Dalton McGuinty Isn’t Happy Till No One’s Happy

by Tim Hudak

QUEEN’S PARK – While rural and small communities gather in Toronto at the ROMA/OGRA conference, Dalton McGuinty should take the opportunity to call a moratorium on his industrial wind farms and return the local decision making powers to these communities. Seventy-five communities across Ontario have passed resolutions objecting to his industrial wind farms.

In communities that welcome a wind project like Kingston, Dalton McGuinty told them no. But in communities like West Lincoln that don’t want one, he has ploughed ahead with his energy experiments because he has to save seats in the legislature, including that of his own Energy Minister.

While at ROMA OGRA this morning, Dalton McGuinty should apologize to communities for using the electoral map to figure out where he will put his industrial wind farms and restore municipalities’’ ability to decide whether these projects are welcome and wanted.


“Seventy-five municipalities have passed resolutions objecting to Dalton McGuinty’s Green Energy Act and his industrial wind turbines that are being forced on them. Despite their objections, last week Premier McGuinty ploughed ahead with his industrial wind experiment in four ridings—none of which are Liberal-held.” – Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader
“Dalton McGuinty doesn’t want municipalities to have a say because he wants to dump his energy experiments in ridings he won’t win and keep them out of ones he’s desperately clinging to.”  – Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader


  • On October 4, 2010 West Lincoln Council passed a resolution stating that “the Premier of Ontario be requested to restore local planning approval authority, immediately, to local governments regarding decisions on Industrial Wind Turbines.”
  • On Friday, February 11, 2011, Dalton McGuinty cancelled all off-shore wind turbine projects, including a proposed industrial wind farm of up to 150 turbines off the shores of Kingston.
  • Municipalities and local families are allowed their say on where a new Tim Horton’s or Walmart is located but Dalton McGuinty has let Toronto bureaucrats decide where his industrial wind farms will be located.
  • As Premier, Tim Hudak will restore the local decision making powers on industrial farms that Dalton McGuinty stripped away in his so-called Green Energy Act.

Hansard Transcript (Preliminary) – Febraury 24, 2011

Mr. Tim Hudak: Well, Minister this is what I say to the people of Ontario: The McGuinty government has made an expensive mess out of our hydro system, rates are going through the roof and it’s time for change in the province of Ontario.  You know what, Minister? Your Premier and you had the gall to say to the people in Smithville, to say to the people in Elgin to say to the people in Middlesex, to say to the people in eastern Ontario that if they opposed the projects they were NIMBYs.  You had the gall to say they couldn’t stand up for what they beleived in and that the Premier knew best.  Well there’s a new phrase for you Minister, it’s called NIMSAR, not if my seat is at risk.  That’s why you made your decision on offshore energy plans.  Why don’t you have it the same throughout the province, get this program right, make sure rates are affordable and they’re in communities where they’re welcomed and wanted.  Won’t you do the right thing?

Mr. Tim Hudak:  Minister, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100,000 times, this  is how you should proceed: Make sure projects that you sign are affordable to the seniors, to the families, to the small businesses who have to pay the bills.  And make sure they’re welcome, because your industrial wind farms you’re forcing on communities across the province are driving up rates and have overridden local municipal decision-making.  We could restore the rights of local municipalities to have their say on these projects and we would make sure that projects signed are affordable to families; a competitive, transparent processso they get the best technology possible at the best price for the ratepayer.  Minister instead of being an NIMSAR, instead of trying to save your own behind, will you do the right thing and put your moratorium province-wide for all citizens for the province of Ontario?

50 thoughts on “Dalton McGuinty Isn’t Happy Till No One’s Happy

  1. This ROMA Conference is the chance for Dalton and his Gang to be “Cheer Leaders” for all the new Mayors and some old “dyed in the wool” Mayors across Ontario and start the “brain washing” so that Municipalities across Ontario are all “on side” with his foul and dictatorial policies!

    If anyone “thinks” this is a chance for rural Politicians to voice their disagreements and demand some type of control over their Municipality is “dreaming”!

