Carol Mitchell sticks to the script

Mitchell defends wind turbine policy

by Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times

Ontario’s minister of agriculture defends the government’s handling of the controversial renewal energy policies as part of a 25-year plan to develop a sustainable energy system while getting rid of coal-fired generators.

“When we talk about energy we have to have a comprehensive policy; renewables are a part of that,” Carol Mitchell told a round table forum put on by the Bruce County Federation of Agriculture on Saturday.

Nuclear power provides the baseload of electricity supplemented by other forms of renewable energy including hydro generation, solar power, bio-energy and wind turbines.

“It is a multifaceted (policy). It’s developed with the understanding that this strategy gives us the opportunity to close down coal (generated electricity) in 2014,” Mitchell explained.

The minister addressed concerns raised by critics of the government’s renewable energy policies contained in the Green Energy and Green Economy Act which takes away planning approval powers by local and county councils and replaces it with a poorly-defined consultation process.

“There is a consultation component contained within the Green Energy Act that in order for an application to be successful the proponents must consult with the municipality. The municipality does not have the authority to veto but the municipality, I can tell you, has the ability to provide information that will directly affect the application,” Mitchell said.

Arran-Elderslie’s deputy-mayor Mark Davis didn’t get the answers he was looking for when he asked Mitchell whether she believed that wind turbines caused health problems. She answered by saying that Ontario has the toughest set back standards in North America.

“Not surprised but extremely disappointed. Is there something wrong in this world that an elected official can’t give a straight answer yes or no,” Davis said.

“Twice or three times I asked her does she believe industrial wind turbines are affecting some people’s health. The Green Energy Act has a lot of unanswered questions but were not going get them here today from this lady,” he added.

Mitchell explained later during an interview that the evidence available to the government indicates no relationship between industrial wind turbines and health related problems.

“We know from the chief medical officers of health reports and every report that we’ve seen and also a ruling by the supreme court that there is no direct correlation. Do I believe we need more work on protocol. Absolutely. That’s all part of it,” Mitchell said.

Last Thursday at a meeting of a working group on wind energy representing municipalities in Grey, Bruce and Dufferin counties, Davis said it’s time to invite Premier Dalton McGuinty and other members of the legislature to the area to talk to people about the effects of wind turbines in their lives.

On Saturday West Grey Mayor Kevin Eccles, another member of the inter-municipality group on wind energy, said the invitation is being broadened to include all MPPs.

“The invitation at this time would be for a small meeting. It wouldn’t be open to the public and it wouldn’t be open to the press. It would be open to two or three people living near wind turbines who are having some problems whether they be economic, health or whatever their problems are and be able to sit down with the premier or a group of MPPs along with two or three people who are fully in favour of wind turbines,” Eccles said.

Mitchell said she’s visited a number of wind farms located in her Huron-Bruce riding and promised that when she receives the invitation she will give it some thought and respond to it.

She also faced questions over what her ministry is planning to do about predator control especially as it relates to the upturn in coyote kills throughout the province. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs is responsible for compensation while the Ministry of Natural Resources is responsible for predator control measures.

Paul Wettlaufer, speaking on behalf of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s predator task team, put forth eight recommendations that range from the use of non lethal snares and cost sharing measures by federal and provincial governments for fencing to control predation to improving the training of live stock evaluators as well as investigate the effectiveness of noise makers and intermittent lights as a way of scaring off predators.

Wettlauffer was particularly insistent on a recommendation to allow limited night hunting of coyotes — a time he says when coyotes seem less vigilant. He didn’t include a call for a cull saying it’s not seen as a good move.

Wettlaufer noted that in Bruce County alone the cost of compensation had risen almost eight fold to $35,569.95 in 2010 up from $4,581.70 in 2003.

Mitchell referred to proposals prepared by her ministry and contained on the province’s Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) web site. She said the strategy proposes to update compensation which hasn’t been changed in 30 years and includes an expanded predator list.

