Protest March Song Contest

Calling on all budding songwriters and poets to compose a chant or song  for upcoming protests.  Any ideas?
The prize? Your creation will be loudly sung by thousands and will live on in infamy!

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22 thoughts on “Protest March Song Contest

  1. Two wrongs don’t make right

    One truth will start the fight

    Many wrongs made the GEA

    Our right will end your day

  2. we ain’t getting no sleep
    its not what you said
    lets turn the clock back

  3. These words could land me in trouble but I believe I have a right to freedom of speech. It is just a song meant to express the spirit of the Canadian people that have always risen to the challenge of those that would threaten our land and our freedom.

    To the tune of Johnny Horton’s … ‘Sink the Bismark’

    Hit those fields a runnin boys and tear those turbines down…

    We’ve got to stop the turbines ..wev’e got to put em down.

    Yes hit the fields a runnin boys they’re makin such a fuss

    We’ve got to stop the turbines..the world depends on us.

    The GEA that bought em here… is easy to recind..

    cause being greens got nothin to do… with harnessing the wind.

    So hit the field a runnin boys and take those turbines down…

    Now people know the truth from lies…..and did a turn around.

    Yes hit those fields a runnin boys…the world depends on us

    We got to stop the spinnin boys thats makin such a fuss.

    All around the countryside in hills and in the glens …

    people are in so much pain, they’re suffering never ends

    Truth is that the families around the world aren’t well…

    We’ve got to join together lads and blow those blades to hell.

    Now I’ve been doin some thinkin friends and this I understand …

    All those turbines stand alone and they all can not be manned!

    (Please feel free to add or subtract as I am sure there are much more talented song writers out there than me. This is just a first draft. Sorry it’s so violent and provocative, but I truly feel that the GEA was an ACT of War against rural people and democracy and in my opinion Our government broke the rules of engagement. )


  4. Correction to my last line…

    Our rights will end its day

    Perhaps I was thinking of McGuinty when writing it the first time and channeling Melodie’s warrior spirit.

    Can’t carry a tune in a bucket so will have to make sure there are plenty of protesters nearby who can, to get through a whole song.

  5. ReVolt How about

    ” Our rights will end the G E A.” ??? I can’t carry a tune in a bucket either. I make good chicken soup though.

  6. Good submissions! Can anyone think of new words to “This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land” or the old marching song:
    “Over There, Over There”
    Send the word, keep the turbines outa there
    Our skies they wanna fill, but turbines make us ill,
    Long blades whirring, flick’ring everywhere.
    So prepare, say a prayer,
    Warn the birds and the bats to beware –
    We’ll take a stand, for this precious land,
    And we won’t come back till it’s over, over there.

  7. On Top of Spaghetti
    On top of a mountain
    all covered in trees
    Dalton planted a Wind Turbine
    in a nice gentle breeze

    It killed many birds
    and all the bats too
    It’s ruined our farmland
    and It’ll ruin you too

    Our Premier cares about nothing
    but to follow his decree
    and cast down upon anyone
    who doesn’t agree

    So if you feel healthy
    then thank God your alive
    and not living by a Wind Turbine
    on Green Energy Act Drive.

    Are You Sleeping
    Are you sleeping, are you sleeping?
    Wind Turbine noise, Wind Turbine noise,
    Low Frequency sound, Low Frequency sound,
    Pulse, pulse, pulse, Pulse, pulse,pulse

    I’ve Been Working On the Railroad
    I’ve been working on a Wind Turbine
    All the livelong day
    I’ve been working on a Wind Turbine
    Just to pass the time away.
    Who cares about the neighbours
    or the birds and bats
    I’ve been working on a Wind Turbine
    So now I’ll pass the hat

    Turbine won’t you blow, Turbine won’t you blow , Turbine won’t you blow your toxic noise

    Someones in the boardroom with Dalton
    Someones in the boardroom I know
    Someones in the boardroom with Dalton
    Scheming up the GEA show

    Ha, that was a bit of morning fun!

  8. Sick Turbines: That’s a great line, “Who cares about the neighbours.”
    Sink the Bismark is super!

  9. Not particularly inventive, but
    sung to John Prine’s Paradise.

    When I was a child my family would travel
    Down to Southern Ontario where my parents were born
    There’s a beautiful old town thats often remembered
    So many times that my memories are worn

    And daddy won’t you take me back to Dufferin County
    Down by the Grand River where paradise lay
    Well I’m sorry my son, but your too late in asking
    Mr. McGuinty’s turbines have blown it away

    Then the wind company came with the worlds largest turbine
    And they tortured the timber and stripped all the land
    They planted their turbines till the land was foresaken
    Then they wrote it all down as the progress of man


  10. Do No Harm, ( This is very rough, keep working on it, OK)

    This land ain’t your land, ……this land ain’t my land

    This land is Dalton’s, …. by his decree..

    and all his party…they too all agreed

    In every County… so near to every town ,

    throughout our hills and valleys… giant wind turbines would wear us down.