    Just look at the roster for Dalton’s speeches in the next few days………….our favourite, Carol Mitchell is planning to speak on Tuesday………….now that should be a “must see” performance!

    Of course Hudak will speak and Horwath will speak but all in all, the “hick Mayors” as Dalton would probably look down on them from his podium and think that’s exactly what they are, will be TOLD what they will GET, how they have to act in order the GET, and how high they should jump when Dalton tells them “Jump Now!”

    Of course there could be a few folks there that will have the guts to speak up, but watch those townships get a “failing mark” on their “Dalton approved” Funding Lists!

    Until all Municipalities dissolve these organizations and take control over their own affairs, we are all being “beaten like rented mules”!

  2. Quixote;

    I am writing to you from the Sheridan in Toronto. My husband is the newly elected Mayor of Severn Township. I assure you he is not a hick, he speaks 4 languages and has run a successful business for 25 years and yes he is one of the good guys that has attended meetings every Sun to research and educate people about IWT’s.
    He set out copies of the “Postcard” on the handout table at the conference. I could not go with him to the Royal York this morning…I am just ‘the wife” but I sit here anxious to hear what McGuinty had to say to them this morning. I know that Mike would have had the guts to stand up and throw it back at him. I encourage you to keep posting to Tim Hudaks site. He needs to know we back him.
    til then…rubberside down…shiny side up Quixote.

    Teamster Mel

    I have written to the Trucking Association to appeal to them to get on board with us but have not heard back yet..

  3. Melodie,

    Is it possible to hand out Christopher Booker’s article on IWTs to all the mayors?

    Let them know that Ontarians know what a scam this is.

  4. Also, last week Goldhawk, on AM740, said that Doogood (or Smitherman – sorry I’ve forgotten which guest) who was on Goldhawk Fights Back recently re IWTs, stated that he’s not getting any complaints about health effects from IWTs! How strange . . .

    Goldhawk suggested therefore that any listeners send their wind turbine-related complaints to Goldhawk Fights Back, & he’ll save them all & present them in person next time that guest speaker is on the show.

  5. The change will come, once he drives rural ontario into his Liberal ridings,and those people wont forget being driven from their homes,change is coming

  6. Good for you Mel…………I know he isn’t a “hick”…I said that’s what McGuinty “thinks” Rural Mayors are!………hopefully your hubby can get together with the other Mayors who are swept up in this Provincial Cheer Leading attempt and tell them the way it really is!

    Easier to change from “within” than outside eh?

  7. Roy, if you have time and a strong stomach…

    In other words, people should be placed in parks within ecosystems instead of parks placed in human communities. We need vast areas of the planet where humans do not live at all and where other species are free to evolve without human interference.We need to radically and intelligently reduce human populations to fewer than one billion. We need to eliminate nationalism and tribalism and become Earthlings. And as Earthlings, we need to recognize that all the other species that live on this planet are also fellow citizens and also Earthlings. This is a planet of incredible diversity of life-forms; it is not a planet of one species as many of us believe.




  8. Mr.Hudak does not understand that even if some communities want IWTs the costs of these IWTs will be borne by all Ontarians through their Hydro bills.

    He still does not understand that the Ontario Hydro system was begun to supply the lowest cost electricity for Ontarians and not to make wind developers and a select few land owners rich.

    He is trying to have it both ways and not to run counter to Federal policy which also funds wind turbine developers at taxpayer expense.

    Mr.Hudak needs to read the Booker article on the three wind turbine lies and make up his mind where he stands on the IWT issue.

  9. I am meeting Mr. Hudak tonight I will give it my best shot. (from the inside eh)

    PS.. Apparently Mr. McGuinty did not get a big applause! Usually Premiers get standing ovation. Guess the Mayors are wise to his shinanegins. !!!

  10. Thank you Melodie!!! Be sure he knows we need a province wide moratorium not just municipal control as that will only result in OMB appeals by the developers. – Get rid of those subsidized rates.

