Wind Energy Battles Still Churning Across Ontario

by Ian Kennedy, Chatham Daily News

With the Capitol Theatre stealing much of the spotlight in Chatham-Kent during recent weeks, hearings related to the Kent Breeze Wind Farm near Thamesville spun on with little fanfare locally.

A quick look at the progress at the Kent Breeze Wind Farm shows that signs of development are not slowing, with a new turbine popping up seamingly each week. Several turbines are already standing intact between Kent Bridge and Thamesville.

Elected officials and wind activists have been assembling and speaking out in recent weeks across Ontario in locations such as Sault Saint Marie, Sarnia, Wellington County, along the shores of Lake Huron, and in other Ontario locations as more wind farms are being planned and built.

Continuing in Toronto on March 11th, Suncor, owner and operators of the Kent Breeze Farm will present with two additional expert witnesses giving testimony to the Environmental Review Tribunal.

Following the March 11th hearings, the case will return to Chatham from March 22-23 with both Suncor and the Ministry of the Environment presenting. During these hearings, Dr. Kenneth Mundt, the Director of Epidemiology at ENVIRON, and Dr. Christopher Ollson who holds a PhD in Environmental Science will present on the 22nd. John Kowalewski a noise engineer with the Renewable Energy Approval Unit, and Mansoor Mahmood, the Acting Manager at the Renewable Enery Approval Unit are slated to speak.

This appeal was originally sparked by local organization, Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group Inc, and citizen Katie Erickson, stating adverse health impacts of the Kent Breeze Wind Farm.

Anti-turbine activists celebrated a small victory last month as the government put a moratorium on off-shore wind development, temporarily haulting any planned off-shore wind farms.

Continue to follow the CKDP for updates on this case.

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  1. Montana property owners don’t want MATL or the WIND FARMS! Take a look at the article below. Building a 500 kV line to Montana is another SCAM to both Canadians and Montanans. Property values will depreciate, land will be taken out of production, highest and best use of the land will be destroyed, landscape scarred, people’s lifestyles ruined, health and safety concerns, more bird mortality, more lawsuits expected, etc… and all of this will cause SKYROCKETING UTILITY RATES for all consumers!

  2. For the love of money and misery upon the slaves. They want them up as fast as they can now before we all catch onto this scam of the decade. Most greenies are still in jubilation not knowing they are being back stab for the money not the environment.

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