Eco-groups take shots at all parties. Does anyone care?

Wind welfare

Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star

A coalition of environmental groups is launching a website Monday urging the Ontario government and opposition parties to “come clean” on their environmental intentions.

The effort at debuts as groups including Environmental Defence and the Sierra Club grow frustrated with mixed or conflicting messages, such as Premier Dalton McGuinty’s recent decision to flip-flop on a plan to create electricity from wind turbines in the Great Lakes.

“At one point they were gung-ho about offshore wind,” said campaign director Matt Price, quoting McGuinty from 2008 saying wind turbines can be installed “in a way that does not compromise ecosystems.”

When the projects were cancelled, the government said more scientific study is needed to be sure wind turbines are safe.

Critics said the offshore turbine plan was scrapped to protect Liberal-held ridings with the Oct. 6 election approaching and neighbourhood activists fighting the turbines.

“Our elected officials keep saying different things, creating confusion for citizens,” said Rick Smith of Environmental Defence.

It’s not just the Liberals in the crosshairs of the campaign, which includes radio ads in Hamilton and Kitchener.

Without naming names, one advertisement takes aim at the Progressive Conservatives over their opposition to the McGuinty government’s “Greenbelt” initiative that protected agricultural land from development around Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe.

“Would it be scrapped?” Price asked. “You can find a bunch of quotes (in old news stories) that they don’t like the Greenbelt, but what would they do?”

New Democrats also come under fire for different positions taken by MPPs on wind turbines, raising questions about whether they and other parties are trying to be “deliberately vague,” Price said.

“We want to be fair and point out inconsistencies for all the parties. We’re spreading the love.”

Election platforms from the parties are expected to start coming out this spring.

24 thoughts on “Eco-groups take shots at all parties. Does anyone care?

  1. Opponents of IWTs just got another slap in the face with today’s announcemnet from the Federal government that $ 9.2 million is going to ecoEnergy of Digby Neck,N.S. to help install up to 20 IWTs.

    Leaves no doubt about who the Feds favour and for that matter no doubt about who the Provincial government favours with last week’s Ontario announcements.

    Don’t see anything confusing about these actions.

  2. Rick Smith only cares about himself and Matt Price should go love himself.

    They are some of the the one’s who screwed around with this Province with an idea that was crap to start with.

    Come and spend a month in Shelbourn or Ripley,then after taking the tab’s for months after, give us your view!

    This will haunt you forever

  3. Money for radio ads and who knows just how much money will be spent by eco-groups from now on. And who knows where the money comes from but there likely will be plenty of it available to convince the public just how good IWTs will be for Ontarians.

  4. Don’t buy Ontario Lottery tickets – (except those like the Princess Margaret Hospital or The Heart and Lung Association) – as the proceeds from OLG are distributed by the Trillium Foundation to the likes of Sierra and Environmental Defense or C.A.P.E.

  5. Confused citizens? Was not that the goal of the Sussex Group?

    Sorry Mr. Smith, methinks I see a touch of projection in your rant. There is no confusion on the part of citizens. Opening your latest hydro bill clears that up real fast. This government has to go, and the next one will be dumping your green subsidies faster than you can say Al Gore.

  6. “We want to be fair and point out inconsistencies for all the parties. We’re spreading the love.”………………… there’s a statement loaded with BS!

    “Fair”………since when were these groups “fair”……….biased and full of misguided, misdirected propaganda is the culture of these ENGO’S……………paid for by US through our misdirected hopes for a Lottery win just so we can afford to get out of this Province and away from the destructive actions of McGuinty and his “foot soldiers”, these very ENGO’s!!!!!

    “Love”?…………..when did love come into the picture..hateful comments towards anyone who opposed being driven from their homes or forced to take medication just to be able to sleep or eat, not to mention to try and mask the nightmare called “reality” that their homes are no longer “saleable” let alone “livable”.

    These idiots have no idea how much harm and damage they have done to the people of Ontario with their foolish and uninformed “lovingly” embrace for Green Energy”!

    If they wonder what we have against them and why this Website has grown over the years then they haven’t been looking at the results of their massive distortion of the reality of IWT’s and should not even be recognized as “relevant” organizations!

  7. Without naming names, one advertisement takes aim at the Progressive Conservatives over their opposition to the McGuinty government’s “Greenbelt” initiative that protected agricultural land from development around Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe.

