Meaford Council looking at wind energy

It comes as IPC continues their “Silcote Corners Wind project” which would see 29 wind turbines erected in the area between Annan and Balaclava. Greenfield is hopeful a resolution is passed for an ad hoc committee at Monday’s Council meeting.

The committee would look into all aspects of wind and solar energy production both for and against.

Meantime, Greenfield says council still hasn’t heard back from IPC about their next public meeting and if IPC will conduct it in a “town hall’ style forum.

Council formally requested a more open meeting from IPC back in early January following their first meeting in November, which Greenfield says left residents with more questions than answers.

IPC’s second public meeting required under the Green Energy Act goes sometime this Spring.

Much like Arran Elderslie, Meaford recently put a moratorium on wind turbine development, although Greenfield admits it holds little weight when put up against the Province’s Green Energy Act.

He says the moratorium is more of a symbolic message than anything else.

4 thoughts on “Meaford Council looking at wind energy

  1. He says the moratorium is more of a symbolic message than anything else.

    So what he’s saying is there’s nothing they can do? So we’re on our own, is that it?

  2. Start handing out or sending email copies of the 3 IWT lies by Booker.

    These would be great to hand out at wind developer information meetings.

  3. Delay, delay, delay.

    The longer they argue, the less time they have for construction before the October Moratorium takes hold.

    And then the municipalities have all the power.

    Booker’s article is the best.

  4. This mayor and council excel at closing the barn door after the horse has fled. What a bunch of surrender monkeys. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t feel represented by the majority of this bunch. Personally I think the mayor is in favour of wind farms. Thus, the delay, delay, delay.

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