Infrasound from wind turbines can be bad for your health

12 thoughts on “Infrasound from wind turbines can be bad for your health

  1. Such an easy to understand, CLEAR explanation of the harm infrasound can do! Maybe the Ontario Liberals can’t follow it, though. Carol Mitchell – study this chart – you still don’t get it, do you!! We know you keep claiming you’re “listening loud and clear” to your constituents (remember us? We’re the ones who got you voted in LAST time) concerns about how very ill some of us have become from these monstrous industrial turbines that your party continues to shove down our throats at such an alarming rate.

  2. What I should mention…. is the news from PDAC.

    Is that I happened to meet some noise and vibration specialists at PDAC — it was an interesting conversation about how they sense vibrations and accuracy and meaning of vibrations…

    I plan to be helping some family with a set of projects or I might have taken them up on an opportunity to visit their plant.

    Anyway… interestingly enough I think we have come to some of the same conclusions about how to track and measure noise. They have equipment that could easily dispense with the debate… However it is very expensive equipment and monitoring… They mainly use the equipment to monitor structure stability. So at present their equipment is not directed at measuring LFN of wind turbines. They were at PDAC as they are looking to expand their efforts in Mine Safety related to rock falls and tunnel safety etc.

    I will not post their company name and contact here without permission. I may follow up with them if time permits.

    In the meantime my main R&D efforts are over and I will be packaging up an inexpensive LFN system that can detect Low Frequency Noise ((0-300HZ) plus long cycle vibrations — measured in Seconds Per Cycle…. say 0 to 10 seconds per cylcle (perhaps even longer) — which is what you get when you look at LFN signals combining to create long cycle noise.

    I guess turbines do beat as well as swish. 😉

    You would think that someone with a music degree would understand beat notes — but apparently not. 🙁

  3. The government has found away to torture people. Taking money from them for something they don’t want and isn’t needed. Sending billions of Canadian dollars to China for more turbulence. Depreciating peoples land on purpose is causing undue stress and hardship. Does stress cause health problems?

  4. Interested in Energy Cost?

    Found the above on Climate Audit… A scientists — a confessed “warmer” looks at energy costs, global warming and the relative cots of energy and where the resources are.

    A fascinating watch with the ring of truth. I know that at least some of the figures are correct — too much to check quickly. He points out that Geothermal” relative cost is currently 3000 times the cost of Solar…

    Wind Turbines? Not worth a mention and you will see why…

  5. David – when you get enough of the parts and pieces together to offer something let me know. I’ve got several situations where I’d like to see what it produces.

  6. Muller is a good speaker and author though surprisingly limits the scope of what he seems to discuss. Talking about carbon dioxide is like worrying about warming the ocean by a few people taking a leak. We can all agree the urine would be warmer, but how would if affect the ocean.

    As for wind there is not benefit for going to such a low and erratic power source. Geothermal, installed cost lots, but the concept is good. If the alternatives costs more over time than geothermal works out better. Geothermal uses electricity for pumping (not much), compressing (much more) to get heat and moving the heat around (more). Over time more heat can be produced and geothermal units are supposed to have time on their side. It can heat when the sun does not shine, so cost is not the only consideration between solar and geothermal. Geothermal in operations is cheaper than wood (if wood was purchased) and a lot easier than dealing with wood. For everything else it is cheaper to operate.

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