Payback – 6th October 2011

Courtesy of the Belwood Group
Postcards and buttons delivered to all MPPs and Queen’s Park media today.
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14 thoughts on “Payback – 6th October 2011

  1. Great! Where do we get the road signs, or do we have permission to print them ourselves?

  2. Please feel free to use these images as you like. post cards, road signs, protest signs.

  3. David SHHHH! Let’s have fun in the moment. Pour yourself a glass of fine wine and bask in the ingenuity of the people of Ontario. Today is a proud day. As for me and my house …we will serve democracy. … and Democracy will serve us.

  4. John:

    I agree with all of that… and I will still be poorer thanks to this very poor Premier.

    His name shall live in infamy!

  5. Payback can be accomplished only if we never give up and let our guard down…………until there are safeguards in place that ensure politicians have to do what they say, WE have to be the “Political Police!”

    Maybe we can get a grant!

  6. Thank you Bellwood Group!

    Are buttons on sale anywhere?

    Could make a great fund raiser…

  7. This poster would make a great pre-election statement in local newspapers by concerned citizens.

  8. The postcards were highly effective and a brilliant idea!

    Liberal MPP and Chief Government Whip Dave Levac was not amused.

    Here is an excerpt from the Feb. 24/11 Hansard:

    “Mr. Dave Levac: On a point of order, Speaker: I believe we may have had a breach of the standing orders, and if not, at least the tradition of this place, inside of the chamber. Earlier this morning, envelopes were delivered to each of our desks, including mine, and that’s why I’m standing on this point: The pages may have been used for the envelopes to be delivered, which was inappropriate. I understand that it was stopped and that the continuation of the letter was presented. However, what I’m talking about, in terms of the tradition of the place, is that the contents of the envelope contain partisan information and partisan attack that I believe is not the tradition of this place. I would like to see if there could be a ruling as to whether or not it was an appropriate thing to do in this place.

    The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): The member from Wellington–Halton Hills on the same point of order.

    Mr. Ted Arnott: I’m pleased to address this point of order. It was my constituents who asked me to distribute the postcards. I’m sorry it’s upset the member for Brant.

    I would now seek unanimous consent to allow members to wear this pin on their lapels.”

    I guess appropriate arrangements should have been made so that MPP Levac could have some cheese to go with his whine!

  9. Thank you Mr. Ted Arnott.

    You made a stand, you dared to take action on our behalf.

    You have restored the faith of the people.

    Wear the pin with pride as it speaks the truth.

  10. I love these images!! Well done Belwood!
    Ted Arnott has been very vocal about the tactics the Liberals used from day one about their need for lightning speed and secrecy surrounding the Green Energy Act.
    He is a stand up guy and what Ontario needs. I’d like to see him as leader of the Opposition, but maybe he can actually get more done behind scenes.
    Maybe Hudak will appoint him Minister of the Environment!

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