Is this how you want to see Ontario’s West Coast?

This map shows the industrial wind turbine projects currently proposed for Huron County. The dots indicate 422 turbines.

This map shows the industrial wind turbine projects currently proposed for Huron County. The dots indicate 422 turbines. It represents some of the largest and highest density wind developments in a populated rural area anywhere. In addition another developer is now acquiring land west of Hwy 21 north of Goderich.

Lucrative 20 year contracts under the Green Energy Act (GEA) have created a corporate frenzy in high wind areas of Ontario. As one wind industry rep. pointed out recently, “Ontario – with its feed-in tariff – is hot”, ‘They are trying to shoehorn projects there right now”.

With setbacks to homes, roads and property lines that seem to be based more on developer wishes than sound science, it is one of the greatest social justice challenges rural Ontario has ever faced.

Unfortunately the GEA restricts municipal governments’ planning authority. But their responsibility under the Municipal Act for the health and safety of their citizens remains unchanged.
As these developments are being proposed along major bird and bat migratory routes up and down Lake Huron it also represents a serious threat to wildlife.

To date 75 municipalities that passed resolutions objecting to industrial wind turbines and/or Dalton McGuinty’s Green Energy Act. Please contact your municipal council and your MPP and tell them this is not how you want to see your West Coast.

For more information on industrial wind development visit the sites below. If you’d like to help, contact one of the local groups listed.

Please join the call for social justice for rural Ontario and the development of a safe, environmentally sensitive and economically viable energy policy.

Check: Local Group Contacts:                   CHAT –                                ACWAIT –              HEAT –

43 thoughts on “Is this how you want to see Ontario’s West Coast?

  1. Horrible, surreal, outrageous, hideous, despicable, horrendous,
    outrageous, deplorable, wicked, criminal, self destructive, abominable, viscous, contemptible, demonic, vile, unscrupulous and did I mention useless as tits on a boar?

    McGuinty you opened the floodgates of hell…May God have mercy on your soul.

  2. Remember Farmers anything too good to be true is. There is always a catch somewhere down the road. Big companies don’t give anything away, remember that before you sign a contract with them. Don’t let them pressure you into thinking it will be fine, because it won’t be.

  3. This was the reason that I decided not to relocate to Goderich…Just like Wolfe Island…destroyed by the Ontario Liberal party….

  4. This map appears to be similar to the East Coast map of Japan right now with the poisoning of the coastline with radiation!

    Fortunately for Japan within 5 years their coastline will probably be back in pristine condition while the Ontario Coastline will be ruined for generations if not permanently!

    So this is McGuinty’s legacy to all future generations of Ontarians!…………….biggest “unnatural disaster” to ever happen in our Province!!!!!!

    And we have “Environmentalists” like Suzuki and Smith along with all the other “Greenies” PROMOTING this!

  5. The eastern end of Lake Ontario, which includes Wolfe Island, is in for a similar fate. A picture similar to what is posted here is posted on, except the individual turbines aren’t broken out.

    Look and weep.

  6. OMG.Please bring on the Provincial election ASAPso we can get rid of these thick headed Liberals who won’t listen to the people or their concerns.
    They have to GO NOW before they screw up the complete Province.

  7. Quixote

    Our coastline will ruined Just like the whole province because the money won’t be there to take these turbines down. This has to stop now and we need to keep pushing back with everything we have, Like I have said before it is bullshit that we have to fight the government that we pay for our health and property

  8. That is so true and the more shit that comes out of McGuintys mouth the bigger the war the stronger we become to fight.

  9. This picture upset me so much last night that I kept waking up all through the night. I kept thinking “I’m waking up IN a nightmare instead of OUT of it”

    I am not from that area, only been to Grand Bend once many years ago but I thought : OMG! It is up to ALL of us to defend this land. It is up to ALL of us to stop this insane destruction of Ontario.

    Now I want to make it clear that I do not think smashing windows or setting cop cars on fire is the answer (during the G20 I believe the people that did that were sent in to provoke so as to justify the police action and expense of the security)

    HOWEVER, I do believe that when your land is under an attack like this, we have defend it with all our might. There IS a WAR going on here, only it is an undeclared WAR. The wind industry and our own government have assumed that the people of Ontario will just grumble and complain and send letters that get ignored. They are counting on our complacence.

