Do our share?

By Enest Horvath, Paris Star

Ontario provides funding for the proponents of wind and solar energy.

They are even getting into your schools.

Energy use breaks down this way, homeowners use 30%, business uses 70%.

While you watch 1000’s of acres of land taken over by wind turbines and solar farms, turning much of rural Ontario into a wasteland in the guise of going green, ask yourself this question:  Didn’t we elect this party to stop the privatization of Ontario Hydro and prevent our hydro being put into the hands of for profit businesses?

Isn’t this what is happening now?

Our taxes should go to make our lives better. There is nothing evil about our taxes subsidizing hydro to make it affordable to all Ontarians. What better use of our tax dollars?

The Green Energy Act, green by name alone is designed to take the say in what happens in your own communities away from you ,to trump your rights for the benefit of profits.  Including the tar sands Canada contributes 3% of the globes CO2 emissions. That’s 30% less than Germany.

Since 2008 our energy use has been dropping.  If this is about clean air and sustainable energy, rather than privatizing for profit our hydro system then we should be provided affordable subsidies to adopt alternate energy like solar. Homes and business can significantly lower demand by installing solar panels, farms can install a few small wind turbines. This would benefit the taxpayer by lowering their energy bills, allowing future growth and demand for energy for new business.

But it does not give huge profits to wind and solar developers.

There is nothing, nothing more important than freedom.

Despots are being deposed in the Middle East right now.  The real election issue facing us in Ontario Politics should be protecting our freedom from political parties that serve to protect business profits.

There is no place in Ontario, which is supposed to be a free and democratic society for a government that passes the GEA.  Now the Liberals still have time to redeem themselves.

Enest Horvath, Meaford, Ont

8 thoughts on “Do our share?

  1. How many jobs would be created by using subsidies for homes to install solar and farms small turbines? Manufacturing, installation, maintenance….thousands of year round jobs! And many steady jobs translates into demand for homes, which pushes prices up.

    If 70% of use is for businesses, a stroke of the pen could create incentives to attract existing or new businesses to work night shifts, and spread that power demand a little more evenly. If an auto plant operated at night, and the manufacturer got a tax break, then the tax break or some portion of it could be used to give incentives to workers willing to work nights.

    But, maybe ideas like this just spread the wealth a little too much for the handful of corporate interests that benefit the most from running roughshod over rural residents.

  2. My wife and I have been Liberal supporters for both elections. And look at what I am forced to do. I like much of Mcguinty’s eductaion agenda. And I like the guy.
    So to take a person like me to want to stop this nonsense as it is playing out should be and will be something to consider , and there are many more like me that were Liberal supporters and if this party wants to be left intact , they had better start listening because we are taking Smitherman’s GEA and we are changing it , with or without the Liberal party.
    And that is that.

  3. Ernest, I know many Liberal supporters who have walked away from the party recently in total disgust. Even if the grassroots Liberals manage to regain control of their party, I think it will be a decade before they can present a credible platform to Ontario voters.

  4. Well here’s the Liberal problem….those getting ill are canaries in the coal mine and the 1000’s of acres of wind and solar will stand as a monument to distrust of the party.
    The future for the Ontario Liberals will be one of public mistrust.
    Fewer and fewer people are buying into the Liberal Energy plan despite the propaganda.
    All the good the Liberal party has done and stood for in the past will forever be wiped out.
    And for what ?…
    Stop in to any coffee shop from rural Ontario to downtown TO…………people have had it.

  5. I just returned from a gas station where I was talking with a bunch of snowmobilers who were gassing up and the conversation of course turned to the price of gas. Within two minutes McGuinty’s name popped up and the group basically elevated the conversation to such a crescendo about how this guy is so hated that he should be “dragged down the trail” until he screamed “Uncle!”

    McGuinty had better choose his destinations carefully for his “dog and pony” show he’s putting on!

    Stray outside the city and he just may be turned into a “trail groomer” for fun loving Ontarians!

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