Massive wind turbine project has gone out to tender in Smithville area, opponents say

By Tom Wilkinson, Niagara News

Opponents of wind power in Niagara Region were alarmed Thursday that while they’re fighting a proposed five to 11 wind turbines near Caistor Centre, another 50 to 75 have been approved to go to tender in the Smithville area.

Cam Pritchard, the chairman of the West Lincoln Wind Action Group (WLWAG) called West Niagara News with the information.

“It’s out for tender right now,” he said. “It’s crazy, absolutely insane. We’re fighting the five out here and now they’re going to be going in around Smithville.”

The current project being undertaken will generate approximately 10 megawatts of electricity. The project that is just out for tender will generate 230 megawatts, or 23 times as much.

“Smithville is going to be surrounded by turbines, unless they put a stop to it,” he said.

Members of WLWAG have tried to raise awareness about health concerns and property value concerns surrounding the wind turbines.

There is currently a court case in Ontario where the decision is expected soon. Pritchard is hoping for a favourable result that will stop all wind turbine construction until health issues are properly addressed.

He says that people need to get involved and write their MPPs to ask them to stop development of the wind turbines until all the health issues have been properly studied and addressed.

Mayor Douglas Joyner explained that during the last council term, council members signed a moratorium to go back to the province and have another look at the Green Energy Act.

“We plan to work with the province to rectify the green energy concerns for our West Lincoln citizens,” he said.

He said the province has taken the issue out of the hands of the municipality, meaning West Lincoln council has no say as to whether the project will move forward or not.

Joyner said the next step is to educate residents on wind energy.

“It’s important to educate citizens before they go ahead and sign a contract or a lease,” he explained, adding that the contracts are through the wind energy corporations and residents need to understand the facts before they sign anything.

Council members will also be working closely with the Wind Action Group in West Lincoln.

8 thoughts on “Massive wind turbine project has gone out to tender in Smithville area, opponents say

  1. It sounds like this new proposal came right out of the blue, or
    is that blew?Could it be the Lib.Bas–rds,are just finding room
    on the grid, then plunking these useless monstrosities any&everywhere they can, before their expirory date, of Oct.6?
    And/Or is this in Hudacs`or another conservatives riding ? Either
    way it`s the worst kind of governing immaginable!These LOW-LIFE SCUMBAGS must go NOW,RIGHT NOW!!!!Ontario must be
    saved, before it`s too late!!

  2. Am I missing something? NONE of the four wind projects approved last week were listed on the 242 projects listed in the FiT reserve… are these just out of the blue?

  3. No – they are in the Blue (Conservative ridings, that is)!!!

  4. Someones family is getting greased before a non confidence vote, skipping the proper process, wonder who??????????LMAO

  5. Political piling on. McGuinty is taking a lot of heat from CanWEA (can’t you hear the tinkle of martini glasses?) about his flips. They realize onshore is just one judicial review away from offshore wind. So he is throwing them bones. Big bones.
    Keeps us busy, so we have less time to bother him.

    Plus he has given caucus 35 or so projects to crow about. “Don’t look over there at those boring/conservative NIMBYs, look at these shiny new liberal solar toys!”

    It is a long way to October, which is why he is dealing (and hopefully closing) the energy file now.

    Like the Friday night announcement that cost overruns on “Big Becky” are going to be added to your hydro bill starting in March.

    We can move on and talk about the things Ontarians really care about.

    Like how the name Hudak is just a misspelling of Harris. And how we need to pronounce it properly. Hew_dac. No. Everyone….it’s Ha_ris.

  6. Isn’t it about time that Ontarians ask the present governmnet who the hell do you think you are and what the hell do you think you are doing?

    Forcing Ontarians to install and pay for machinery that dosent’ work and then for this reason to purchase and install more machinery to backup the machinery that dosen’t work in the first place.

    Mr. Booker has stated these points very well and all MPPs should read this Booker article. Then ask the MPPs for comments on Booker’s article.

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