    I have never been an activist before but if my sense of patriotic duty is so stirred to action by this ongoing relentless, irresponsible and reckless take over of our land then I must assume that others feel the same way. Recently, I have been thinking of some very creative signs to bring to the next rally at Queen’s Park but after seeing this picture I realize my signs were not going to send a strong enough message.

    We have no alternative but to let the Ontario government know that we mean business. If a foreign enemy was attacking our way of life like this, we would be mobilizing and taking up arms.

    Mr. McGuinty, you have brought war to this land, our land, you have brought war against the people of Ontario. It is our duty to protect our land and defend our people. We WILL stand on guard for our land and for our people. It is our duty to defend democracy and our way of life. We owe it to our brave soldiers, our fathers, brothers and uncles in Flanders Field that sacrificed their very lives to defend democracy. Mr. McGuinty , when you defile our land you have defiled their graves. You have made a mockery of their sacrifice. We can not and will not allow you to do that. We will defend their honour. We will defend our land.

    There.. I said it. I said what we are all thinking and feeling in our hearts.

  10. “If a foreign enemy was attacking our way of life like this, we would be mobilizing and taking up arms.”
    Foreign companies have already attacked those who are living with Industrial Wind Turbines. They have devalued their land, they devalued their life.
    The MCGuinty government has shown nothing but contempt for land owners in Ontario. He has been cruel and unjust to those suffering ill effects from Industrial Wind Turbines.

  11. Thank-you, Melodie, for speaking so courageously from the heart.

  12. I have taken the advice of this post and sent the following letter to MPPs other than those of the Liberal Party. I hope everyone reading this post will do the same to express their revulsion and remember this at the ballot box.

    Honorable Members:

    This map is an indicates an abomination perpetrated upon the people of this province. This is only a small part of Ontario. This is only a small part of Canada. BUT it is an indication of feeding frenzy gone mad!

    It needs to be stopped NOW! Later is too late. As responsible Members of the Ontario Legislature it is your duty to all citizens (even the misguided landowners who have signed remunerative leases on their land). These landowners do not have the right to cause harm to their neighbours. Our current government does not have to right to place the citizens of Ontario into billions of dollars of debt.

    This bubble is going to burst and it will make the sub-prime mortgage disaster look like “small potatoes” compared the financial disaster this could turn out to be.

    I would urge all members copied on this email to join forces and topple this government and let the people of Ontario have their say. Perhaps you may even find a few Liberal members with enough common sense to see that a continuation of such projects is the result of a delusional mind. The subsidization of environmental groups that have instituted the formation of the Green Energy Act and the Corporate Welfare usurping our tax dollars and to a large degree sending them out of the country altogether needs to end. The myth of ‘green’ jobs is exactly that: A MYTH. Allow the true entrepreneurs of Ontario and of this Canada, along with small business get to work in a healthy free market atmosphere. Let tax credit go to people who can accomplish and create.

    Our communities are being destroyed. We are fighting hard to encourage our local government at Municipal level to do the right things. Please help!

    Respectfully yours,

    Karen Breitbach
    Member of Action Group
    223 Concession Road 9, RR 5
    Kincardine ON N2Z 2X6

    PS—Among the 75 grassroot groups in Ontario that are concerned about this issue of Wind Turbines and their effects on health and community life, not to mention the escalation in the cost of electricity, I am sure they will agree with my letter. I urge you to contact the members listed on: and listen to them.

  13. Please join the call for social justice for rural Ontario and the development of a safe, environmentally sensitive and economically viable energy policy.

    My wishes are much more modest. I will settle for justice. Forget the adjectives and adverbs. Let’s stick to the point.

    If we cannot have justice and the turbines are erected then I want to see the next Government enact a law that requires that any current or past Liberal member of the Provincial Legislature be required to re-locate next to a turbine at a distance not to exceed 550M. …and be forced to live there until they are dead! (To quote a hanging judge from a previous era…)

    Enough is enough.