  11. I agree with you wegrait, we MUST put an end to this before we are driven from our homes. My wife and I spent a good part of of the weekend delivering pamphlets about the community information meeting on Thursday evening at Clarke High School here in Clarington. I was amazed that some people still didn’t know the ITW’s were given a FIT contract for this area (to be placed on the Oak Ridges Moraine, in the Green Belt and at the headwaters of the Wilmot Creek and the Ganaraska River). Every day spent, brings us one day closer to stopping this nonsense. We will win this fight!!!

  12. This article is an interesting examination of renewable energy in different countries around the world.

    “Ontario threatens to take the Spanish route by instituting retroactive measures after the next election. For a province with a long history of political interference in energy markets, further regulatory uncertainty constitutes a major risk of frightening off any kind of investment in the energy sector. Considering that 85% of Ontario’s generation capacity reaches the end of its design life within 15 years, and that Ontario has a huge public debt problem, alienating investment is arguably a risky decision. FIT programmes clearly sow the seeds of their own destruction. They are an artifact of good economic times that do not transition to hard times when promises are broken.”

    “The Conservatives, who are leading in the polls, have yet to release an official energy manifesto. Even so, the industry is privately voicing concern, especially after the party said it would scrutinize contracts already awarded under Ontario’s feed-in tariff (FIT) program. “They are going to go through the economic viability of the energies and review all of the past contracts … I think that is going to cause a lot of delays, a lot of problems and a lot of risk to Ontario,” said Marin Katusa, chief energy analyst at Casey Research, an investor research service.”


  13. Just wondering if anyone from various turbine sights would be willing to start collecting the dead birds from various sights. Freez them until there is a good volume.
    Take a pickup truckload or two to Queens park. Do not be disrespectful and dump them. That would not help our cause. Make the media aware of what you are doing and show them hard evidence.
    This would stir more ” green people ” then human bodies, unfortunately.
    We could point out that the government is lieing about the number of bird kills the same as many of the other issues about turbines.

  14. Mr.Hudak said:

    “make sure rates are affordable and they are in communities where they’re welcome and wanted”

    This is a political compromise position on IWTs. From the above statement it can be assumed that Mr.Hudak sees no problems associated with installing IWTs in Ontario. They just have to be in the “right” location.

    This is politics and not science and economics.

  15. Positions of the parties on IWTs:

    Liberal, full speed ahead with IWT installation.
    Conservative, political compromise in IWT installation
    NDP, remove HST from Hydro bills and anything else uncertain?
    Green, position on IWTs unknown?

  16. Craig Dill, good idea however it is against the law for you or I to carry out, as you suggest, but its okay for proponents/developers to kill flying wildlife on their wind farms.

    More wind farms more dead birds and bats, the sign of “GOOD GOVERNMENT”.

  17. According to Mr.Hudak,it’s ok for IWTs to kill birds and bats as long as the community agrees to host turbines. Or for that matter to pass along the costs of IWTs to Ontario Hydro customers. Oh, and must not forget the costs of the transmission lines added onto Hydro bills.

  18. “This is a political compromise position on IWTs.”

    “Mr.Hudak needs to read the Booker article on the three wind turbine lies and make up his mind where he stands on the IWT issue.”

    “This is politics and not science and economics.”

    Good for you Barbara!
    Calling a “spade a spade”.
    Keep at it “puddy cat”…or should I say “Tiger”?

  19. “Certainly disappointing to see that although they endorse health studies before Turbines – in the end they see that “large scale Turbines will have a vital place in Ontario’s energy future”

    No sh_t 😉

  20. If the courts do not do nothing for us living next to these dam turbines it is best just to sell for what you can get and move elsewhere were they have enough natural hydro or a country or province that does not play to the evil misguided greenies. That may be tough to find, but it may be a lot better than Ontario. Ontario may just be bankrupt any-ways by the way things are going in the near future. How can we survive with their misguided plans and their cost’s overrun and no true effective leadership with dumb power hungry,fascists, energy addicts in power.

  21. Q said…
    “Of course there could be a few folks there that will have the guts to speak up…”

    Mel said:
    “I know that Mike would have had the guts to stand up and throw it back at him…”

    Looks like we got a couple of Tigers by the tail 😉
    Good stuff Melodie. But I don’t think there was anything wrong with what Quixote had said.

