Ontario to award additional $3-billion green-energy contracts today

Download FIT Contract Awards-Final List -February_24,_2011

Communities of Pickerel, Smithville, Simcoe and Stella hit with massive new wind turbine projects

By Karen Howlett, Globe and Mail

The Ontario government will announce on Thursday that it is awarding roughly $3-billion in renewable-energy projects to dozens of companies, ranking it one of the province’s biggest investments of its kind.   Read the article here

37 thoughts on “Ontario to award additional $3-billion green-energy contracts today

  1. This mad man actually thinks he is playing ‘chicken’ with the people of Ontario.

    I really believe this “cocky’ bully response to his critics of late, will prove to be his downfall. And a very loud crash it will be.

    If not… I will leave Ontario! Who’s with me?

  2. Must be the industrial projects I heard on the news; the “7000” jobs he wants to introduce subsidized by our hydro bills.
    Any B.S I hear about from this Premier I pick up on right away. I’m sure I’m not the only person edgy from this “Green” assault. Is he still going to give the massive $10000 handouts to the rich who can afford a new electric car?

  3. Well Melodie…

    I suggested to my wife we move to Manitoba…

    Suffice it to say the response was NOT encouraging! 🙁


  4. Still fighting on all fronts until after the election… at which point if the Liberals get back in or there is no appropriate action on IWT there will be helltopay!

  5. We are in a WAR folks…….make no doubt about it!……….this man has set his cross hairs right on Rural Ontario and will not back down one little bit until we are all removed for our homes and lands!

    This guy knows no bounds for his hate for us lowly citizens who dare challenge his authority!

    Hmmmm………….another guy over in Northern Africa is doing the same thing?Whacky Gadaffi!

  6. I need to double-check my math but some quick number-crunching reveals the following:

    872 MW ~ 10% of FIT projects planned through 2018

    increase to total Ontario energy bills = $ 278 million (excluding HST)

    residential impact @ 800 kWh/month = $ 23/year (including HST)

    residential impact @ 1,000 kWh/month = $ 29/year

  7. Sorry, I should point out that the increases don’t reflect the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit but that’s probably a reasonable, inadvertent assumption, given that the OCEB costs add to the provincial debt and we will need to pay the bill at some point.

  8. …and there are lots of positive comments — mostly quoting bad information.

    The world is full of dreamers — the type of dreamers who dream and fantasize living free and living the life of Riley.

    Are people ready for a protest at Queens Park yet?

  9. I assume the contracted project still have to meet REA approval?

  10. All these promised jobs…..
    I remember listening to the press conference on the chatham/kent wind project.
    After the 300 construction jobs…there will be 15 (one-five) new full time jobs.

  11. Neal,

    I’m trying to come up with my own estimate of man-years for these projects. I’m not familiar with the Chatham wind project. Is it the one by Kruger Energy ?


  12. I’m ready for queens park T3, Melodie, David…

    Smithville was awarded 230,000 Kw for onshore wind.

    Mr Hudak, that’s us, what are we doing about it?

  13. T3, Melodie, David, Robin—-put me on the outraged protest list. Any other places that need to be stormed? MPP offices, OPA…gotta be others.

  14. Does this decision by the Government mean that the court cases have been decided?

    If the court has not yet ruled, are decisions contingent?

    If these are firm decisions is the government sidestepping or ignoring the courts?

    A few thoughts that came to mind.

  15. Did anyone notice “Ontario has stepped up to Obama’s challenge and together we’ve become a global-energy powerhouse”

    Did the U.S. put pressue on to award these contracts? Did big U.S. wind turbine interests put pressure in Obama? These wind turbine interests know that if wind turbines are rejected in Ontario they can be rejected in the States as well.

    This should serve as big wakeup call for all Ontarians who don’t want to be dictated to by outside interests.

  16. It is just unconscionable that McGuinty would plough ahead with more wind contracts for rural Ont. after abandoning the marine wind projects. This demonstrates he has given up on his rural members and hopes somehow to hang on to a minority with the Toronto and other urban seats. This government is impervious to court challenges, public opinon, newspaper editorials, everything except naked force when designated groups occupying highways and private property.

  17. I was at the final information session for some solar projects in my area last night.

    Total anticipated visits to a site annually was 15. 12 drive-through visits just to visually check it out, and 3 for hosing off the panels (although they really weren’t certain they’d require that much cleaning).

    Run by a company out of San Francisco recently purchased by a panel manufacturer from Japan.

    Project sizes were 5 and 8MW.

    Now can you get to 7000 jobs from the announcement Bruce?

