Municipal Wind Group Invites Liberals

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The Liberal provincial power brokers are being invited to Bruce and Grey counties.

The chair of the Inter-municipal Wind Turbine Working Group, Mark Davis says it’s time to bring Premier Dalton McGuinty and his cabinet to the area to talk to real people about wind turbines.  The Arran-Elderslie Deputy Mayor says if they don’t come, that’s their problem.

Davis says his group is willing to meet the provincial delegation on any day that suits their schedule.

He says they will even make arrangements for them to stay overnight in some special houses if they’d like to give it a try — referring to homes close to the wind turbines.

Davis says he’s serious about the invite.

He says he’s got a gut feeling that if the Premier and others came up and met and talked with real people with turbine problems, they would see it in their heart to put the turbines on hold.

The invitation was suggested after Melancton Township councillor Janice Elliott related a story where her mayor and deputy mayor were told at a recent Toronto conference that wind turbines were here to stay.

Elliott says Environment Minister John Wilkinson said he’s the only authority that could stop wind turbine development and he wasn’t going to do it.

The invitation to visit the area will be sent out in the next month or so.

3 thoughts on “Municipal Wind Group Invites Liberals

  1. “Environment Minister John Wilkinson said he’s the only authority that could stop wind turbine development and he wasn’t going to.”

    Sounds like the people of Ontario – specifically the voters of the Perth-Wellington riding – will need to stop Wilkinson!

    On October 6, 2011, remember Wilkinson’s arrogance and disregard for our environment, and do not vote for him.

    The residents of Ontario need an Environment Minister who has the intestinal fortitude to do what is right for the environment.

    Let’s hope that our next Environment Minister is such a person, because the current one certainly is not!

  2. Don’t hold your breath waiting for these non-listeners to show up in your neck of the woods. They must certainly know by now what the real situation is in rural Ontario regarding Industrial Wind Turbines and the havoc they are causing. They are so far down this “one-way street” they have created that they can’t figure out how to turn around. We must show them in October.

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