Liberals keep shoving wind down farmers’ throats: Merriam

brown-nose (broun-nohz) verb, -nosed, -nos•ing, - to curry favor; behave obsequiously.

by Jim Merriam, Toronto Sun

Early on each week holds a glimmer of hope that I will be able to write about something other than the Dalton Gang.

But as the days unfold, something outlandish, sometimes even outrageous, usually happens that can’t be allowed to pass without comment.

As a former Liberal supporter (I came close to seeking the McGuinty-led Liberal nomination in my riding a few years back) I find this troubling to say the least. This is a government that came to power with promise but has deteriorated beyond the point of no return. That deterioration just never seems to end.

This time it was a visit by Agriculture Minister Carol Mitchell to a meeting of farm leaders in the southern Georgian Bay county of Bruce.

This area, you might recall, is the centre of some of the hottest debate about industrial wind farms that have been springing up around rural Ontario to help feed electricity to the beast that is the Golden Horseshoe.

Press reports have Mitchell pointing out to the gathered farmers and politicians that wind farms are part of renewable energy policies critical to a 25-year plan to develop a sustainable energy system while getting rid of coal-fired generators.

That’s fair enough for a “why,” but it ignores the fact that the “how” is causing the problems.

The Ag minister also said the hated Green Energy Act, under which wind farms are being developed, includes a consultation process between a developer and the local municipality.

Here’s where problems begin to arise. First, nobody seems to know exactly what such a consultation process should look like. Second, the act has emasculated municipalities so they have absolutely no power over the developer or the development.

Such an imbalance leaves meaningful consultation as nothing but a Queen’s Park dream and a rural Ontario nightmare. The definition of consultation under these circumstances is the big boys talk and rural people listen.

Mitchell also spouted the party line that available evidence shows no correlation between turbines and ill health, which is funny because there’s all kinds of anecdotal evidence in areas where turbines are in operation right in Mitchell’s riding.

The minister claims to have visited some of these, but if she talked to local folks in distress it must have been the kind of consultation described above.

On the health issue Mitchell mentioned a number of reports government officials have “seen” which show no health issues, plus a ruling by the Supreme Court that there is no direct correlation between turbines and health. That is cold comfort for the folks on the ground suffering from a variety of maladies.

The bottom line about Mitchell’s appearance before farmers is this. She clearly came to represent the interests of big government to the little folks who are governed.

Therein lies the essence of the problems with the Dalton Gang and all its apologists. They’ve lost sight of the fact that their government members were elected to represent our interests in Toronto.

It’s mind-numbing how that simple philosophy got so twisted around as soon as Grit hands touched the levers of power at Queen’s Park.

Unfortunately the alternate strategy of ramming policy down the throats of electors takes a lot of time and energy for folks like Mitchell, whose attention is needed elsewhere.

Stumbles of the ministry of agriculture make it clear it is in serious need of leadership. Leadership that it, and much of the rest of the government, is not getting.

27 thoughts on “Liberals keep shoving wind down farmers’ throats: Merriam

  1. After all this one can only assume that these people take orders from someone other than the people of Ontario. Obviously they are preparing for a well paid retirement. It is a shame there is no recourse to the destruction caused to Ontario by these type of people and corporations. If nothing else , I can only hope that more people in this province realize that democracy is long gone. We , as a whole , need to wake up and do something about this massive theft of our rights.

  2. Humph! I wish Mr. Harper would send fighter jets over our townships to keep the dictators from hurting us! Can you imagine an embargo on all incoming wind turbines? The rest blown to smithereens! I bet someone comes up with a video game called Wind turbine wipe out. We would all become very good at it. Hey…maybe that’s a way to make money for the cause. David, can you make some??? Don’t forget the patent.

  3. Not into writing games Melodie…

    But maybe I could make an exception… let me think on it…

    Maybe the CF18’s could do strafing runs on them. 😉 It seems to me it is the least assistance the federal government could provide to protect its own people!

    I’m going to go watch Glen Beck. Canada needs a FOX news without the left wing socialist slant…

  4. PRWEB, May14,2009 or Google the article.

    “The climate Project Brings togther Historic Gathering of World’s Experts On Climate Change” Nashville,Tenn.,May 14,2009
    “The Climate Project (TCP) is opening its North American Summit in Nashville today.”

    The 3 day event will have ~500 attendees.

