McGuinty’s GEA devastating Northern Ontario

Hydro Worth More than Jobs in McGuinty’s Ontario

No Apologies
According to Iroquois Falls Mayor Gilles Forget, the proposed sale puts in question the long term viability of the pulp and paper mill. “Abitibi’s mill in Iroquois Falls is competitive because it has access to a cheap and assured supply of power from the dams. Selling the dams will threaten the long term viability of the mill, which is one of our town’s largest employers.”

“In Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario, exorbitant hydro rates make companies such as Abitibi uncompetitive. They can’t operate their mill, so they’re selling off their hydro dam,” said Hillier. “These are the consequences of the Green Energy Act. This is what happens when poor policy is pushed through as legislation without thorough consideration of its repercussions.”

This is just another example of how the McGuinty Green Energy Act has wreaked havoc on Northern Ontario. Skyrocketing hydro prices have quite literally priced these businesses out of the market. Increasing hydro prices and overregulation have forced over 60 mills to be shut down in Northern Ontario, a loss of over 40,000 forest-sector jobs.

“It appears that the Abitibi Mill in Iroquois Falls could potentially join a long list of other mills across Northern Ontario to shut down thanks to the Premier’s energy and forestry policies,” said Hillier. “In the Ontario we currently live in, it appears Premier McGuinty has raised hydro prices so high that the cost of hydro outweighs the value of a job.”

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  1. This situation has unfortunately gone beyond the question of who wins the election. The hardships to citizens and businesses caused by misguided politicians and regulatory capture must be investigated. An energy commission would hopefully identify the cause of the problems and recommend legislative amendments to prevent such a travesty from ever happening again.

  2. The number of jobs lost is only half of it when you factor in the jobs that will never be. Many businesses will see our hydro rates and simply not even consider Ontario for their new plant, or expansion of existing facilities.

  3. Here is the “True Cost” of what a “mad man” can do to a vibrant economy when his decisions are based on “fruity tooty eco-religious ideals”!

  4. Abitibi is Iroquois Falls.
    It better hit the press!
    40000 jobs+ I Falls for (1500 subsidised if that is right?) just doesn’t make sence.
    It’s all disgusting!

  5. Just kill 40,000 good paying jobs in the North and replace them with poverty level wage “green” jobs. Jobs that don’t require much electricity for the particular “green” business activity in the North.

  6. “McGuinty aims to axe 1,400 public-service jobs”

    I bet these poor slobs are low end workers for this Government……………it would be something to crow about if he axed 1400 of the “highest paid” Public Servants, like all of the Board at the OPA, the OPG and stop ALL funding for his “army” of ENGO hacks!

    Now comes the axe to 40,000 human beings in the North who depend on Abitibi for their food, clothing and homes.

    This guy is playing “God” with people’s lives and not a “good God” for sure!

    How much more of this guy is Ontario willing to put up with?

  7. And it get’s better: McGuinty screws up with Wind and Solar and now just to finish off his Energy mess he threatens our food supply with his Ethanol Dreams!

    I though 5 years ago when Al Gore announced this “Pie in the Ski” Ethanol dream and it was declared one of the worst ideas ever to be conceived that it was “dead in the water”. But oh no……McGuinty has “glommed” unto this nightmare like it’s the answer to everything clean and green!

    By the time this guy finishes with us we will think a vacation in Somalia is a dream!

  8. More “green” ideas for pensioners:

    “A shocking future in store for polluting pensioners” by Melissa Kate, Feb.22,11

    The Royal Commission on Environment is urging older people to change their habits. They must become vegetarians,go for walks and go to the cinema instead of watching TV at home.

    Great humor here but the Commission is serious about these issues.Guess they haven’t heard about the price of corn yet but corn is fodder in Europe.

  9. In 2003, Dalton McGuinty said you could prosper without coal? He chose to close the coal plants as opposed to cleaning them up. AbbitibiBowater warned the government not to proceed with the coal closure plan. Now the province is paying the price.

  10. There are some interesting stories in the news today. One is tempted to play ‘connect the dots’.

    First, the solar company, Solyndra, appears to be undergoing some financial difficulties:

    “At the end of the day, customers pay the bills,” Misra said. “Where are their customers? That’s where the story starts to unravel. Solyndra is a disaster waiting to happen.”

    Second, the House of Congress is going to investigate the government funding extended to Solyndra:

    “House to Examine the $535 Million Loan Guarantee to Solar Firm Solyndra”

    Third, three top Department of Energy officials announce their resignations, including Cathy Zoi, who is a major force behind the push for renewable energy:

    “A trio of top officials, including acting Undersecretary of Energy Cathy Zoi, are stepping down from the Department of Energy, ”

  11. It has oft times occurred to me (and I have posted as much) that we would be better served if our governments made real efforts at managing our economies for our benefit rather then for the net benefit of peoples and economies other then and outside our own.

    Two recent cases in point: Green energy tech and the auto sector.

    In both cases billions of OUR MONEY were and are being spent. Net benefactor: CHINA!

    She is cranking out inexpensive wind turbines, solar panels and the rare earths for BOTH of these. All the while undercutting any and all competition. In order to stay in the game, North American manufacturers like First Solar have moved their manufacturing to, you guessed it –CHINA!

    Last year, GM sold more cars in China then in North America. Nice gift for the TENS of BILLIONS of OUR DOLLARS they got just to stave off bankruptcy eh?

    China gets our jobs, our money and our resources for which we get high unemployment, unaffordable electricity and the bill for the criminal incompetence of those we foolishly elected to govern us!

    Like China gives a Fiddler’s phuck about the environment!

    This will NOT end well for ANYONE!

    We can no longer afford to elect “globalist, corporate” politicos!


    Else we’re screwed!


  12. well quixote
    , soon we the people of ontario will be calling on the people of Nigeria and offering claims of wealth and begging for them to offer us money so we can free our fortune from this corrupt government. we all know of the nigerian scams but soon it will be our way of life. and India and Pakistan beware , If you chose wind and solar power , oh yes , we will have your telemarketing jobs as well

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