Saugeen Shores Council to Challenge Ontario Government

March 14 at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers located at 600 Tomlinson Drive, (The Plex) Port Elgin.    Map

Please come out and support us on March 14 when Saugeen Shores Councillors will vote on Deputy Mayor Luke Charboneau’s motion. The motion is based on the position that Leader Resources has not fulfilled its obligation under the Green Energy Act to consult with the community regarding its proposed Arran Wind Energy Project. We would also like support from other municipalities for this motion. Johnn Mann has been instrumental in researching the Ontario Government’s obligations for consultation under the GEA.

14 thoughts on “Saugeen Shores Council to Challenge Ontario Government

  1. Apart from the “ALL CAPS” Al, well said. I too hope your mayor is a stand up guy.

  2. How can we put the breaks on an illegal Green Energy Act… Bring in a commissioner? The Federally’s ?? Phone Harper? What? Lawyer… please tell us what legal channels we can take.

  3. You Canadians from Ontario are now beginning to act like Americans. I am impressed. Not that americans are perfect, but we do love our freedoms even though a few Americans abuse those rights. Maybe I will come and visit Goderich again.
    George Hebert

  4. Its a slow erosion of civil rights. Taking advantage of a minority, in this case rural citizens, is a direct assault on the charter of rights and freedoms for Canadians. Yes, Kincardine and Port Elgin, you too are a part of this minority. If the GEA is indeed illegal, then there MUST be a voice to that. Propaganda by the current government would indicate that the GEA is good for my children. Please do not use my children in your propaganda. That too is illegal. Furthermore, hiding wind turbine generation facilities behind an agricultural tax exemption is also illegal. Canadians must take notice and fight for their individual freedoms by saying NO to further erosion of their civil liberties!!!

  5. All truth passes through three stages:
    First, it is ridiculed;
    Second, it is violently opposed; and
    Third, it is accepted as self-evident.
    — Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    Keep up the good fight

  6. A good “thread’ here………LOSS OF DEMOCRACY……..and what can we do about it?………lots………the first stage is even acknowledging it……Done! …..the second step…….rally’s and information “exposing” it….third step………..challenges in court…………already underway….fourth step…….election of “honest individuals”…..questionable at the best of times….Fifth step………..Civil Disobedience…………that will be th tough one!

  7. “Civil Disobedience…………that will be th tough one!”

    Has anyone in Ontario ever stood infront of a truck carrying blades or turbine bases? I’m just wondering when that is going to happen. It seems that once a project is approved, it is ignored…shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  8. Living here in central Ontario ( Peterborough ) listening to all of the turbine hell southern Ontario is going through, it’s beyond my understanding how civil disobedience has not already occurred. Is it actually going on, but being kept out of the media?

  9. It took an older lady and her husband to stand in front of the bulldozers at sight 41! That brought the publicity that caused a legion of citizens to storm Barrie City Hall!

    I am willing to stand my ground when the equipment come to proceed to install the 8 big ones here. It is my duty …period.

  10. Reading all the comments posted on Windconcerns’ site, it is obvious that the Government is not listening. In fact, it will not even listen to a solution offered to them at the Government level, OPA, OPG, or any other part of the Electricity Consortium. It is now at the Municipals’ level of Government to resolve your concerns. To that end, email letters have been sent to your Municipals’ elected officials with the ultimate solution. It is a 100% reliable “GREEN” source, which, because it is also 100% flexible, eliminates any costly fossil-fuelled back-up systems, as is now the case. It will not be part of the Ontario Government’s electricity Grid supply system. Subsequently, if the Ontario Grid system loses its consumer base it will automatically mean the end of wind turbine and solar farms.
    Because this breakthrough technique is entirely water-driven, it will generate power at the lowest cost possible. All this was explained in the email letters sent out to your elected officials and should be made public so that you can judge for yourselves the merits of it. If this is not shared with you, I’ll forward this letter to windconcerns and will ask John to publish it on windconcern’s website.

  11. We just got word that the wind developer has sent out messages to supporters (hard to imagine I know) of the Arran project to attend this meeting so it is important that we get there ahead of them as space will be limited.

  12. As the people , we are the law.
    Any area that has windturbines planned tear up the road , and only allow cars driven over the area until roads are finished and reroute truck traffic.
    Pass height restrictions allowed on farmland.
    But I think people are going to be forced to stand and protect their place where they live. Freedom hasn’t been won by talking.

  13. Luke’s motion was unanimously passed Marion. And just so the record is clear given the blatant distortions by Chuck Eady in the Owen Sound Sun Times, there were at least 150 people present in support of Luke’s motion. These people came on their own, many having driven considerable distances to provide support as well as many from around the corner. Mr. Eady bussed in approximately 40 to 50 supporters. They all arrived together on a school bus and there were certainly rumours that they were compensated to be there. Given Leader’s repugnant ads in the local papers requesting support, I did not see anyone arriving independently that was not wearing a “Stop the wind turbines” badge.

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