Dalton’s Delusions

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  1. ‘And there shall be much nashing of teeth” “families will turn on each other” and “sheep will lay down with a lion” …spooky huh???

  2. DECADE FOR A RENEWABLE PLANET, Forum, May28-31 2009, Toronto,ON

    DECADE Chairman Marie Germain, of OSEA

    Distinguished Keynote Presenters:
    Dr.Hermann Scheer
    Bianca Jagger
    Dr.David Suzuki
    Hon.George Smitherman

    Topical Presenters:
    Derek Satnik, Board of Directors,OSEA
    Kristopher Stevens, Ex.Dir.,OSEA

    Connection between OSEA,Suzuki,Smitherman,Scheer

  3. PLUGGING ONTARO INTO A GREEN FUTURE ,56 page report Nov.,2008 by:
    Cherise Burds,The Pembina Institute and Roger Peters.

    Lead Authors: Cherise Burda & Roger Peters

    Peer Reviewers: Ralph Torri,Marion Fraser, David Poch

    Project Partners: Keith Stewart WWF & Shawn-Patrick Stensil GREENPEACE

    Provided valuable comments: Mark Lutes,Deborah Doncaster,Mark Winfield,Tim Weis and Kai Millyard

    Appendix 2.pages 49-51 has detailed list of policy recomdentations for new GEA.

    The complete report can be downloaded. Just Google the title.

    This document likely basis for GEA.

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