    Well Matt Price, let me name one. Dalton McGuinty. I have nice little roadsigns on the highway leading to my house telling me I have entered the Greenbelt. So explain to me why there are at least 5 FIT approved Industrial Wind Turbine developments planned along that same highway.

    Greenbelt for thee but not for me?

    Hypocritical little twerp!

  8. It’s a good bet that most if not all the advertising money will be spent in urban areas.

    Then just wait til the campaigns begin and the big money starts to flow into Ontario to keep the IWT developments going.

  9. Greenbelt was just a way of limiting the number of NOISE RECEPTORS!!! That’s a long term energy plan….

  10. “Come Clean” is such a huge Oxymoron I can’t believe they would even have the nerve to use it!

    IF these groups would even attempt to “come clean” on their own insidious lobbying on behalf of Industrialists who want to POLLUTE Rural Ontario with their destructive Green Agenda then we may “put up” with their “ramblings, but we KNOW what their “end game” really is and they have not one “iota” of legitimacy in requesting “outrage” on what they call “mixed messages” from the Politicians.

    We also KNOW that McGuinty has made the worst mistake of his political career and is too obstinate and hard headed to admit it, thus he continues to take Ontario and it’s citizens down a very dark path that will re-write the future of Ontario for decades!……and not in a good way!

    These “organizations” actually have worked tirelessly to further this Green Agenda and must be held as responsible as the Premier and his Gang Green for Ontario’s demise.

    To disguise their involvement now in a “trumped up website” attempting to distance themselves from this Industrial Development that KILLS animals, communities, lands and people’s lives is nothing short of “gutless and condescending!”…….SHAME ON YOU!

  11. This province needs an industrial size dose of Ivermectin.

  12. Wonder if the Neanderthals in the States will continue buying Heinz food products?

    Or will they just leave it to the eco-nuts to continue to support Heinz in the States?

  13. Washington is a “hotbed” for eco-nut activity anyway. Close to the U.S. power base with handy access to the political class that inhabits Washington. So am not surprised at this development.

  14. They love me so much they even tell me what to say!…so I did a little editing and typed what I wanted say. They might not love me anymore. 🙂

  15. Both CAPE and Otario Clean Air Alliance have dropped their Climate Change campaigns from the front pages of their websites. I guess it’s hard to battle climate change while you’re promoting natural gas at the same time:

  16. I posted too! My closing line was:

    “Dalton I hope you end up working as a greeter at Home Depot so I can ram my cart over you!”

  17. Sure did love putting my 2 cents worth in on their site. It was fun to edit their message and make it say what I wanted to say and not their version of the truth. I wonder how long it is going to stay up.

  18. If Theses Green Idiots want to enter into the “public arena” like they just have then they had better be prepared to start putting up with some real truths and realities about what they have been involved in “under the table” so to speak!

    Desperate moves by a “desperate bunch of losers”

  19. And here is another eco-nut deal…–new-mercury-rules-would-ban-thermometers-batteries?bn=1

    OTTAWA — The public has until May 12 to comment on proposed federal regulations that would ban most mercury-containing products in Canada.

    Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq and Environment Minister Peter Kent said the move would eliminate 4.5 tonnes of mercury in products entering the marketplace each year.

    “Mercury is a neurotoxin. Ingesting methylmercury can affect the neurodevelopment and learning ability of small children. Keeping products that contain mercury out of the marketplace helps to protect the health of Canadians,” said Aglukkaq.

    The products include thermometers, button batteries and measuring instruments such as barometers.

    From all the same nuts, clowns, ne’er-do-wells and uneducated rabble that brought you the CFL full of mercury. Sheesh.

    Why do they bother? They are wasting time on inconsequential madness while the legislate the equivalent of lighting off nuclear bombs in our midst.

    Visit the Land of “Peter Kent” — the land of fluffy news and “science free” policy.

    Give me a break.

    Just curious — how many people here have a barometer that contains mercury? Fess up. Look at yours. Post it here if you have one…

  20. It doesnt matter which party has comments to make about wind energy, they will all hedge their bets, trying to please all residents of Ontario, while retaining their voters, at least thats what they are (all) trying to do.
    Sefishly, they hope to get in power, based on their press releases and vague answers, when in reality they will end up splitting the vote, with the distinct possibility of allowing the much hated liberal party of getting back in power, which would be a disaster. True too, is the fact they are not calling for a halt on present deployment, allowing hundreds more to be installed over the next 6 months, while giving the distinct impression they want them all stopped, as if by osmosis.
    Very clever handling, but politicians are the best at this sort of thing as we all know by now.

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