    Attendees include:
    David Suzuki
    Steve Hildebrand,Dep.Nat.Campaign Director for Barack Obama’s 2008 Pres. Campaign
    Jenny Clad, Ex. Dir.The Climate Project/TPC. Jenny Clad also supported the passage of Ontario’s Green Energy Act, Feb.23,2009.

  5. Barabara:

    Good Catch!

    Hmmmmm R.J.Pachauri– David Suzuki

    So what’s the deal here Barbara? Are they going to railroad the climate changed fruit flies out of town? That’s the only reason I can think of for according those two the status of “ex-spurt” in Climate Affairs…

    And speaking of “affairs” I wonder if Pachauri is releasing a new book…

    Perhaps Pachauri is there to aid Suzuki with his understanding of the Se Lives of Fruit Flies and other Genetic Wonders!

    It boggles the mid to think of the possibilities….

    And all the while the team playing hockey! With broken sticks!

    So are they holding the conference on an “Industrial Wind Power Site” so they can contemplate the fruits of their labours?

    …course the probably need their sleep! hmmm? rotflmao!

  6. The Climate Project Brings Together Historic Gathering of World’s Experts on Climate Change

    Yeah sure!

    I just went through the list of attendees. I can’t take them seriously. Two prominent Canadians are missing, Steve McIntyre (Climate Audit) and Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd).

    Now those guys would give the attendees a lesson in practical environmentalism.

    I suspect that Steve McIntyre would have a field day with the suspect numbers to be thrown about and Paul Watson would have a ball harpooning stuffed environmentalists who have never ventured beyond a warm taxi ride.

    Maybe we can travel there for a good ol’ protest? Any takers?

  7. More on Jenny Clad and her husband Roy Neel at Wikipedia.

    Roy Neel was Chief of White House Staff for V.P. Al Gore and later,Neel, was Deputy White House Chief of Staff for U.S. Pres. William J. Clinton.

    Roy Neel is also a senior advisor to The Climate Change Project which was founded by Al Gore in 2006. Jenny Clad is Ex.Dir. of The Climate Change Project/TCP.

  8. It is not fair enough to state “wind farms are part of renewable energy policies critical to a 25-year plan to develop a sustainable energy system while getting rid of coal-fired generators.”

    There is no evidence to suggest there is anything renewable about energy systems containing any significant wind production. I’ve looked at the US figures (where the biggest wind production states are, collectively, reducing GHG emissions slower than the other 80% of the states), and Ontario’s data is also straightforward.
    Between 2004 and 2010 Ontario demand dropped 10.8TWh (from 153.4TWh to 142.2TWh), while production from coal and gas, combined decreased 3.1TWh (from 36.2TWh to 33.1TWh – and wind climbed from naught to 2.8TWh).

    There is no evidence to suggest wind accomplishes anything – but that’s only half the problem with the statement. There has also never been a long-term energy plan accepted by the OEB – as the process requires – and wind has never been critical to any plan other than those fantastical wishes presenting themselves as ministerial directives.

  9. At least McGuinty is saving our tax dollars! Yep he would have needed three body guards if Carol Mitchell wasn’t so eager to protect him. Meeeow!

  10. More on Frances Beinecke. , http://www.pembina/media-release/1846

    Released June 4,2009 by Pembina

    “U.S. & Canadian environmental and conservation organizations met outside Washington,D.C. to discuss solutions and areas for coordination”

    Some attendees:
    Frances Beinecke
    Carl Pope

    Marlo Raynolds
    Peter Robinson
    Rick Smith

    Many more attended. See list at above website.

    Frances Beinecke

  11. A large gaggle of blood sucking vampire squids all getting together to foam at the mouth about how they think they have the poor working slobs called “citizens” all brainwashed and buying into their Green Dreams”!

    If we could throw a net over this gathering and drag the whole mess out to sea for good old fish feeding, the world would be a better place!

    And these people actually believe they are HUMAN?

  12. Quixote:

    There is always somebody wanting to tell us what to do…

    “When you look at a color-coded map of the world’s (unspoiled) freshwater reserves (marked in blue), it’s just shocking to see all the blue in Canada,” the study’s lead author Jeffrey Wells told AFP.

    But forestry, oil and gas extraction, mining and hydropower generation, the study warned, is rapidly increasing and negatively impacting the boreal water quality and quantity, as well as the surrounding ecosystems.

    Yes — all that water is shocking! People covet it — don’t-cha-know?

    Must have wind turbines, can’t have oil. Must farm, must not farm, big farms — no little farms are the answer…. arrrrgggghhhh! It’s so contusing!