  14. This giant swath of “IWT-lightning rods” will probably guarantee the meltdown of all Ontario’s power grid transformers, when a large solar storm occurs. The damage our society will incur from a large coronal mass ejection is already proven. I refer you to the NASA Report: “Severe Space Weather Events — Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts”. the free PDF version.

    Instead of committing billions of dollars to these “IWT-lightening rods”, Dalton McGuinty should be protecting our electrical grid by spending a fraction of it on procuring and installing grid-surge-protectors and the latest system-breaker controls.

  15. David,
    You know that Judge Roy Bean of Texas “The Hanging Judge” was acting without rule of law, west of the Pecos River. This will not work today and you know that. You also know that the government can not use force by law to dictate where an ex politician has to reside… as a form of punishment…Oh wait.. THEY have done that to us and thereby set the precedent! Aren’t you a clever fox!

  16. We have see the future — and it sucks.

    There were many more inoperable turbines, but could not be filmed from a safe vantage point along the highway. This video was take from the semi-truck staging area near the agricultural inspection station.

    My best guess from the video and others I saw that I could not film is that about one in four turbines were not operating.

    The problem is maintenance. The location, while perfect for wind, is treacherous for work and support equipment. Even on a flat terrain, like in Texas (shown below) where I photographed these turbines, doing maintenance on gearboxes and generators high up on a post isn’t easy.

  17. Ha thats only 422,imagine what 10 000 of them across the province will look like,WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, nothing left

  18. 400+ more bird-shredders, that’s 1000MW peak. How do they plan to get this to the customer? Call up StarTrek and beam me over some more power Scottie? Imagine all of the new power lines that will have to be installed towards the TO area. There sure are going to be some POed people when the power lines are cut through their property.

  19. Well all I can say is if an older lady like me with the bone density of a parakeet (Ostio) is willing to stand on the front line and take rubber bullets, tear gas, mace, be jolted with a tazer or have a fire hose blasted at me then you know something is very wrong in this province to make people react this strongly. It is up to us to remember the people like Martin Luther king, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandella, Ghandi and others that fought for and brought about social justice. Enough is enough is enough. Our Province is at stake. Our wild life is at stake, Our childrens future is at stake and our grand children’s future is at stake. ” I have a dream people” McGuinty’s tyranny will not be tolerated by the people of Ontario. Push has turned to ugly shove and we WILL defend…Period.

  20. Wonder what all the so-called” environmental “gurus” would have to say about this picture?……………….

    Sierra Club, GreenPeace, Suzuki, Lizzy May, WWF, Ducks Unlimited, among others!

    Bet they would say how this small area of land when compared with the whole planet is a “reasonable trade-off” to save the whole world!

    This is the twisted and perverted logic these “Greenies” live with every day of their shabby lives!

  21. One of the real crimes here is against nature. If you look at the North American Flyways.
    C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\Central Huron\Atlantic Flyway – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.mht
    You can see this area up and down Lake Huron is an intersection of both the Atlantic and Mississipi Flyways. This is a very active migratory route.
    A huge number of birds and bats travel along this coast line. And we’re going to plaster it from top to bottom with very large IWTs (one developer is now proposing 3mw turbines ) in the name of environmentalism and an illusion of CO2 reduction.
    I live in this area and this morning I watched a flock of Tundra Swans fly west from the Hullet Marsh towards the lake on their way to Hudsons Bay. Right across the proposed wind development area.
    In a few days I’ll see flocks of Sandhill Cranes heading north along this coast heading to Manitoulin. And the Green Energy Act will say its fine because they’ve kept individual turbines 120 metres from “signifigant wildlife habitat”.
    This is insane and the MNR has been lobotomized. What a shame. Not sure I can stay around here and watch this.

  22. This map is very effective at making people realize the mindless destruction that will occur if the GEA is not halted. If would be just outstanding if there were a collaboration between groups to produce an Ontario-wide map of proposed wind turbines. Let everyone know what devastation is being planned for our rural communities and natural heritage. Add in the proposed off-shore wind turbines, as even the Minister of Energy admitted that the moratorium is temporary, and we have a scene straight out of Dante’s Inferno. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  23. When the poisonous radioactive gases built up in Japan’s reactors the workers had to “VENT IT!”………………….that helps to get rid of the poisonous air inside.