“This is an issue I’ve heard of every year I sat at the table and 30 years is too long; that needs to be addressed. (The strategy) is an aggregate of all of the discussion that happened during the summer and then people sent in their comments. It also speaks to our recommendations on compensation, increasing the list of predators . . . there are several different scenarios. This is the final round of consultation and then we bring forward the recommendations attached to that will be a strategy from MNR and attached to that will be a group of people in charge of implementation,” Mitchell said.

23 thoughts on “Carol Mitchell sticks to the script

  1. Different day….same stuff…

    Different Country… same effort to confuse…

    AUSTRALIANS face bombardment with glossy brochures, emotive TV ads and subliminal “below the line” marketing under a ready-made strategy to sell the government’s proposed carbon tax.

    A communications plan drawn up for the dumped carbon pollution reduction scheme urged a “call to action” campaign to boost public support for cutting carbon emissions.

    The plan reveals a $6.5 million mailout of 6-8 page information booklets was under consideration by the former Rudd government to win public support for its climate response.

    It also recommended a $7-$20 million media buy to explain to households the need for climate action, which would cost them $4-$5 a week more in electricity bills and $2 more a week for gas.

    The December 2009 document, obtained by the opposition under freedom of information laws, urged a multi-pronged campaign worth up to $30 million to address an “information gap” in the community.

    “It is important to note that advertising will need to be a core component of the communications program,” the plan said.

    It said “below the line activities”, involving public relations specialists and digital marketers, should also play a role.


    Strange Brew… eh dudes and dudettes?

    Well we are beginning to learn the Progressive Playbook…

    Confuse and insult with moronic campaigns and policies based on “Alice in Wonderland” Philosophies ..


    Hope that wasn’t a copyrighted scream!

  2. “Mitchell said she’s visited a number of wind farms located in her Huron-Bruce riding and promised that when she receives the invitation she will give it some thought and respond to it.”

    I’m sure she will.

    In the meantime, someone should put out an immediate call for a proctologist for Ms. Mitchell.

    Her head is stuck so far up her a$$ a proctologist would be needed to examine it!

  3. “The municipality does not have the authority to veto but the municipality, I can tell you, has the ability to provide information that will directly affect the application,” Mitchell said.”

  4. “Psycho-babble” and “sound bites” don’t cut anymore Mitchell………….this is the language being used by a “lost group of psychopaths” trying to keep their jobs!

    The true cost of their Wind Scam is now universally understood and will not be tolerated by the victims of this failed agenda!

    Your days Mitchell, of “double speak” are done!

  5. Mitchell’s reward for continuing to take one for the team, an appointment to cabinet as agriculture minister. This will beef up her pension and pay cheque for another 7 months. She will finally be forced to listen to her constituents in Oct, something she has avoided up to now. She will not be able to hide in her office on election day.

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  7. I am curious how smart it is to close down a free renewable source like coal? Would experts say this is smart or even possible? If other sectors are harmed by the expensive wind turbines is this smart? Making people sick from wind turbines is this smart? Sending billions of Canadian dollars over to China for wind turbines is this smart? Is DEPRECATING land though out the whole country a SMART idea? Instead of finding a way to appreciate land the government has found away to bankrupt everyone one turbine at a time. This sounds like government destruction at it’s finest. It does NOT sound SMART to me!

  8. The Following statement on Ivey’s website seems a bit “strange” don’t ya think?…………I guess if you simply state that people working at Ivey sometimes do have conflicts of interest, then acknowledging it will justify it!

    Maybe McGuinty could publish the same statement on his website!

