Plympton-Wyoming delegates meet with ministers

Town of Plympton-Wyoming delegates met with several Ontario ministers at the 2011 Rural Ontario Municipal Association/Ontario Good Roads Association (ROMA/OGRA) combined conference, held recently in Toronto.

At one meeting, Environment Minister John Wilkinson said decision-making powers regarding wind turbines is and will remain with his ministry because his ministry has enforcement powers to regulate wind turbines.

Wilkinson confirmed that while the Liberal government will not restore local decision making powers regarding wind turbines back to municipalities, the government requires wind turbine proponents to consult with municipalities and give them a chance to comment on the project.

Wilkinson assured Plympton-Wyoming Mayor Lonny Napper, Councillors Ben Dekker, Netty McEwen, Ron Schenk, Bob Woolvett, and Muriel Wright, and CAO Kyle Pratt that, if municipal comments have merit, his ministry will take these comments into account prior to approving a wind turbine project.

Progressive Conservative Party Leader Tim Hudak told town delegates his party, if elected, would restore local decision-making on wind turbines back to the local level.

Napper told the Petrolia Topic the town had 15 minutes with each minister and parliamentary assistant.

“Nobody said no (with the exception of the wind turbine issue). They do listen and the meetings were encouraging and pretty much what we expected,” said Napper. He added meetings like that have borne success for his municipality in the past.

Napper is disappointed the province won’t give back the power to municipalities on wind turbines. Such grassroots decision-making is a “good idea,” he said.

10 thoughts on “Plympton-Wyoming delegates meet with ministers

  1. Puh…lease. municipalities can make comments about wind developments until they are blue in the face and the minister/government will continue to ignore them. Unless, that is, it becomes part of the seat saver plan. All rural municipalities need to make a united stand on behalf of their constituents.

  2. …the government requires wind turbine proponents to consult with municipalities and give them a chance to comment on the project.

    Ah yes… Life in John’s World Pretty Funny!

    Maybe some day, perhaps, it is possible, we could get some politicians that do not inhabit the rabbit hole… Probably we have some even now… but they must be rare birds indeed!

  3. When a Government has lost all “Credibility” then anything they say publicly or privately should not be repeated.

    A new program that studies methane release from Cow’s arses should be installed at Queen’s Park!

  4. Environment Minister John Wilkinson is a piece of sh!t. He makes the stupidest, most offensive comments, like:

    “The MOE has enforcement powers to regulate wind turbines.” They can’t or won’t even measure the sound that comes from them! How long have we been waiting for the MOE to develop a protocol to measure wind turbine noise!? And then to turn around and say the MOE takes a “science-based, precautionary approach”? How about waiting to give approvals until we can determine if the wind turbines are in compliance.

    Then Wilkinson says on the Goldhawk Fights Back For You show that 90 percent of wind turbines don’t receive any complaints. What about the other 10 percent? Maybe there is a real problem with these wind turbines, and yet his Ministry is doing nothing about them.

    And then Wilkinson goes on to say that he’d only live in a house surrounded by wind turbines if they were a minimum 550 metres away. Many of the noise complaints are coming from houses where turbines were built around them prior to the GEA, and are indeed less than 550 metres away. So since Wilkinson wouldn’t live in these houses, then the rest of us shouldn’t be expected to either!

    This whole situation is so ridiculous. Where the heck is the Attorney-General, or the Ombudsperson, or the OPP to protect and serve the people?

  5. 10% is the acceptable loss of humans and wildlife in this new age of Renewables…Wilkinson is arrogant, hateful and condescending………..if one has the stomach to listen to him on a radio interview he actually laughs at people who complain about losing their homes and health……………….this type of person is an “ideal” politician for a leader who is a tyrant!…….no moral values, no character, no honour and of course no empathy whatsoever for anyone but the “money managers”

    As he rests his sorry @$$ on his porch in Kingston this summer and watches his dream of wind turbines blowing on Wolfe Island as he counts his bundles of cash, all those who are living in trailers and motels that can’t go back “home” can focus on him and his crew and know EXACTLY who caused this nightmare!

  6. “if municipal comments have merit, his ministry will take these comments into account prior to approving a wind turbine project”

    This man is pathetic.

  7. shocked and disgusted

    I did call the Ombudsmen back in September when I first found out about our project, they said that they had some calls and they even started a file for me, but he said they needed to have more phone calls on the issue to investigate the government. I mean I thought they were suppose to look out for government wrong doing. I’m thinking they should have stepped up to the plate a long time ago.I will say this again I can’t understand that everything my husband and I have worked for and payed taxes, is getting shot to hell.

  8. These wimps need to get off there asses and take back our rights ,we do not to be slaves to this crap. Put a stop to this nonsense. Nobody has the spine to get up and say we do not agree and will not agree to this BS. STAND UP AND STOP THIS MADNESS

  9. Unless each and everyone that has turbines out of compliance launches an Ontario wide class action suite..NOTHING WILL GET DONE! We should all launch AGAINST the Minister on this. He has said that he is responsible …period. Also, how about we send a petition to our Ombudsman with thousands of signatures demanding that he investigate wind turbines .”OUT OF COMPLIANCE” that seems to be the key word. If noise is above 50 decibels at 550 meters then they need to be shut off until they comply!

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