Petition presented in the Ontario legislature

28 February 2011 Hansard WIND TURBINES

Mr. John O’Toole: I am very, very pleased to be able to present a petition. In fact, I have thousands of them from my riding of Durham. I will read it.

“To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

“Whereas industrial wind turbine developments have raised concerns among citizens over environmental impacts as well as health, safety and property values; and


“Whereas the Green Energy Act”—Bill 150—“allows wind turbine developments to bypass meaningful public input and municipal approvals;

“Therefore we, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

“That the Minister of the Environment revise the Green Energy Act to allow full public input and municipal approvals on all industrial wind farm developments and that a moratorium on wind development be declared until an independent, epidemiological study is completed into the health and environmental impacts of industrial wind turbines.”

I’m pleased to thank the many constituents who have signed some of these petitions, and thank them for their input.

10 thoughts on “Petition presented in the Ontario legislature

  1. It’s about time that Ontario politicians understand that Ontarians know the difference between chicken sh!t and chicken salad!!!

    Well done with the petitions Mr.O’Toole!

  2. The tide is turning! Bravo to John O’Toole!

    BTW Is there a way to clone that wise fellow and fill the seats at Queen’s Park?

  3. Thank you Mr. O’Toole for presenting your petition. It’s a BIG step in the right direction. Next I’d like to see the Toronto Stare newspaper editorialize the problems facing citizens, rural and urban, concerning future costs of electricity.
    Let’s take it a step further and scrap the current “Green Energy Plan”. It hurts a lot of people and the wind companies can still go to the OMB and plead their case with many high priced lawyers that municipalities lack funding to fight in court.

  4. Very interesting representation coming from Durham’s MPP John O’Toole.

    Over the past number of years almost all of Durham Regions’s municipal politicians have been anti Oak Ridges Moraine, Greenbelt and Agriculture Reserve … and pro development anywhere and everywhere.

    Maybe Mr. O’Toole, on a provincial level, is truly concerned about Industrial Wind Turbines and their impact on people and sensitive landscapes … or, he may be one of the first Conservatives to see the IWT issue as his meal ticket to re-election.

  5. IWTs are a waste of resources. IWTs are not green. There are no defendable benefits for Ontario to consider IWTs. Ontario does not need noisy and expensive lawn ornaments. IWT construction should be considered anti-Ontario. That’s the message a future MPP needs to put out to the public.

  6. In 2008 – when we first confronted the issues of IWT’s – like many people, we wrote letters and emails to every friend, relative, associate, MPP and municipal representative we knew or didn’t know, but thought would help out in some way.

    John O’Toole was the MPP in the riding next to ours and since our own MPP – a Liberal Cabinet Minister – would not even answer us, we took our issues further afield.

    O’Toole was a member of a political party that we had a long association with, at various levels. We had some old and close friends still involved with the party – although we had not been active (other than voting) for a few years.

    We called close friends and associates – from all walks of life – people with whom we were in regular contact and spoke to frequently, but without exception – they all disappeared. Letters and emails went unanswered. Telephone calls were not returned. We had become the worst kind of pariah and were apparently labeled with the most toxic of labels – “anti-green”. We were suddenly, untouchable. (I know it sounds incredible and unbelievable – but it was absolutely true!)

    The only person who responded (and I mean ONLY) – who took the time to send a letter of support was John O’Toole. He took the time to write to a couple of despondent people who had no importance to him other than the fact they needed help. We lived outside his riding and could not vote for him – yet he took the time to write a letter which, although not promising much concrete action – provided us with a real sense of support. He offered to listen to our issues and to “do what he could do” to help us out. He admonished us to “stay in touch” and let him know if we needed help.

    I have the letter he sent to us – it was a beacon of hope at a time of measurable despair.

    Anyone who questions this guy’s motives – needs to cast their aspersions in another direction. He is one of the few politicans we have seen, who seems to genuinely care about people while his own self-interest has been pushed somewhere to the back of the queue.

  7. Glad to hear this PECV. I hope there are more out there like Mr. O’Toole. We should all contact him and let him know that we appreciate his efforts. In addition we need to encourage candidates in our own ridings to take similar action.

  8. PECV:

    Being sceptical of politicians in general is something that comes easy for most people and who can blame us considering all the BS they’ve shovelled at us over the years?

    However, your recent dealings with John O’Toole seem to indicate that we have a good ally in the PC ranks. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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