Rural Ontario is under systematic attack by government and false environmentalism

By Ontario Landowners Association, Canada Free Press

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty may back off on plans to construct offshore wind turbines. The Ontario Landowners Association says he should also back off on plans to build wind turbines in rural areas. Here’s ten reasons why wind turbines are a bad idea. For more see this study, Why Wind Won’t Work.

  1. Wind has less power than other energy sources such as water.
  2. Evidence in the United Kingdom and elsewhere shows wind turbines are often unreliable during heat waves and cold snaps – when we need energy the most.
  3. To maintain grid stability and to supply customer demand for continuous electricity, every wind farm must have backup generating facility for 100% of the wind capacity. This is costly and inefficient.
  4. Wind power is difficult and costly to store.
  5. Wind turbines are expensive to build and require huge amounts of land. Each turbine requires a foundation of almost 1,500 tonnes of concrete and a base of about 5 acres.
  6. Wind turbines are an ugly blight on rural landscapes.
  7. Wind turbines are extremely noisy. Their throbbing noise, vibrates the ground and can prove not only annoying, but debilitating.
  8. Wind turbines are unsafe. Lumps of ice fall from them, they sometimes cast burning embers, their huge blades can break and the towers could collapse.
  9. Wind turbines pose a serious danger to birds.
  10. Wind turbines reduce property values for rural Ontarians.


The Foundation of our freedom. The most important rights in any society are property rights

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The Ontario Landowners Association shall defend and promote the principal of strong local governments, democracy, and natural justice and represent the interests of the rural community.

For Rural Ontario to survive, Property Rights and judicial reform must be enshrined into law at all three levels of Government, these being; Federal, Provincial, and Municipal.

Rural Ontario is under systematic attack by government bureaucracy and false environmentalism.

The Ontario Landowners have and will continue to expose and meet these threats with determination and resolve in the court of public opinion.

12 thoughts on “Rural Ontario is under systematic attack by government and false environmentalism

  1. They should add wind turbines cause ENERGY POVERTY due to their high costs that have to be paid for thru consumers’ Hydro bills.

  2. “Hampton calls for Northern Ontario hydro utility”

    “In my view, the McGuinty Liberals are marching to the drum of some Bay Street investors who want to see the hydro system privatized and that’s what’s happening behind closed doors. The sale of the Abitibi dams to private investors who aren’t interested in doing manufacturing in Northern Ontario but are only interested in selling it somewhere else where they can make the most profit because Bay Street investors say that’s what’s right for the people of Northern Ontario. That’s the heart and soul of their electricity policy and it’s only going to get worse.”

  3. 11. Wind turbines force consumers to pay $2.00 (or more) for $1.00 worth of power.

  4. The present government intends to ride the dirty coal train as far as they can.

    Huffington Post quotes only pro wind turbine sources but that’s to be expected from this news outlet.

    However, nice to know that wind turbine opponents are being heard outside Ontario.

  5. Simple terms Dalton is green brainwashed and does not want to snap out of it. Keeping us hillbillies hostage to the greedy wind profiteers and their lies. Because we are so sparse non relevant he thinks he can get away with it.He knew the rich beach\ lake front wealthy land owners are not to deal with and needs their votes he jumped ship But he forgets one thing never underestimate your opponents. Hope you sink and don;t come up for air I honestly hate looking at your lying stupid rotten eyes.

  6. just a de ja vue anyone ever have a roof vent commonly called a whirly bird – ya a rotary roof vent – which was out of balance. if the wind speed was proper do you recall the vibration through your house. what a simple perspective of the annoying vibration wind can transmit through a rotary device. multiply it by the size of an IWT

  7. John, this policy of preventing Ontario from developing our own resources will have huge consequences for the north. I hope the people up there realize what the future holds for them if the Liberals win a third term.

  8. “which is to break our addiction to dirty coal for our generation.”

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how wind generation has ANY effect whatsoever on coal generation?

    Like how STUPID can one be and still be able to walk and talk?

    Every time one of these mendacious, elected morons spews this garbage they should be forcibly rebuked!



  9. From John’s link above: “The smelter is needed to meet China’s soaring demand for ferrochrome”





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