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Ontario’s green energy numbers don’t add up:

Wholesale Average Weighted Cost (YTD) of Ontario electricity: 3.35 cents/kWh

Guaranteed 20-year contract price per kWh for solar panels (ground level): 64.2 cents/kWh

Guaranteed 20-year contract price per kWh for solar panels (roof-top): 80.2 cents/kWh

Guaranteed 20-year contract price per kWh for wind turbines: 13.5 cents/kWh

(link to microFIT rates, pdf)

Cost to the province in 2011 to reduce bills by 10% to hide increases caused by green energy programs until after the election: $1.1 billion

Ontario has promised to pay renewable energy producers up to 23 times the actual price for electricity which is the driver for increased bills and time-of-use billing.  At risk of belaboring a point, sustainable subsidies are not sustainable.  Premier Dalton McGuinty has pulled the plug on offshore wind projects – it’s time to end the FIT programs before they bankrupt us.

The opposition understands math, even if Dalton doesn’t.

9 thoughts on “Green Math

  1. Speaking of math: What’s it all add up to?

    Corruption, greed and a bankrupt province — with taxpayers holding the bag.

    Say no to Industrial Wind!

  2. Simple Math
    You can’t run a business paying out more than you take in.
    The end.
    Dalton, You are an ass!

  3. Perhaps most of the MPPs who voted for the installation of IWTs in Ontario flunked grade eight math and science?

  4. I can’t wait to get my “conservation” turbine hooked up to grid! I’ve also invented a perpetual motion machine. It really works! (figured it out using the new “green” math)….looking for investors.

  5. Conservation is a great plan, but once again our government is putting the cart before the horse.

    Eliminate the line loss on the grid, and we already have a considerable amount of conservation in place. If the foundation is sitting in sand, the house will crumble. Dumping turbines onto the grid will only tire the system more.

    And if this government is going to continue to give ERIP incentives, ie. fluorescent lighting, they really need to push the recycling of the merc filled lamps along with it, or I have to say, we were better off with incandescent. Too many companies are prepared to jump on the incentive by installing factories full of higher efficiency fluorescent lighting, however not many of them want to pay the price for recycling the old fixtures.

    So let’s conserve, but let’s do it wisely, not the do-now-think-later liberal way.

    Ed, maybe the liberals should set an example by taking their next flight on “conservation”? 😉

  6. All fluorescent bulbs require some rare earth elements to manufacture. China has control of 75-95% of these elements at present.

    So these bulbs have to be made overseas. More jobs lost here.

    At present many of the new compact fluorescent bulbs are subsidised to disguise their true cost. Just wait til the subsidies are removed. How can the poor pay for these bulbs? Or do they have to choose between food and light bulbs?

    They also require special handling for their disposal.When all the costs of using these bulbs is considered their are no net energy savings.

  7. Ah yes…MCGUINTY MATH…

    Can you say “have not province?”


  8. Maybe its time to have zero based budgeting for the Ontario Hydro systems.

    Let each and every division,department,ministry start each fiscal year with $0 dollars and then make them prove the need for every cent of money they ask for to run the various parts of the Ontario Hydro systems.

    No more just give me the money and we will run Ontario Hydro systems as we please!!!

  9. 46% increase is 46 reasons to vote the Liberals out of office!

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