine farm development until the health, safety and welfare of the community has been assured.

“The press release does not respond to the extensive information and recommendations in our submission,” said Jim Brunow, a spokesperson for Wind Concerns Meaford, in an e-mail.
“In fairness, however, council has not had time to digest the detailed information provided . . . It is our understanding that council does support our recommendation to create a public committee to conduct research and to advise council.”

Richardson says that council will continue to analyze the overall economic, social, environmental and cultural impact of wind turbines as well as await the outcomes of legal decisions and precedents in other municipalities.

3 thoughts on “Meaford group wants more studies

  1. Good for Meaford Council ! It sounds like they`re actually listening to their constituents, taking suggestions & advice seriously. If only other pol.s,would do likewise, we wouldn`t be
    in this dirty wind mess.

  2. Hear Hear for Meaford Council… you are out in front of the pack on this one. BRAVO!

    Congrats to Meaford Wind Concerns as well… GOOD JOB! You got through to them.

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