  22. Amazing Melodie! I hope his feet we’re touching the coals.
    Let’s hope his heart is where it belongs.

  23. PECV,

    Now the Green Party has announced its position. They are still clinging to IWTs and conservation.

    IWTs are are out because of the 3 IWT lies and conservation will not solve Ontario’s future needs for a number of reasons. Rationing of electricity won’t work whether voluntary or forced.

    Greens don’t care about bird and bat kill from turbines as these creatures must be sacrificed to save planet earth.

    Greens also don’t care about energy poverty and pay no heed to the energy poverty now being experienced by low & middle income people in the U.K.

    Maybe the NDPs will come out with their energy policies?

  24. Melodie,

    What Mr.Hudak has proposed is a political compromise on IWTs which is similar to that proposed in the U.K. where communities are being asked to agree to host wind turbines in exchange for financial rewards.

    Here the financial rewards are supposed to come from the wind developers to the communities.

    Result is that Ontarians are still stuck with the costs on their Hydro bills.

  25. The NDP energy policy?

    Last I heard, Peter Tabuns was full speed ahead on IWTs (on and off shore) … but Peter Kormos was indicating that IWTs may not be such a good idea after all.
    Peter this and Peter that. I guess it all depends on which part of Ontario they represent, or not.

    Mel, thanks, and good night.

  26. From the Hansard for yesterday:

    Mr. Toby Barrett: Minister, it’s been five years. The Niagara reinforcement project runs the length of the Niagara Peninsula to the Caledonia transfer station and beyond to Middleport—800 megawatts meant to serve 300,000 people. I can tell you this project won’t deliver one megawatt until you and your Premier can figure out how to get those wires up.

    All the while, Big Becky forges on in Niagara, some $600 million over budget to supply the increased power—green power, clean power—to the same upgrades that they’re meant to deliver.

    Minister, hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars are being spent to send clean hydroelectricity to those towers, but there are no wires. How much longer will you and your government permit this construction to be blockaded?

  27. A new report from the UK confirms that renewable energy costs more jobs than it creates:

    “Government support for the renewable sector in Scotland is costing more jobs than it creates, a report has claimed. A study by consultants Verso Economics found there was a negative impact from the policy to promote the industry. It said 3.7 jobs were lost for every one created in the UK as a whole and that political leaders needed to engage in “honest debate” about the issue.”


    So much for Brad’s ‘magical thinking’.

  28. Maybe Hudak will implement a price freeze a la Ernie Eaves!! Or maybe he’ll further privatize the electrical utilities like Mike Harris.
    Do you really have much faith in the PC’s? There is too much big business invested in our energy system for the PC’s to do anything radical.

  29. What Mr.Hudak has proposed is a political compromise on IWTs which is similar to that proposed in the U.K. where communities are being asked to agree to host wind turbines in exchange for financial rewards.

    Mr. Hudak can shove that in his ear. That offer is not what this is about — or is it?

    Stop the Industrial Wind Turbines, stop the waste, stop the stupidity and start remedial science education for policy makers.

    If this is the best offer I am checking the “None of the Above” box this fall or writing in a candidate.

    It’s time to send some Letters to Hudak before we start calling him “He-done-it Too”.

    We have an alternative. We can field candidates who do math! Think about it. It’s your best option now.

    That compromise is a bad compromise! Stand up and be counted!

  30. So Mr. Martins, do you suggest we let the McGuinty government carry on?

  31. C&GT:

    There are no good alternatives. Joseph is worried about big business. Most of us are worried about “big stupidity”.

    I hope people saw the link I posted the other day. The Liberal Government has designed a program to teach our children Fiscal Responsibility. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


    Pardon me while I die Laughing!

    The time for writing polite letters is over…

  32. Lynne Said…

    “Hydro One has been powerless to complete a $116-million transmission line upgrade for five years because Caledonia “warriors” won’t allow workers to wire the last towers.”

    Maybe they are seeking “regime change”. Maybe we should join them on the Picket Line.