    Without “venting” the gases would build and explode. The same thing goes for this Wind nightmare…without venting or having a site that allows “venting” then we have a sterile, interest free and unemotional site that echoes what the Government wants!

    A bunch of Canadian apathetic peaceful little “serfs” that will put up with any indignity “because we are a peace loving and “quiet” people!

    My only question for the “politically correct” of you out there!

    What would your Grandfather and Grandmother do when a sleazy crook showed up their front porch and tried to swindle them out of their land?….”venting” would be a polite word!

  24. No one will want to live there so these will soon not be communities but industrial parks. 422 industrial turbines are only a small portion of what this government wants. Where are the rest going? How many more sites, similar to this have to be targeted? More people than just the west coast of Ontario should be concerned.

  25. Zen2then, that is why we need to put together a comprehensive map of all proposed wind projects in Ontario, to be used during the election as handouts at rallies, newspaper ads etc. We need to burn this image into the minds of voters.

  26. Let’s keep site of the Objective:

    I am voting for the party that will give my guarantee that all Liberals of the recent past (last 10 years) must live there… and must live in retirement homes not further than 500 meters from the nearest turbine.

    If you cannot win the battle — then extract suitable revenge at a later date. Cold, sweet. congealed revenge.

  27. I have to respectfully disagree, as I consider talk about revenge to be a defeatist attitude. We WILL stop this desecration and we WILL hold wind companies responsible for the harm caused to innocent residents and we WILL pursue those who enabled this scam with their propaganda and perversion of science and economics. It may take a while David, but it is going to happen.

  28. Lynne:

    I am talking about revenge for sins-to-date — I am not discussing futures… They get added on as the sins occur.

    Defeatist nothing!

  29. This picture is disturbing. Only one
    thing could make it worse. The lake
    full of off shore IWT.

    Oh, ‘But that could never happen
    here’. Or could it?
    We cannot wait to find out.

    We have to stop this renewable
    energy scam now. We all have
    a lot of work to do before and
    after the October election.

  30. Quixote:

    Yes! but not in the context I use the word. My wife just piped in and said Environmentally Responsible would be the right phrase. I did a lot of stuff with Paul Watson for many years. If that rings a bell…. (No he is not what his public persona appears to be.) I consider him a friend — and his (original) wife.) He would be welcome here anytime. His old Greenpeace buddies are not welcome! Don’t ask me about WCWF…

    I was never a Greenie in the sense of an activist except for saving whales. 😉 ..and that was more of a vicarious nature. If we ever meet I can explain that — really!

    I have nothing against clear cutting forest and building dams and nuclear reactors. I have a lot to say about people who do so stupidly.

    Environmentalism is site specific — like silvaculture and logging and road building.

    In some cases clear cutting is responsible environmentalism — in other cases it is irresponsible. I am in favor of thoughtful use of herbicides and pesticides.

    I have no trouble specifying solar PV, passive solar and wind turbines — as a designer. I have great trouble with industrial grid connected versions.

    We use mercury for refining. I am always looking for ways to cut the use. Our Placer mining operation actually removes mercury from the environment as other miners are careless. We return the material minus the heavy contaminants.

    IOW — no simple answer sorry. So yes, no maybe so! I am guessing you would give a similar answer.

    To really confuse the issue… I originally trained in Agriculture — another story — and worked on the family market garden. So I don’t believe that window box gardening will save the world.

    Des that make me a destructive greenie or one of what the greenies consider to be the destructive hordes? — Can you tell me?

    I give up.

    I just work the numbers — that’s all I do these days.

  31. Lynne and Linda,

    I think you have a great idea to make a map of all of Ontario with the IWT’s included. Most people think: Oh well a few here a few over there… This would be a big wake up call.

    Even urban people feel possessive of their favorite places in rural Ontario, cottage areas, vacations spots and camping grounds. It really hits you personally when you see the destruction of a place that has sentimental meaning to you.

    This picture should be in all the major papers with a simple article exposing the lies of our government and the wind industry.

    !. No jobs- will cost us jobs
    2. No emission reduction- will create more
    3. No worthy contribution to the supply- too intermittent
    4. No financial benefit- will put us in debt for generations
    5. No protection for families that suffer from wind turbine syndrome – No way to compensate them for our loss of health and home.

