Michael Ignatieff interview (Wind Turbine Debate)


At 3:30 on the recording, Michael Ignatieff is saying that Dalton McGuinty’s Green Energy Act is undemocratic.  

10 thoughts on “Michael Ignatieff interview (Wind Turbine Debate)

  1. Norfolk citizens are no more ignorant than any other community has been when they have been kept in the dark. This is a cruel situation for all communities involved. Just for the record, I am from Haldimand. We all need to stand together on this issue and Wind Concerns is helping us do just that. Pat

  2. That sound bite was the first thing that Iggy said that I agree with 100%.

  3. I agree with you Pat we have all been kept in the dark, again I say if this was such a great thing these so call green projects it would have been made so public, and the communities involved would had tons of in put. The whole green plan is such a crock, McGuinty you sure do not work for the people of this province even though we pay you.

  4. I wonder if Iggy would say “anything” at this point to get votes?………….I sure hope not, but he IS in a very bad situation here for election………….his numbers are so bad that this could be a “Hail Mary” pass!

    Of course it is good to hear a Liberal bad mouthing another Liberal!

  5. I think at this point not to many people would trust a liberal as far as they could throw one

  6. I have a question, How is it that families cannot severe land for their children to build a house because we have been deemed the green belt, but they can build a turbine on 5 acres of prime agricultural land and thats ok?? When was the green belt legislation changed.. I live in the “green belt” and have 10 of these turbines going in around me??

  7. Here is how I feel about McGuinty Actions…


    Ya see this guy impersonating a Premier Hijacked the Legislature and stole my rights… He looked legitimate at first… but How could I have known????

    A man impersonating a police officer carjacked a Porsche along a country road in Halton Region Friday, police say.

    Around 10:30 Friday night a man driving a 1999 Porsche 944 in Campbellville was signaled to stop by another car equipped with a flashing blue light. After pulling over, the victim was approached by an unidentified man who police say gave the impression of being an officer, and ordered the driver out of his car.

    The suspect then jumped into the silver sports car and sped off.

    The suspect is described as a white male, 6’, wearing dark clothing and a silver beaded chain with a gold badge in a leather holder attached.

    Police are warning drivers to exercise caution when travelling in remote areas or late at night, noting that officers should always be able to produce a badge and photo I.D.

    Hey! This Dalton guy showed me his lawyers papers an everythin’….

    Does anybody else feel like this?

  8. It matters not what Iggy says. History tells us, that Liberals will & do, say absolutely anything, they think will help get them elected. The closer to election day, the more the lies will come out. This I can guarantee 100%.Beleive nothing
    said by a Liberal, until well after the election or better yet,
    until after they`ve retired (which, if we`re lucky, will be the day after the election).

  9. Ignatieff,

    When speaking of the Harper government today, democracy was a great concern….Where does that leave the citizen’s of Ontario under McGuinty’s rule?

    When can we expect to see any democracy, or will rural constituents continue to be the victims of collateral damage?

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