    Maybe we should picket the Liberals favorite diner in Toronto. Maybe we should picket every place they frequent. Maybe we should picket their children and their brothers and sisters… Maybe we should picket every business owned by a prominent Liberal.

    Haven’t you had enough today? (Our new slogan.)

    I have that offer to send McGuinty to Sharm al Sheik in hand… Collect some air fare…

  33. Craig Dill,

    It may be illegal to transport the birds to Queens Park. There are other ways although Mr. Alias can probably show us what is wrong.

    Entering the property of an ITW lease and a property owner obviously constitutes trespassing. Possession of dead wildlife is illegal.

    But I would suggest we could just wander up as ‘tourists’ (CanWEA likes to promote tourism) and video ourselves for posterity. And take video of the surrounding area.

    Select video could be posted to an ‘Ontario Bird and Bat Memorial Site’ on YouTube which would drive the industry crazy.

    They would catch on to our shenanigans but due to the rural nature of their investments, providing security from video attack would prove expensive. And we videotape their security efforts, just for more fun.

    Always carry a camera. Two is even better. Three is best ( the third is there to record the other two). 😉

  34. I congratulate Melody for her effort. Thank You. Most of us envy her opportunity.

    With all due respect, Mr Hudak is the wrong target, unless you live in Streetsville or get invited to dinner. Yes, he will be the next premier, but we need to go after our local candidates. They are the ones who will carry the message.

    A suggestion that I can offer from our past municipal election. We actively promoted an anti turbine candidate for councilor. All of a sudden, mayoralty candidates, candidates from other wards started paying much closer attention to the issue, even attending public meetings, asking questions. The election was successful. Presentations to council that previously had been met with courtesy and yawns suddenly resulted in resolutions. Resolutions to become municipal bylaws.

    Each group should be focusing on their local provincial candidates, making sure they understand how important the issue is within their own riding their own career.

    We need to get to know the candidates, personally. They need to see us, personally. They are going to be holding fund-raisers, open houses. We need to be there. They need to get tired of hearing from us.

    Do not expect Hudak to carry the ball by himself. He needs to know that his rural caucus is feeling pressure, pushing hard.

    A little political secret. You do not need a majority to make your case. Aim for 20%. If you can convince 20% of your case, you will carry another 20% along. 20% (40%) wins elections.

  35. David Robinson, we awoke to that same 20 second news bite yesterday morning about the multimillion dollar program to teach children fiscal responsibility and we laughed out loud. While I agree that none of the alternatives are necessarily ideal, I still think Hudak is our best chance. I agree with John’s comments about focusing on our provincial ridings and the candidates in each one. I know I will be doing that in both my central Toronto riding as well as Grey-Bruce. I know business is important to all of them but lets try to get the focus on the more viable business which we are losing as a result of this blunder. If you go to that website to which Melodie refers you can see by the questions that Hudak is looking for a mandate on these issues.

  36. First off, thank you Melodie for being our “spokesperson” inside the “belly of the beast” or as McGuinty calls it the Good Roads Conference!

    Don’t mess with a trucker eh?……………people should realize that “truckers” don’t put up with BS that’s being floated around here.

    Here is the brutal reality of what is facing us in October!

    Hudak WILL be our new Premier! He will state publicly one day after being elected the following: “when we went over the books we didn’t realize how bare the cupboard really was!….McGuinty has literally cleaned out the Public Piggy Bank and we are going to have to “tighten our belts” and we are going to have to implement some drastic measures to pay off this huge debt McGuinty has left as his legacy to the poor working class of Ontario!””

    So there you have the future in one statement. The next step of course that Hudak will enforce is massive “cutbacks” on Health, Schools, Social Programs……….you name he will cut it……..all in the name of “good fiscal policy” and saving Ontario’s future!

    Wind Turbines will be just a distant memory for the PC’s as they will ramp of the financial terror that has been left by Mr. McSpendy!

    Oh and By the way, McGuinty used those same words after he destroyed Harris back in the day and that was his first speech after being elected………”the cupboard was bare………”

    So here is our best scenario, sad as it is…..a MINORITY GOVERNMENT!

