Municipal power attack

There's a storm brewing in rural Ontario

By Peter Jackson,

The Progressive Conservatives in the Legislature continue to turn up the heat on the governing Liberals — this time on the issue of municipal decision-making powers.  Sarnia-Lambton Tory MPP Bob Bailey attended the recent conference of the Ontario Rural Municipalities and Ontario Good Roads Associations at which PC Leader Tim Hudak received an encouraging reception from delegates.

Among the issues discussed was how decisions on alternative energy developments have been taken out of municipal hands.

Bailey says the McGuinty government is practicing a double-standard on what should be a municipal planning matter.

He recounts that municipal councils’ hands are tied when dealing with proposals for industrial wind farms.

Bailey believes local government should have the same say in approving wind turbine developments as they have in giving the go-ahead to proposals like variety stores and fast-food restaurants.

If the Tories win the provincial election Bailey says many changes would be on the drawing board.

Returning decision-making powers to municipalities on commercial green energy proposals is one of the changes a Hudak government would propose.

Bailey predicts another change would be to dismantle the Local Health Integration Networks and return the money to front-line locally-based health care.

He says rural landowners have been shut out of any opportunity to benefit from wind turbine development.

Bailey repeats the Tory opinion that the Liberal government would rather deal with large offshore energy companies than Ontario farmers in the development and promotion of green energy.

7 thoughts on “Municipal power attack

  1. This is nuts. I was there and I met Mr. Hudak. He said he would recind the GEA and allow municipalities to choose whether or not they WANTED turbines. Bailey doesn’t get it does he?

  2. Bob Bailey is another brown nose-er trying to show off to get some brownie points across for voting time. I have talk to him personally about wind concerns about health and many more draw backs about IWT when he was at the Brigden Fair last year and said to email me with more information,quoted saying said he cares. I did.Bob never even replied about my problems with turbines or info about the negative impacts they have on us . People these guys want to represent you ,take your fair share of our resources that belongs to all of us and they want to take that share and spend on there own agendas. These pricks are all the same. Big liars. Look at Harper changing the Government of Canada to The Harper government these guys think they own us. They are control freaks and Power hungry representatives for us.

  3. Tory MPP Bob Bailey says: “rural land owners have been shut out of any opportunity to benefit from wind turbine development”.

    What the hell does that mean?

    Is this a misquote or a misinterpretation by the author Peter Jackson?

    Isn’t it the greedy rural land owners, who signed on for IWTs, that stand to gain the most financially while they’re screwing their non participating neighbours?

    Hudak is going to need to get everybody onside on this issue!

  4. The green energy act should be scrapped and soon. Mr. Hudak did say IWT’s should/woud go to persons wanting them. He may have changed this opinion by now though.

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