  32. I guess at one time or another we’ve all been “Greenies”, it’s just that nowadays that description has been “hijacked” by an insidious and greedy bunch of hypocrites that have “bastardized” the word and turned it into something very hideous.

    We all really need some “insiders” who have dealt with various movements good or bad in order to put this whole Energy sector under the cold hard light of day!

    Speaking of silvaculture, I too worked for a year in the B.C. Silvaculture Industry and witnessed some very bizarre “super trees” being developed that at the time seemed rather “alien”…………….those same trees are now the backbone of tree planting across Canada!

    And yes……..Paul Watson also “morphed” from activist in one right to a dedicated fighter for truths and honesty.

    So I guess there can never be one answer eh?….unless one worked in one job on an assembly line for their whole life.

  33. In England they call this the biggest scam of the decade.We need to stop this some how and fast. When I see this my blood starts to boil. I also feel sad for the future victims and utterly bitter to farmers and land owners for the lack of respect to their fellow Canadian neighbours that sign up for this horrible act. Are we not worth having as a neighbour? is this all worth it? You say if you don’t sign up your other neighbours will, these are gutless excuses. This will be remembered for a long time that you are part of this group that ruin rural Ontario and has given misery to your neighbours. Hope you can live with yourselves.

  34. The video “Watts Up With That” posted by David Robinison @ 10:41 along with all the comments need to be watched and read by all politicians every where. Comments were posted by folks from around the world. Interesting to say the least.

  35. birdsandbats,
    We also live near Hullett/Goderich & watched the migrating tundra swans this week. Thanks for your comments. Thedford Bog area by Lake Huron in Lambton County (slated for 330 turbines) sees thousands of tundra swans return every spring as one of the swans’ first “stops” to rest, after leaving the wintering grounds near Maryland, on their way to the Arctic. This is one of the last great wildlife migrations. Rachel Carson – where are you?

    Melodie, very well put. Thank you for this: “We WILL stand on guard for our land and for our people. It is our duty to defend democracy and our way of life. We owe it to our brave soldiers, our fathers, brothers and uncles in Flanders Field that sacrificed their very lives to defend democracy. Mr. McGuinty, when you defile our land you have defiled their graves. You have made a mockery of their sacrifice.”

  36. DoNoHarm- oh, don’t worry, the bird/bad guy at the NextEra Open House in Forest assured me that it is all in, ahem, siting to avoid massive bird deaths. I told him that quite a few Cuisinart blades he’s going to have strategically place, and be liable for: 150 turbines just for that 1 project, hundreds more in the surrounding area. And he said he used to work for Bird Studies Canada. He must believe he has superman powers to save these birds.

    The tundra swans have been softly hooting as the flocks fly over our home this past week. Absolutely beautiful.

  37. My God. This should be McGuinty’s undoing. I am disgusted with our Ontario government and I agree with other submissions: We are definitely at war!

    As I write this, I sit at our kitchen table and look at the pristine mountain escarpment behind my home, habitat to peregrine falcons and 100 km or so of nature trails. There is a proposed industrial wind project planned for this area that would include 67 hideous 450 foot turbines. This project is proposed in Thunder Bay and followed a clandestine dealing with the city planner and a company from Toronto. We are operating at approx. a 60% electricity surplus in the Northwest region and the plan is to totally destroy our mountain range and my home for MORE surplus electricity. This lunacy must be stopped!!!!

    A quote from Dr. James Lovelock, an environmental scientist with over 200 papers to his credit: ” Were these wind farms truly efficient and capable of resolving our power needs, I might be persuaded to grit my teeth and endure their ugly intrusion, but in fact they are almost useless as a source of energy. It would take 1,000 square miles of countryside to provide enough land for a 1 gigawatt wind-energy source. The wind blows only 25% of the time (14% acc. to OPG stats) at the right speed to generate a useful quantity of electricity; therefore this monster would need the back-up of a near full-sized fossil fuel power station to supply electricity whenever the wind blew too much or too little.”

    It gives me some hope to know that there are thousands of us to take up the fight with these evil, sick, greedy, outrageous politicians and wind companies.

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