    A MINORITY Government is the people’s way of saying as nicely as possible, because we ARE polite Canadians!………….WE DON’T TRUST YOU ANYMORE!!!!!

    Other than this scenario all other arguments about who will do what in October is moot!

  37. If you go to that website to which Melodie refers you can see by the questions that Hudak is looking for a mandate on these issues.

    OK I went to that site.

    Hudak and Co. have exactly the same problem as CANWEA. They want me to confirm their biases. I was not happy with that rather badly designed survey.

    My opinion, such as I could express it, is with them. May it rest in peace.

    My wife is one of those “much maligned public health care workers”…. next time you have a car accident in our neighborhood she may be one of the first people you meet when you arrive at the hospital… not the first — just one of the first if you are in truly dire straits. If you get the opportunity to meet her professionally, say hello to her — if you still can. 😉

    The survey tries to make it look like there are some easy answers. I truly wish that it were so…

    Same pablum, different flavor, different day…

  38. It is important to have a majority government with respect to IWTs but the right kind of majority is needed. Otherwise it will be the same old policies.

    It’s the beliefs of the individuals making up the majority that will carry the day on IWT issues so that a few members of any majority are not alowed to set the agenda on IWT issues.

  39. Yup David,

    I went to Hudak’s site quite eagerly when it was first set up and then snarled at the poll-like pablum which, as you say, wants you to confirm their biases and, I might add, conform to their program.

    Since you managed to find a way to express your own opinion I’ll take a second look at it. Any tips to offer?

  40. Stop the wiring of the Bruce X Milton line, the gateway to destruction of rural Ontario, Wellington county for sure, Picket the the last tower in Milton, hold that line up, we need a Shawn Brant in Milton,

  41. I caught Goldhawk today. Not that he is an insider, but he made it clear his opinion is that the moratorium originally requested by the Conservatives still stands and Day 1 of a Hudak government it is in effect. That point is what we need to impress on all conservative candidates.

    He sugested this will be the first plank in the anticipated Conservative platform.

    I have mentioned this before, but the ultimate mistake of the Green Energy Act was to central approvals at the provincial level. While there may of been receptive communities and pliant municipalities under the old process, this Act has galvanized all of us in opposition. It may seem at this point in the struggle that we are fighting is a losing battle, but history will tell us more turbines were approved and installed before the Green Energy Act than after.

  42. The Hansard for the 28th shows Hudak saying:

    “It is clear, Minister, that you have set one rule for PC-held ridings and another rule for Liberal-held ridings when it comes to your wind energy projects. This decision-making now is purely political in your office and in the Premier’s office, and Ontario families are stuck with the bill.

    Will you do the right thing, support the PC position, have a moratorium on these projects till you clean up the—”

    He’s cut-off at that point — but the moratorium position doesn’t appear to be a secret.

  43. For the Poll:

    Don’t answer all the questions. If the question offends or is too limited in responses — leave it.

    Use the boxes that allow free-form answers.

  44. Re “In communities that welcome a wind project like Kingston, Dalton McGuinty told them no”, I wrote Mr Hudak:

    While Kingston businessmen such as those represented by Kingston Economic Development Corporation may welcome the business of wind turbines, they do so for the rural areas and the offshore of east Lake Ontario, NOT Kingston itself where they reside.

    Organizations such as Wolfe Island Representatives for the Environment (WIRE), Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC), Amherst Island Wind, and Kingston Field Naturalists (KFN) are concerned about human health, wildlife, and economic issues associated with wind development proposed for our area. See http://www.amherstislandwindinfo.com for a most astonishing map of wind developments proposed for the shores and shoals of eastern Lake Ontario!

    In a Kingston radio poll–albeit unscientific–some 80-90% of respondents approved the moratorium on offshore wind turbines. Kingston residents that I have talked to deplore the red, flashing lights in their southern viewscape, worry about migrating and overwintering birds, and sympathize with Wolfe Island residents now living with these grinding towers in their midst.

    Please, in developing your energy policy, do not mistake the support of Kingston businessmen for that of residents and voters on the shores of eastern Lake Ontario, nor of Kingston itself.

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