  18. We need to give official notice to Mr. McGuinty. Get out NOW or SECEDE from Ontario!

    Rabble Rouser, Ask Mrs. Rabble Rouser if Costa Rica is more her style or the Caymans..no tax! Bet she will be more agreeable. HOWEVER, I am not leaving until the fat lady sings! It ain’t over til it’s over. This is just the fight part… then we win!
    Ya gotta love that post card to Queens park. Let’s carry that person on our shoulders at the new and improved sit in at Queens Park!

  19. To Bruce:

    I believe that’s the one. I was listening to a weekly review of the news last year one sunday morning on a Windsor radio station.

    It’s just that the number of 15 new jobs after construction damn near made me drive off the road.

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  21. What’s needed now is to make a list of the contracts awarded today and try to determine the source of the financing for these companies.

    Is there is foreign financing? And if so which countries are involved in the financing of Ontario “green” energy projects announced today.

    This may provide information as to whether or not any foreign pressure was in play in these decisions.

  22. The wildcard in the jobs discussion is that they will need to hire lots of people to count the money. 😉

  23. Has any politician lied as much as McGuinty ? Sadly, probably, but no one comes to mind.
    Between every city and town, we own nearly all of the land, or at least we are paying the mortgage. 2 to 3 % of the population owns all this land and I may be wrong but I think agricuture is the second largest part of our Canadian economy.
    Any other industry in the world would drool to own this many assets with so few owners and would exercise their power accordingly. But trying to organize rural land owners ( and I am one of them ) is like trying to herd cats.

    If people would realize that these companies could have millions and millions of dollars of turbine equipment warehoused around the world, but it is worthless unless they have land to put it on. Our land !!!

    We cannot always blame the government for ignoring us, we make it far to easy.
    An easy way to get the government’s attention would be to do nothing. By that I mean for 3 weeks, ship no hogs, no cattle, no milk, no grain etc. Give no interviews, just stay home and remain silent. That silence would roar, but not everyone can afford to do this, or maybe we can’t afford not to.
    We are being ignored at almost every level of government and this continues to escalate ever quicker.
    If we leave are heads in the sand like an ostrich, it leaves are asses wide open to abuse.

  24. Cathy Zoi, who just recently resigned from the US Department of Energy, where she was a strong proponent of green energy, is now employed here:

    “New Soros investment fund, profiting off Obama’s ‘green energy’ push, hires top Obama energy aide”

    “George Soros … is launching a new investment fund that plans to profit off of the “green energy” boom, which is entirely dependent on government subsidies supported by the groups Soros funds.”

    Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/2011/02/new-soros-hedge-fun-profiting-obamas-green-energy-push-hires-top-#ixzz1EvUTaqnS

    Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/2011/02/new-soros-hedge-fun-profiting-obamas-green-energy-push-hires-top-#ixzz1EvSxGJb9

  25. Wind turbines in the States are being installed on a state by state basis. But the federal government is providing the subsidies for the wind developers.

    So there is plenty of support for wind turbines in Washington and big money talks in Washington.

  26. With each expansion comes the required hook up and transmission capacity, which is wasted on solar and wind. The costs for under utilized transmission adds to the bills. The FIT is only part of the costs. All governments will be cutting back. Companies have to be cautious . What will a FIT contract mean in a year when a new government says “We are not going to rob consumers anymore’?

  27. Security?!

    Give the security portfolio to Quixote.

    I wanna be “industry minister”

    Can I? Please, please, please, pretty please? 🙂


  28. RR:

    I have not seen Scott chime in — this is a tough one. That could work, but where do we put Scott — that guy has got some real talent. Where do you think he would do best?

    And here’s the question. What can you do to inspire the captains of industry to export more and sell our goods to the world at the best price? What is your plan to expand our markets within NAFTA and outside the borders of North America?

    …and here’s the $64 question. Can you resist their demands for subsidies?

  29. OK then! First off as the new Deputy Minister I fire all cops who were heavy handed in a criminal manner that beat up detained and beat up some more, innocent handcuffed bystanders as they watched the goings on of the G20. This was gross misconduct and we can not allow or tolerate that kind of behavior from our police force. We must ensure that this never happens again.
    I would ask that Maureen when not too busy in communications be my adviser on the new special investigations bureau. Oh btw, when a cop beats up a citizen then he/she is subject to automatic dismissal and stripped of all pensions as well.

  30. David…

    I’m not sure I would be telling the “captains” of industry to export more but rather make what we need here so we import LESS. A lot less!

    And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg!

    My intentions on what to have industry and agriculture do (yes I would be telling, not asking) are a radical departure from the status quo… People would be afraid and your new found government would likely fail. Not because of anything bad or dishonest but because of the ignorance of the masses.

    You know; the same ignorance that got us to where we are now.

    Maybe its best if Scott gets the industry portfolio… maybe I could help out as a deputy of everything?

    Somewhere that could not get me or your government into too much trouble…

    Definitely NOT security!


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