Ontario’s misguided Green Energy policy

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10 thoughts on “Ontario’s misguided Green Energy policy

  1. Excellent report!

    This should be sent to all Liberal,
    Conservative, and NDP parties.

    The wind scam bubble has burst.
    Now, who is going to clean up
    the mess.

    • My general recommendation is to avoid anything that has the word “green” attached to it. You are being conned into spending more for something than necessary. Learn to love the concept of synthetic. Plastic, a product of petroleum, is synthetic and we use it everywhere for everything. It is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

      You cannot “save the Earth.” The Earth is full of volcanoes, tornadoes, forest fires, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, droughts, earthquakes, and other completely natural activities, any or all of which can kill you. It is an utter delusion to think the Earth cares about you even if you care deeply about it.

      This is not to say we should not have a profound respect for the Earth and the good sense to marvel at the beauty and majesty of its mountains, oceans, and other manifestations. Just remember to pack a sandwich and bring along a bottle of something to drink if you plan to wander into its “pristine” parts.

  2. Yeah wellllll — but the objective is to tax CO2 — that’s not pollution…
    Cheapest solution — scrubbers on Coal Plants — 75% of the benefits — a fraction of the costs… (See McKitrick et al).

    And is Natural Gas “less Polluting”? My own calculations said — maybe, maybe not — depends on what you call pollution. You need to measure — and like many things Ontario really has no significant measuring campaign the checks the validity of their decisions — at least I can’t find one. So, as far as I am concerned they make outrageous claims of success and nobody checks the validity or the veracity. I agree on that much.

    Everyone is in the game it seems — and playing with a broken Hockey Stick.

  3. One “answer” Tax Carbon” makes this whole statement another “red herring”…..to simply say this is an answer that could solve the problem show this man’s true intentions!

    A Carbon tax would kill what little Industry we have left in Ontario and would be the final nail in our coffin…………..

    Typical “Greenie” and just a little too much of a simplified statement to even listen to one word this guy says. The word “AGENDA” should tell everyone where this TVO show’s alliances really are!

    One word missing from it’s title “21” should be added!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I watched this show last night, Deb Doncastor and Gord Miller need to blow off that green fairy dust and wake up to the truth. Tony was worth watching to the end for. Steve smiled and told Tony,” Deb won’t be happy”

    Gord Miller some how is involved in the green camp. What a lot of sanctimonious BS

  5. That’s an excellent report.

    I forget where I heard this, but I always think about it when I consider the link between high cost of electricity -> poverty -> environmental degradation:

    “Jesus would have recycled, if only he could have afforded to!”

  6. Burn more coal. CO2 is irrelevant. 46% is 46 reasons not to reelect the McGuinty Government.

  7. “Jesus would have recycled, if only he could have afforded to!”
    Awesome, should be a bumper sticker.
    I’m happy TVO is reporting on any of this GEA scam. People need to know how much they are getting screwed.

  8. All this talk about power generators — maybe we just need somebody to concentrate on the distribution…


    The fire is coming from the Richview Transformer Station, one of the largest Hydro One stations in Toronto with eight transformers on its site. Two of them went up in flames just before 5 p.m., causing more than 80 firefighters to rush to the scene.

    We could have had a protest and a weenie roast…

    Ah well we can still roast that green weenie Duguid…

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