Wind turbine revolution has no place in southern Ontario

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I’m all for increasing our use of green energy, renewable energy.  It’s a great idea, a good goal and one to be commended.  However, there seems to be a windy revolution that’s brewing that I don’t think has the best interests of the environment and residents at heart.  It’s the sudden emergence of plans for wind farms and industrial turbines.  You know what they look like extremely large, gleaming white… a picture of symbolism for green energy but I think in Ontario it’s a bit more sinister. 

Currently there are several wind projects before the provincial government including one just north of Durham Region and another in the east end of the region.  Both bother me because I think they’re too close to the people population and I also believe that we’re wrecking one aspect of the environment for another.  It was a decades long fight for the Oak Ridges Moraine and now in the name of “green energy” we’re suddenly ready to give up the goose and its eggs.  The land and related aquifers are bound to be affected by the large cement pads needed to support these large turbines.

I’d like to see us make more use of concepts such as geothermal to heat homes, or solar panels or our own wind turbines.  You want to become green McGuinty government give the people more access to be grassroots green using existing structures not constructing farms of big white elephants.

To me it’s elementary… I’m Sandra Watson

5 thoughts on “Wind turbine revolution has no place in southern Ontario

  1. That is not how the premier sees it.He wants big corporations to make it rich and keep us like slaves to pay them off.If we can,only we have to work more hours and give up more of lives to come up with the cash. Yes, more jobs that these will create a win win.

  2. It McGuinty’s Green only.
    Hope you’re fine with the “chosen” people buying electric cars with your money as well Sandra.
    This is Dalton McGuinty’s idea of Green, and even if you don’t like it you’ll pay for it for years to come.

  3. Sandra Watson,
    Thanks for your wise comments on what could have been part of a common sense approach to being environmentally responsible. McGuinty and his “greenwashing” henchmen could learn something from listening to Durham Radio News. Keep spreading the word …

  4. We don’t want anything to do with your wind farms around here. Your a Mississauga company who’s looking to cash in on tax payers kickbacks to You! at our expense. We like the way it is right now with no concerns of side effects If your so concerned keep it in your backyard. Get OUTTA here.

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