    “Conflict of Interest

    The directors, committee members and staff of the Ivey Foundation are active in their communities, serving as board members or otherwise involved in a wide spectrum of for-profit, non-profit and charitable organizations. The Foundation recognizes the value of involving individuals in its work who have a diversity of experience, and are knowledgeable about the communities in which it works. This means that, from time to time, conflicts of interest or the appearance of such conflicts inevitably arise.
    Where there is a material conflict of interest, e.g. a director, committee member or staff member of the Foundation is acting as a paid advisor, consultant or staff member of an applicant, the individual will declare the conflict, not receive any materials pertaining to the matter and absent themselves from discussions and decisions regarding the matter in question. Where a director, committee member or staff is acting as an unpaid advisor, board director or in some other voluntary capacity with an applicant, the individual will declare the conflict and avoid participating in decisions or votes regarding the application, but need not be absent from the discussion, according to the individual’s preference. “


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  11. With the price of electricity going through the roof, along with home heating fuel (especially where natural gas is not available), perhaps it’s time for people to switch back to burning coal to heat their homes. It may help many to avoid energy poverty. Plus, it would be a great irony.:)

  12. just a note on Carol’s quote:

    “We know from the chief medical officers of health reports and every report that we’ve seen and also a ruling by the supreme court that there is no direct correlation. Do I believe we need more work on protocol. Absolutely. That’s all part of it,” Mitchell said

    It is news to me the Supreme Court ruled on this, just to show you what level of representatives we have with our life in their control. Hanna case was an Ontario Superior Court ruling, next would be Ontario Court of Appeal and then the Supreme Court. the Hanna ruling was not based on whether there was a correlation or not to health and wind turbines. Love the spin Carol.

    Heaven help us

  13. 4Trutg=h Said:

    Love the spin Carol.

    Is that all there is? Just spin?

    Maybe that is a carefully crafted part of their confusion campaign. But more likely it is simply a display of their stock-in-trade — ignorance.

    Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

    Excessive Knowledge confuses completely.

    Unfortunately it seems that Excessive Knowledge is an excessively small amount — at leas for some politicians.

    The Beat goes on… or did I mean “The Swish”? Good question eh? Can someone put that question to Minister Music?

    I would have more respect for Carol Mitchell if she stuck her fingers in her ears and screamed “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA” at the top of her lungs — at least she would make sense. 😉

  14. Good work Barb! Follow the money trail all the way to the heart of this scam.

  15. Interesting analysis starting to emerge on the US green energy plans. The thought is that much of the Cap and Trade, Co2 regulation, was actually based on building 100 new nuclear reactors. By doing so, the cost impact of CO2 regulation would be manageable. A moratorium based on the Japanese problems, the whole program goes out the window.

    The same analysis less applicable to Ontario, as we are currently getting 50% of our power from nuclear, vs 20% in the US. But if you slow down or halt the nuclear process, a la Germany, your only choice is going back to coal.

  16. Seems nuclear power will be off the “radar” for a very long time at least in countries that have other energy sources for electric power.

    However, this does not mean that wind power can be used as a sustitute for nuclear power as it is so unreliable.

  17. The question now is are some foundations really charities? What is the defintion of charity when it comes to foundations?

  18. “Money Laundering” could very well sum up the basis of this “charity, not for profit” funding of these agencies.

    Money in, money out………..take from Trillium (our OLG scratch and win $$), give to a not for profit organization and then fund a trip to Germany for Georgey Smitherman to wine and dine with the German Green guys.

    Prop up “fake” environmentalists who are really in this just to destroy Canada’s Industrial complexes so that a One World Government can take hold!

    Call it “Communism or Fascism” it is the “end game” for all these useless assemblies of “not quite human” psychopaths!

  19. And there’s more…

    Klopp says he wrote of his concerns to Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell, whose riding includes the affected Huron shoreline, but received what appeared to be a form letter praising green energy but ignoring local concerns.

    Mitchell, who doubles as Ontario’s agriculture minister, couldn’t respond Tuesday to Free Press questions because she was at a conference, an aide said.

    Questions about public input, Kowalski referred to the Environment Ministry, whose officials couldn’t be reached late Tuesday.

    Well that takes are of the input! Hey Whot! Eh?

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