Where is the logic with wind turbines?

By Alfred Dykstra, Lakeshore Advance

Here are 10 things to think about with regard to wind-turbine projects.

  1. 1.  In Ontario, the velocity of the wind constantly changes. This means that no useful power comes from wind turbines approximately 75 per cent of the time.
  2. When no useful power comes from the wind turbines, consumers still consistently want 120 volts on their lights.
  3. When wind turbines produce no power, our power must, therefore, come from some other source (i.e., coal, oil, water, uranium or gas).
  4. Only when the wind blows at approximately 30 miles per hour, do wind turbines produce their rated power.
  5. The formula for wind power production is: power = the cube of the wind speed. This means that, as the wind speed changes, the power output from the wind turbine changes incredibly fast.
  6. As the wind speed changes, some other source of power must pick up the slack, so that we can keep a steady 120 volts on our electric system.
  7. This standby power supply must be instantly available when the wind dies down. Otherwise, we will get brownouts. That power has to be shut off instantly when the wind picks up or we will get dangerous spikes on our power. Both brownouts and spikes will compromise our electronics.
  8. Thus, when wind turbines are producing power, the standby supplier must have its generator constantly running full tilt so that it can be instantly ready for a change in power production by wind turbines because of changes in wind speed.
  9. Therefore, consumers now have to pay to keep the standby supplier going full tilt and at the same time, must pay 13.5 cents per kilowatt for wind power. That’s like paying twice!
  10. This also means that because the standby power supply must run fill tilt, no carbon dioxide savings can be found through the use of wind power. Thus “green energy” is not so green after all.

So, the logic of wind power is completely faulty, and, as consumer, we’re paying the price.

Alfred Dykstra, Central Huron

12 thoughts on “Where is the logic with wind turbines?

  1. Has anyone ever figured out how much energy it would take to pump water into storage and how much storage it would take to provide a backup hydro electric generating source for wind turbines?

    Indeed, a rather pricey project!!!

  2. I don’t understand why we need to reduce C)2 emissions. That is a red herring trotted out by people who do not understand the role of CO2 in sustaining life on this planet.


    Since CO2 is about 380 ppm (<0.04% of the atmosphere)… then surely that statistic should have people questioning the role of CO2…
    look here… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmosphere_of_Earth

    For further explanation in the Muller Lecture I posted yesterday — which points out that even if USA CO2 dropped to 2-% of current it would do nothing — assuming that the IPCC is right and that it does play a role in warming the planet. But, has the IPCC been wrong on anything?

  3. Barabara:

    It has been done and I posted the link many months ago.

    It does provide intermittent power for at least one small village in the UK — and Island I believe…

  4. Barb: Pricey is a bit of an understatement for pumped storage at the large scale. Pumping water for hydro storage must have access to cheap power to pump water up into a manmade reservoir to be drawn down to sell when prices are higher. Wind is not something that can be depended on and not cheap. To make money the hydro power would have to be sold at a higher price than wind. There is also a loss of power in the process. The best rate of return (and this is best) would be 75% recovery of power used to pump. Evaporation, seepage and ice conditions can reduce that efficiency fairly fast. So a further 25% of the 30% wind production rates would be lost. There would be an additional loss in transmission of power to and from the pumping station. Not a great match for power production or storage at the larger scale. It is not sustainable. Pumping takes a large area of elevation to create the reservoir and it has to be next to lots of water. Most of us know where that kind of terrain exists. Environmental mess is not even close to the impact. Warmer water temperatures and continued sediment disturbance will make most water highly toxic in no time (blue-green algae likes this type of environment). High elevation areas next to water tend to fall into our protected areas, though not sure what that means to this government.

  5. Where is the logic? Here is the logic. We are all working together to prevent this…


    The wind turbines must spin! ROTFLMAO!

    BTW — the Letter above has the technical facts not quite right — don’t use his argument as proof…

    For example:
    Only when the wind blows at approximately 30 miles per hour, do wind turbines produce their rated power.

    That depends on the turbine…

    On Points 5 through 8 — that may be true in other parts of the world. It is not true here.

    IESO simply ignores wind in it’s scheduling. Anything beyond our needs is simply exported — so we may or may not use the wind power (Who tracks electrons?) — but an equivalent amount gets exported.

    We do not go through all the gyrations imagined in the letter — thank goodness!

  6. Eigg, an island off the UK was to be considered a green island, but a lot of fuss is made of the effort to provide 24/7 power to 71 properties with 6 miles of transmission lines, from green wind/hydro and solar. There are shortages which ironically come only months after Eigg’s innovative renewable power grid won a share of a £1 million first prize in a nationwide competition to become model on how to tackle climate change.
    The real experience is sometimes the wind does not blow leaving the island’s wind turbines idle for hours on end. Lucky the 45 homes and 20 businesses still have their diesel power generators to provide power which is more often than what they hoped for after all the money invested. Not much of a success which will only more expensive as it gets less successful over time.

  7. Guys,

    This hydro storage thing is just more piece of propaganda which most people don’t understand anyway but it sounds like a good idea to them so they buy it.

  8. This whole windpower “green” energy sam has nothing to do with science or economics but rather has to do with money,political power and politics.

    It was “green” political power that got the Green Energy Act put over on Ontarians and it appears that this was put over by only a few well placed people.

  9. Confusion? What Confusion? It’s Perfectly clear…

    From Here:

    Read and laugh and cry and rage…

    A warning from Europe: The green-tape jobs we don’t want

    When Björn Lomborg wrote that Green jobs were overhyped, a visiting European friend agreed and sent me examples of the spreading inanity of the green-tape-jobs-market that has taken over Europe.

    Stefan points out that most Green jobs created by building windmills or solar power are short lived. The permanent “green” jobs are, insidiously, the expanding green bureaucracy and police. In Europe, the green-police fine people for putting plastic in a glass recycling bin. They force people to write lists of what’s in their rubbish bags; to use electricity when it suits the wind-generators, and not the people.

    The Green-police are self propagating. They unwittingly create problems that then need even more auditing, advising and checking. Green-police closed off the natural drafts in houses, then when people got sick from the fungus, they sent around officials to create artificial airflow to stop “sick building” syndrome. When green bureaucrats demanded everyone use less water (whether they needed to or not) stagnant ponds were created in places that had water to spare, and that then led to the creation of a new army of green-water-specialists to sort out the putrid ponds. In an exponential pattern, the populace was slowing co-opted from productive tasks into the big-government-green-merry-go-round.

    Thus the patron class of big-government dependent voters expands, and that of independent free citizens shrinks. And we are all poorer, because of the missed opportunities for all that wasted human talent and labor. — JN

  10. Anamaya,

    Check out the video on Coal River Mountain. Its the second one after your video by Robert F Kennedy Junior They are rioting to prevent coal plants and want to build wind turbines to stop blowing up mountains for dirty coal..Have they not heard of scrubbers. Do they know that wind developers blow up mountains too? The coal soot was thick on houses. Very sad.

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