I am not an anecdote

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Dalton McGuinty needs to educate and inform his ministers, friends and colleagues in positions of authority, such as top doc Dr. Arlene King, Minister Wilkinson, Minister Duguid and the entire ministry staff in every district office in Ontario but especially in Toronto, on the existence of real live people in rural areas of the province of Ontario.

I AM NOT AN ANECDOTE – Dalton’s representatives use this anecdote word a lot…a whole lot. It squeaks out from almost every character we hear on the radio shows, in sound bites and in news items. When backed into a corner to comment on the serious health issues that rural families are suffering from his aggressive wind turbine policy, we hear that old familiar phrase…”well, we hear of some anecdotal reports, but”….. But what Dalton?

But…..we haven’t actually met them because we don’t want to go there? But…..they have written us hundreds of letters and signed their real names but we don’t want people to know? But…..those anecdotes might ruin my plans and destroy my career?

When will Dalton engage in looking out for all Ontarians? When will he respond to them? He was not elected to shelter a chosen few or to pander to lobby groups and companies that only fit his vision. He needs to look out for everyone and protect everyone’s health.

You were elected by so-called anecdotes from all over rural Ontario Dalton. When do they get a fair shake?

Barbara Ashbee, Orangeville

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  1. I don’t know why we are waiting for an election while turbines go up at an excelerated pace! We must oust McGuinty NOW. A non confidence vote. How can anyone have confidence in this dictator that flips and flops like a fish out of the water? In my opinion we should all be at Queen’s Park with ‘OUST McGUINTY NOW’ signs. Many would join us to get rid of the inept tyrant.

  2. Another outstanding and inspiring post by Barbara Ashbee!!

    I AM NOT AN ANECDOTE!! – a great rallying cry for the victims of Industrial Wind and their supporters!

  3. Great piece!
    These buffoons, also in the U.S. probably figure if they ignore the anecdotes long enough, they’ll go away.
    I don’t think so!!!

  4. Anecdotal is what I heard when I offered to introduce wind energy staff to someone unable to live in her own home. This person refused outright didn’t want to be introduced because it would change anecdotal to fact.

    Mr. McGuinty “listened to the people in Toronto” about their need for public transit when he denied TTC employees the right to strike.

    Can we possibly hope he will listen to rural Ontarions any time soon?

    Somehow I doubt it. Most rural Ontarions didn’t vote for him so he has nothing to lose.

    Toronto voters are another matter. They elected him.

    None of us are anecdotal.

  5. I dunno…

    I rather like the “Egypt” approach to our own dictator problem here in Ontario!

    Too bad most of TO has their heads firmly shoved up their asses!

    Hard to rally those that chose to be deaf, blind and dumb!


  6. Barbara Ashbee

    Another excellent article.

    Educating the uninformed electorate about the extremely unacceptable conditions that Rural Ontarians are forced to accept by a Provinicial Government that refuses to acknowledge exist.

  7. The Hydro bills urban folks are getting already has awakend many of them too!

    Ontario Hydro system does NOT exist to make eco-nuts happy and wind developers rich. It is there to produce electricity at cost.

  8. Money talks. When city folk start getting hit in the wallet with HUGE electricity bills, they WILL respond. So will the manufacturing industries — they’ll pull up stakes and move somewhere cheaper or fold. Yup, great job creation there!

  9. From a focus on property values, what proponents call “anecdotal” evidence, the appraisal literature correctly identifies as “case studies”. And when appraising property value diminution or environmental damage claims, “case studies” rank higher in reliability than regression analysis, as it is understood that regression models can be used to “cook the books”. A “paired sales” analysis (near & far comps) is also deemed superior to regression, even if there are not thousands of such examples of paired sales.

    Billions in home loans are made on the basis of 3 or 4 “anecdotal” comparable sales. No loans have been made, to my knowledge, on the basis of unlicensed non-professional, non-appraisers using any type of regression model.

    Also, I am unaware of ANYONE ever buying a residential property with consideration of regression analysis. But every homeowner who educates themselves before buying or selling uses a few relevant “comps”.

    Of course, when a lengthy document (LBNL) uses a lot of 2-dollar words, it tends to cause the reader to think it must have merit. Unfortunately, the typical reader is not all that interested in actually diving into the details…they just (mis)read the carefully crafted and cross-contingent conclusions and ignore the irrelevance of the greatest majority of the data.

    Values, as I have found, track the anecdotal experience of people who have had their lives negatively affected, as they either sell (under a gag-order), abandon or sell at a big discount.

    It takes only one match to burn down a forest. How many examples would wind industry think it takes to rise above the description of “anecdotal” evidence that this is indeed a fact?

  10. “the typical reader is not all that interested in actually diving into the details…they just (mis)read the carefully crafted and cross-contingent conclusions and ignore the irrelevance of the greatest majority of the data.”

    MM, this may be why the governments of the world believe the IPCC!

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