Amaranth Wind Turbine Noise Studies

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  1. And HGC Engineering is a witness for whom at the Kent Breeze Tribunal?-the Ministry of the Environment. Brian Howe should have his license revoked, allowing people to still be in this environment is the most inhumane behaviour. I believe a Professional Engineer has a code of conduct to first and foremost protect the public.

  2. That’s the theory…

    “What is a Professional Engineer?

    The practice of professional engineering is defined in Section 1 of the Professional Engineers Act and comprises three tests. Professional engineering is:

    1. any act of planning, designing, composing, evaluating, advising, reporting, directing or supervising (or the managing of any such act);
    2. that requires the application of engineering principles; and
    3. concerns the safeguarding of life, health, property, economic interests, the public welfare or the environment,

    If what you do meets all three tests, you are practising professional engineering and must be licensed by the association.

    Like medical or legal professionals, professional engineers are licensed to be accountable to the public for their work. Their duty is to safeguard life, health, property, economic interests, the public welfare or the environment where engineering is concerned. Professional engineers subscribe to a strict code of ethics and practice standards. The practice of the profession is regulated by Professional Engineers Ontario.

    In Canada, the title “professional engineer”; is restricted by law. In Ontario, only those individuals who have demonstrated that they possess the necessary qualifications and have been licensed by PEO can use the title, which is often abbreviated as “P.Eng.””


    And a theory is more than conjecture…

  3. The fact that this was an ABANDONED home and that so many have had such horrible experiences is so distressing!!!!
    A government that has laws and no instruments to measure for those laws is ridiculous. Is Ontario a DR. SEUSS book?

    “Would you could you by a Wind Turbine,
    I would not could not be feeling fine

    Would you could you measure sound,
    I would not could not an honest government be found

    I do not like Green Energy Scam
    I do not like the Green Energy Act plan”

  4. Just as complaints regarding professional engineers can be taken to Professional Engineers Ontario, so can complaints about medical doctors, Arlene King for example, be taken to The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

  5. Claire,

    You are absolutely correct. I assumed that there have been complaints about Arlene King sent to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Does anyone know if this in fact has happened. Just because she is Chief Medical Officer of Ontario, she should in no way be exempt from scrutiny. She has made a statement that there is no causal link between industrial wind turbines and the sickness that people are experiencing. We have documentation to the contrary. She did not do her own study but rather relied on a previous outdated study done by the very people that promote wind turbine energy. Very suspect by any ones standards.

  6. Is it possible that single complaints about P.Eng’s and M.D.’s are NOT ENOUGH to cause a professional organization to act?

    How many such complaints are sufficient to produce results?

  7. It only took ONE complaint to the CRTC to censor the song “Money or Nothing” by Dire Straits because of the one word “faggot” being used. – of course that is Federal but it is Canada and I guess there are various levels of the Law being practiced all at once?

    Silly me….I thought the Law is the Law no matter who and where we are in this country!

  8. Not sure where to post this so I will post it here. I’m not a master of physics but I did learn a lot about wave forms in school. I live about 10 Km north east of the Harrow wind farm. One day I was walkin the dog and in my field I felt a low frequency (probably a resonant frequency) I still attribute to the wind farm as it was a perfect wind from the south west. I cannot directly blame it on the wind farm but I have never felt such an irritating vibration until coincidentally these turbines were erected. I am not sure if the LFN can travel that far as there are not a lot of trees to block noise but if my observations are true I could understand what ppl are living through as well I would imagine how far the sound could travel on water. I do agree this would have been under ideal wind speed and direction but I just wanted to throw my 2 cents worth for the record and will keep posting if it happens again. Plz if someone has any factual input let me know

  9. wow I seriously mean WOW wish i been selling blinders (and I mean the good ones) god bless us all

  10. Wind hater, can you remember what day it was, we are southwest of the turbines only closer than you and have a few dates that the noise was loud and the vibrations were whoomping in our pillows. It would be interesting to compare dates.

  11. I was wondering if someone can be of some assistance regarding information relating to wind turbine noise. I live approximately 5 km east from a wind farm in Harrow, Ontario and in the last two years I have sporadic low level sounds of vibration throughout my house. I live in a rural area with No industries nearby, yet I will experience several times a week a low level humming vibration sound as though a truck is pulling into the driveway, similar to that heavy machinery nearby.

    When I go on the front porch the low frequency of these vibrations can be heard and felt. It is hard to distinguish where it is orginating from, but it seems to be coming from the area of the wind farm. When this occurs there is essentially no wind coming from any direction.

    My question to anyone that can assist, is it actually possible this kind of noise or vibration could be coming from the wind farm thats at least 5 km away? It seems impossible to me.

    Any insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated. I am not necessarily anti wind turbines, but the more I read about them the more skeptical I become….

  12. Mike,

    Yes it is very possible that the wind turbines are causing what you are experiencing.

    The ones that know the most about this are the wind turbine companies. They are receiving billions of dollars of gov’t handouts – your money. If you ask them about any problems they are always going to try and diminish any possible problems that may be related to their operation.

    This is the theory of why they are sometimes so noisy when it seems like there is very little wind. There are times when the wind at ground level is very light but the wind above the ground say at 500feet is much stronger. The bottom of the turbine blades are fairly close to ground, not much more than 100ft above the ground the top is closer to 500ft. The turbine is always trying to optimism the angle and speed of the blades to match the wind speed for most efficient and quiet operation. The arc of the blades is passing through two very different wind speeds from top to bottom. It is impossible for the turbine to compensate for these differences so the blades become inefficient and extremely noisy. Another factor is different air densities trapping the sound near ground level particularly at night and allowing the sound to travel much further distances than would normally be expected but that discussion is too large for this space.

    Think about what a wind turbine really is. It is a 2000-3000 horsepower motor on top of a tall tower with no muffler. And tens or hundreds of them spread around the countryside.

    Ask yourself this: If windturbines are such great things why do they require huge gov’t subsidies to make them function in real life?

    David Libby

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