    Our love affair would end… with the wind that was once our friend

    When Dalton put the turbines up … around every bend.

    Some people wanted the money…. and signed the dotted line

    and now they wish they hadn’t …could kick their own behind

    Many folks are hurting and they can not stay…

    forced to leave their homes and just walk away

    No one will believe them… to this very day

    All because of Dalton and his G E A.

    No… This land ain’t your land and it ain’t mine

    it belongs to Dalton McGuinty….. and that really is a crime.

    in every town nearby
    They’d brainwash the people and tell a big lie.

  11. Could slap a CD’s together with all the above (-;

    Any more short chants like the Queen’s Park
    “Oust McGuinty Now!”,

    or Anne’s
    “Not for me — IWT!”


    my rhyming mind is paralyzed but I’ll keep trying to think of something…

  12. How about the revolutionary anthem from Les Miserables. “will you join in our crusade, who will be strong and stand with me…” Sorry just saw a 25th anniversary concert on PBS the other night, pretty powerful song.

  13. C&GT, Yes the Les Miserables performance was very moving. Maybe there’s someone among us with that voice who can dress in ‘period costume’ & deliver that song. What an eye-catcher that would be.

    (Mel, thanks for This Land Ain’t Your Land.)

  14. I wish I knew the tune of Les Miserables. I would work on it. Also someone should dress up as Marie Antoinette and have a sign that says “let them wear ear muffs. ” And we should all wear ear muffs to make a point! The painting (a poster) of “the screamer is also very effective.

  15. “Walk Like an Egyptian”. It was a good song from the 80’s (I think).
    Today it’s time we make a similar stand, like the brave Egyptians.

  16. I’m with the , “someone’s in the boardroom with Dalton”, supporters!

    We could insert a name from time to time, from the follow the money list…

  17. How about the Dylan classic.. .. Blowin’ in the Wind … the answer my friend in Blowin’ in the Wind – NOT.

    Perhaps some of these talented wordsmiths could create some words for this song… almost everyone knows this tune:) starting with How many times must a man……..

  18. (Someones in the kitchen with Diana)… someone could polish this up a bit .

    Someones in the boardroom with Dalton…
    Someones in the boardroom we know oh oh oh.
    Someones in the boardroom with Dal all ton..
    deciding where our money should go.

    Dalton’s pockets are full of NGO’s
    This is a fact that we all know oh
    Dalton sold us out to N G O’s
    Dalton is destroying Ontario

    Sierra’s pushing snake oil and windy dreams
    Sierra’s behind all these energy sche ee eems
    Sierra’s pushing snake oil and windy dreams
    forcing us to live beside monster scream machines

    October 6th is comin up real quick soon
    It will be the end of this windy boo oo oo mm
    October 6th is just around the bend
    Dalton’s dictatorship will come to an end.

    Fe fi fiddly eye o
    Fe Fi fiddly eye o o o o
    Fe Fi fiddly eye O
    Dalton McGuinty HAS GOT TO GO!

  19. Super! I only had the basic:

    Davids in the boardroom…
    Rickys ” ” ”
    Johnnys ” ” ”
    et al

    But now I want:

    Hooooray for Wainfleeet!
    Hoooray for Wainfleeeet!
    Hoooray for Wainfleeet!
    Bravo Bravo Bravo
    Way to gooooooooooo!!!!!!

  20. I can’t help with a song but an idea could be some kind of variation to the Gordon Lightfoot song -the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald-could be changed to the sinking of the McGuinty Liberals

  21. Give us a place to stand…and a place to grow
    and call this land Pinocchio.

    Fill it up with turbines…. cause McGuinty seems to know
    that he will save this planet… even when the wind don’t blow.

    Tear up the countryside,… turn all the friends to foe
    cause Daddy Dalton ..he told those nimby’s so

    Kill all the birds, endangered though they be
    he’s gonna save the planet…just you wait and see

    Blow up the hilltops…. cut down lots of trees
    to hell with the country folk…begging on their knees

    Give us a place to stand …and a place to grow
    and call this land Pinocchio

    Pinocchi ochi ochio oooo.

    It started with a lie ….and as you all know
    when you tell a lie …it has to grow and grow

    Once that lie is sown and money’s being made
    they just won’t listen….when a spade is called a spade

    He keeps on spending money …to keep the peasants quiet
    but what he didn’t count on….. was that there would be a riot!

    Folks from the world allover….. from far and wide they fought
    The lies Dalton’s trying to peddle …just won’t be bought

    Give us a place to stand …and a place to grow
    and call this land Pinocchio

    Pinocchi ochi ochi oooo

    badeep badeep badeep…That’s all folks.

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