MNR ignores Endangered Species Act

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I have been following the development of the low-key Greenwich Lake wind farm at Dorion, particularly in light of the provincial government’s latest flip-flop on Great Lakes wind farms. The Greenwich wind farm covers a large area and is close to many “potential” (MNR term) peregrine nesting sites and the Cavern Lake bat caves.

Wind farms exact a high mortality on raptors and bats, so in assessing this project what did Northern Bioscience determine to be an acceptable level of mortality on endangered and threatened species such as peregrine falcons and rare Keen’s long-eared bat? Will the Greenwich Lake Wind Farm incur any penalties such as Syncrude did in Alberta for the duck deaths in its tailings ponds in 2008?

As an aside, the construction of this wind farm appears to contravene everything in the Endangered Species Act 2007. Was the approval of this wind farm another government flip-flop to buy the “green” vote in southern Ontario?

Erwin Butikofer, Neebing

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  1. Over one million brown bats are dead in Ontario and north-east US from white-nose sydrome. Will they be the next on the list for endangerment? Industrial Wind Turbines don’t help any. The fewer bats, the more pesticides farmers will be using on their crops since the bats eat the bugs that plague our farmers:

  2. Please down load the following PDF file. This document shows how powerful environmental groups can be, unless they have been bought off.


    “THE GROUPS The Save Ontario’s Species (S.O.S.) coalition was formed in 2005 by five conservation groups – David Suzuki Foundation, Environmental Defence, Ontario Nature, Sierra Legal Defence Fund (now EcoJustice) and CPAWS – Wildlands League. The groups came together to support a major updating of the province’s outdated and ineffectual Endangered Species Act. The coalition worked over the course of approximately 18 months to capitalize on a commitment made by Dalton McGuinty, now Premier of Ontario, in the lead up to the 2003 provincial election. This commitment was made to the Ontario public in response to a pre-election query and stated:

    “We will update and strengthen Ontario’s Endangered Species Act. Our new Act will put in place effective measures to protect species at risk, including a science-based process to list species and help them recover, and meaningful protection for habitats. Protection of species is virtually meaningless unless there are also protections for the areas where they live, feed and breed.”

    This group managed to achieve their goal, however I am of the opinion, that S.O.S. got the rug pulled out from underneath them with the final reading of the 2007 Ontario Endangered Species Act, Section 17.

    After the second reading, sub sections were added to Sec. 17 under the guise of significant social or economic benefit to Ontario, which allows the MNR to sign off on a project with issuance of a permits to proponents and or developers to commence with their project.

    As it stands the 2007 ESA is actually a worthless piece of legislation when within the Act it self, under Section 9;

    9. (1) No person shall,
    (a) kill, harm, harass, capture or take a living member of a species that is listed on the Species at Risk in Ontario List as an extirpated, endangered or threatened species;
    (b) possess, transport, collect, buy, sell, lease, trade or offer to buy, sell, lease or trade,
    (i) a living or dead member of a species that is listed on the Species at Risk in Ontario List as an extirpated, endangered or threatened species,
    (ii) any part of a living or dead member of a species referred to in subclause (i),
    (iii) anything derived from a living or dead member of a species referred to in subclause (i); or
    (c) sell, lease, trade or offer to sell, lease or trade anything that the person represents to be a thing described in subclause (b) (i), (ii) or (iii). 2007, c. 6, s. 9 (1).

    Every time a permit is issued under Section 17 of ESA 2007, the Minister responsible (MNR), upon signing off on said project, is in contravention of Section 2 of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act;

    2. If a provision of this Act and a provision of the Endangered Species Act, 2007 conflict with respect to an animal, invertebrate or fish, the provision that gives the animal, invertebrate or fish the most protection prevails. 1997, c. 41, s. 2; 2007, c. 6, s. 60 (1).
    Under this section, flying wildlife are to be protected, so where is the enforcement of the FWC Act?
    If the S.O.S., were to band together again and support a party this fall that will promise to amend this piece of crap legislation, to comply with the sole purpose and intent of both the FWCA and ESA, the ESA will then serve purpose and only then can the S.O.S. group, make claim to have achieved what they set out to do that was not accomplished last election.

  3. Didn’t you know Don that people are going to eat the insects now according to eco-nuts? So no increase in insecticide use will be necessary. Just kidding Don!

    This is the new protein source for the Neanderthals.

  4. We are witnessing the biggest unnatural tragedy in our lives of massive Kills of wildlife species, and the killers of these species are the Politicians who prop up this Wind Scam and are aided by the very Groups who suck money out of people’s pockets under the fake claims that they are ENVIRONMENTALISTS trying to save the planets wildlife!

    These groups: “David Suzuki Foundation, Environmental Defence, Ontario Nature, Sierra Legal Defence Fund (now EcoJustice) and CPAWS – Wildlands League.” should all be charged under the “Endangered Species Act” for assisting in the mass genocide of birds and bats in our Country.

    But then how would they weasel money out of people’s pockets if they were found to be LIARS!

  5. This windfarm impinges on Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park a scenic tourist draw where vertical cliff faces provide ideal nest sites for bats and raptors.

    Dorion could be another Altamont given its wind funnel terrain.

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