    Maybe the answer is to ship all the mad greenies to Antarctica to study ways to cool the planet till they freeze their privates off…

    No they aren’t Human — they are Green — it’s so much better being Green!

  13. Without the people that lease or sell their property this would not be taking up all our time , people would not see their health impacted , or see property values drop and their quality of life would not deteriorate.
    We post back and forth , make comments we all agree with.
    Why are we allowing the people that are directly impacting our lives , those landowners that sell or lease to wind or solar developers, to walk away without consequences.
    They are the first line of defence…and some are betraying us all for money.
    …..why should they live stress free?

  14. Maybe some of that lightning in a bottle you ve been working on, should be added to the game David 😉

  15. Ernest Horvath,

    “…why should they live stress free?”

    Because it is against the law to shoot them.

    Other than flicking a lit cigarette butt into their cornfield, I don’t know why they are living stress free.

    Seriously though… I think that many of the early sign on’s thought they were doing the right thing to save the world and at the same time they thought the income could save their farm. However, when the rest of us hardworking saps feel that we are in hard times… WE JUST SELL SOMETHING, OR MOVE! It always behooves me that SOME farmers want to cry broke as they are land rich and have hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in shiny stainless steel equipment !

    If OUR business is not doing well or bankrupting us we sell out, move on , open another business or go back to school or declare bankruptcy and GET A JOB!

    Where does this sense of entitlement and attitude come from that SOME farmers say ” We are not making enough money feeding your city so we will whore out our land to Big Pimp Wind and Industrialize rural residential Ontario and to hell with my neighbours who have worked all their lives to build their equity and security in the country” Guess they think they are ‘special’

  16. Michael T. Eckhart, supported passage of the Ontario Green Energy Act, Feb.23,2009.,

    Michael T. Eckhart:
    Pres. American Council on Renewable Energy/ACORE
    Member of the CLINTON INATATIVE
    Member of Steering Committee of The REN21 Global Policy Network

    REN21/Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century,, see the BUREAU section.

    The Bureau:
    Chair. Mohamad El-Ashry, UN Foundation
    Vice Chairs. include:
    Michael T. Eckhart, ACORE
    Peter Rae, World Wind Energy Association/Ren Alliance

    World Wind Energy Association/ WWEA,

    WWEA Board:
    Pres. Dr.Anil Kane
    Sr.V.P., Peter Rae, Australia
    Treasurer, Volker Tomsen, Canada

    U.S. Representative:
    Paul Gipe

    President Emeritus:
    Dr.Preben Maegaard

  17. The farmers and landowners who signed
    up with these wind companies will be the
    first to whine and ask for a hand out when
    the government subsidies end, wind
    companies go bankrupt and run away,
    leaving the host to decommission the
    rusting symbols of ‘green’. They may
    have to borrow money or try to sell.
    Good luck with that, hard to do with a
    lien on your farm or property.

    If needed, I will come to the aid of my
    neighbour, and treat them with respect
    and dignity, something that they did
    show me when they signed the wind
    leases. They gave no thought to my
    health, my family, my retirement plan,
    or my livelihood. They only had dreams
    of the promised $$$$$ they would

    I may be able to forgive them for what
    they did, but I will never forget and
    I will never trust them again.

  18. Roy Said:
    Maybe some of that lightning in a bottle you’ve been working on, should be added to the game David.

    No problem — I am thinking of suppository form.

    Can we concur on that approach? Or do we need a medical opinion?

  19. Scott stated that “There is no evidence to suggest wind accomplishes anything..” This is a critical piece of information to the whole mess. Wind accomplishes nothing for power production when a holistic analysis is done on how does adding wind into the mix improve efficiencies in other generation sources? These analyses when done to include all generation sources and user demand show wind has no ability to improve efficiencies or decrease other generation source demands. Wind is more about increasing the price of power.

  20. Sooner the better, before they erect anymore, or cause anymore damage

  21. The Climate Project Canada created May 2007 and allied with The David Sizuki Foundation in 2009.

    See Partners and About Us Sections at the Climate Project website.

    Has photos of Al Gore & David Suzuki + Al Gore & Jean Charest.

    Board of Directors:
    Karl Mayrand
    Kent Hovey-Smith
    Philippe Kattan
    Morag Carter
    Chantel Despres
    Gordon Hicks
    Candace Labelle
    Taryn McMohr

    Mike Gerbis
    Desirre McGraw
    Peter corbyn
    Rene Brunet
    Shelly Kath

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