Ontario Real Estate Association to take a stance on wind development

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This has been an issue in Dufferin County for some time. Membership has now been able to sway our Provincial Real Estate Association (OREA) to take on this issue. OREA’s President was quoted saying that they have begun working on the issue and will be forwarding the issue to Government Relations, Legal, and Forms committees for further action. Additionally to protect consumers, there will be a release of a new Property Information Form disclosing windmill projects. A good first step.

A few years ago; I wrote a report and appeared before several OMB hearings to try and help consumers protect their interests and draw attention to the issue surrounding land valuation and wind mills.

5 thoughts on “Ontario Real Estate Association to take a stance on wind development

  1. Absolutely there needs to be disclosure of proposed Industrial Wind projects. That can weigh very heavily on a persons decision to buy a property.
    The McGuinty governments decision to not involve residents until the project has a go ahead, and then just to make a formal presentation, shows he has no interest in preserving the value of farmland. Residents are inconsequential.

  2. Agreed there needs to be disclosure. Here in the U.S. a friend was in the process of purchasing property for later development of a hunting lodge, etc. (was not told by the real estate agent about proposed IWF) found out that the land he was in the process of buying had an option to lease. He purchased the property, got out the option to lease by threatening to sue. However, hadn’t research what being surrounded by IWF really meant and has regretted purchasing – but too late.
    In our situation it’s up to the leaseholder who is suppose to “record” the lease option at the local courthouse, but from my understanding few people actually do… What a mess!

  3. Most homeowers have little knowledge of how IWTs will affect their lives once they’re allowed to enter their community. Pie in the sky promises of local jobs, lower taxes, cheaper electricity, and land leases have blinded them to the facts.

    Inform them real estate values in their community may drop 40-70%, then stand back and watch the light bulbs come on.

    For most of us, our home is our single largest investment, and who in their right mind would knowingly risk a loss of 40-70% on any investment. It would be wise to call these white elephants what they are – industrial wind turbines – not windmills nor pastoral wind farms.

    All the best to those who choose to fight the good fight – may the wind be at your back.

  4. Disclosure is a must, it’s only right! But the Real Estate Assoc. has to step up to the plate before they lose their livelihoods as property owners will. Disclosure means fewer sells and a reduction in sales price when it final sales. I can’t think of a better way for the govt. to ruin or devalue property one area at a time then allowing industrial wind farms. I personally think that a government that adopts this policy will cause a govt. made depression. I personally will not buy property where I can see them. In fact I would move out of the area if one is planned near me, thats if I can get someone else to buy the place. A government made depression by aesthetics and rate hikes. Stop the industrial wind farms while you still have money to do so.

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