Bluewater council balks at wind bylaw

By Vanessa Brown, Lakeshore Advance

Bluewater council will await guidance from the county before it adopts a wind turbine bylaw similar to the Municipality of Huron-Kinloss.

The bylaw withholds issuing building permits to wind developers unless they comply with the municipality’s setback requirements. Coun. John Gillespie’s (Hay West) motion to pass a similar bylaw at council’s March 7 session died on the table, giving councillors time to review information. A new countywide committee, with representation from each municipality, will investigate low frequency noise from turbines.

Mayor Bill Dowson argued Bluewater should wait to see how the committee proceeds.

“If we can come up with something through the county level that’s going to work, we need to do that,” Dowson said. “We’ll have strength in numbers, and right now we don’t have much strength with one municipality.”

Coun. George Irvin (Stanley West) will sit on the committee for Bluewater. There are currently two Bluewater wind-farm projects awaiting approval.

4 thoughts on “Bluewater council balks at wind bylaw

  1. Whimps… what else can you say… They implied that they are all alone and they are not. How about the courage of the FIRST council to stand up to County and the Government!

  2. Very true Melodie. If they’re looking for supporters, look at this site. We’re looking for leaders, people elected to that position who can stand up for what is right.

  3. I don’t recall seeing anything in the GEA about a maximum setback — only a minimum.

    Why can’t a municipal council ask for a greater minimum setback from any house? Say 3.2 kilometers…

    It seems reasonable to me… 😉

  4. Has this council been out of the country for the last year? There is enough information available NOW for them to take a stand. 50 plus communities are organized and have access to great information. All they need to do is ask for it. This council needs to make it a priority to get the information, read it, and understand that BIG WIND will walk in and take their community if they don’t block that from happening. Time is very short. How will they explain to their children and grandchildren that they sat on their hands and allowed BIG WIND to have their way?

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